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potato59 07-10-2001 05:07 PM

acidic or alkaline?? What should we be?
Hello, I am needing info on what our stomach and intestinal PH should be? alkaline or acidic? I suffer much with bloating, burping, and gas EVERY SINGLE DAY!! I cant eat more than a few bites of food without feeling full too... I was told i had an imbalance in the PH...Where can i find out more about this? Is anyone knowledgeable in this subject? Please reply, because i am waisting tons of money on products for relief but not getting to the root of the problem which is this PH imbalance....thanks

flux 07-10-2001 11:26 PM

The pH of the stomach contents are usually lower than 2. That means very highly acidic.

The small intestine is around 8, which is alkaline.

The colon hovers around 5-7.

These numbers are not absolute and there is variability along the length of the organ and there is variability whether you are talking about the center of lumen or the mucosa.

Acidity is generally only a problem if gets to areas that can't handle it such as the esophagus. This can happen in GERD, for example.

Some people claim that having too little acid in the stomach is a problem. It might put a person at risk of gastroenteritis and intefere with iron absorption but otherwise should not really cause intestinal symptoms.

I am not a doctor, nor do I work for profit in the medical/pharmacological field, but I have read scientific and medical texts, and have access to numerous sources of medical information that are not readily available to others. One should always consult a medical professional regarding advice received.

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