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Have you ever had these test done????

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Old 06-19-2006, 06:52 PM   #1
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daystar91 HB User
Have you ever had these test done????

Has anyone ever had a small bowel through or an endoscopy???I'm scheduled for both of these procedure for this month...Can you feel these test???What has been your experience with these test???

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gingertea HB Usergingertea HB Usergingertea HB Usergingertea HB Usergingertea HB Usergingertea HB Usergingertea HB User
Re: Have you ever had these test done????

I've had both these tests and they were fine. (I am a big chicken and hate needles.) With the endoscopy, I had an IV, (the worst part), drank a small amount of something in a paper cup (tastless), and remember the doctor saying she was going to put some stuff into the IV. After that I don't remember a thing, until they came in and woke me up. They told me it was done and I had a stomach biopsy and everything. Supposedly I just had the type of med that really doesn't knock you out, but it did me.

If you are talking about a small bowel follow through, it's just a series of x rays. They have you drink a foul tasting milkshake (the worst part), then they take a series of x rays at different time intervals. Bring something to do or read, boredom was the key can take a few hours.

Good luck to you.....hope this helps.
Ginger Tea

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Ol'Line Rebel
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Ol'Line Rebel HB UserOl'Line Rebel HB User
Re: Have you ever had these test done????

The endoscopy for me (the other month) was easy - IV and knock me out. Nothing to it.

However, there are still tests where people are awake for the test. In some cases, they are given numb-ers to help them swallow the tube and get it past the gag reflex (which BTW is the worst part of it to most people).

Others, like my mom some 5 years ago, got NOTHING to try to swallow that tube and keep it in.

I've heard people on this board mention all of these probably done within the last year. So I think it totally depends on your doc/hospital - and their advancement.

I am sure grateful I got knocked out! I was so scared; I didn't know until it actually happened if I was going to be awake or not! Better dead asleep, I say! Hope this is for you, too.

Old 06-20-2006, 12:17 PM   #4
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Angela22F HB User
Re: Have you ever had these test done????

Hi Daystar...

I have not had an endoscopy, but I have had the follow through - aka Upper GI series or Barium Swallow with small bowel follow through.

It really is not that bad of a test. Nothing invasive.

Besides the wait, there was nothing to it. I had to fast for 12 hours previous too, which I didn't mind because I had the test at approx 9 am, so I just fasted from the night before and was asleep most of that time

It is done through x-rays and fluroscopy ("video" x-ray).

At first they gave me some fizzy crystals to drink... this fills your system with air, and although uncomfortable (as in wanting to burp, but not allowed to) it was not painful. Not all places do this.

Then I had to drink a thick barium solution... I cannot think of what to liken it to. It is like a chaulky milkshake... if you can picture that... but it is not completely vile and is managable.

They then take xrays. Some in a standing position, some lying flat and then also get you to turn in numerous ways (roll around) so the barium coats your system completely and to get a better view.

The reason it sometimes takes so long is it may take awhile to travel through your system. During this procedure they "watch" the barium travel through your upper digestive system - throat through small bowel. I suggest you bring a good book, or a mp3 player to keep you entertained. I was there for almost 3 hours I believe... but some people have been there longer. It all depends on your system.

Then there is the matter of ridding your system of the barium afterwards. Be sure to drink plenty of water to try and move it along, as the barium can "cement" in your system.

All in all, for both of these tests... most people here will tell you that the anticipation and the prep (not required for all tests) are the worst part. I was somewhat nervous before hand, trying to imagine what it would be like to endure... but truly it is not that bad. Uncomfortable as in "don't/wouldn't want to do this everyday"... but not painful tests.

Be sure to ask doctor lots of questions if there is anything you are unsure of.

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pippay HB User
Re: Have you ever had these test done????

Before the day, ask your aneasthetist /GI who is doing the endoscopy for sedation (most do it these days unless there are contraindications to say they shouldn't and there aren't that many). The reason I say this is that it's normally done as a day patient so you will need somene with you to take you home - you can't drive afterwards and neither should you take public transport or travel alone. They will observe you for a short while afterwards to make sure you've "woken up" OK

Other than that it just sedates you so you don't remember anything about it -it feels similar to a general aneasthetic but without the risks ! You MAY feel a very very mild soreness in the throat but this is only due to the tube going down and will pass after a few hours.

I've had approximately 25 over the lst 21/2 years and it's a breeze. The placing of the cannula for the IV is the worst part for me because all my veins have collapsed or are scarred due to hundreds of needles/IV/blood tests during this time.

Don't worry about it at all - and the barium follow through is a non-invasive procedure that involves drinking a "contrast" followed by a series of x-rays in various positions to find out how quickly it passes through your system. Again no major problems with the worst part having to drink the stuff - the taste varies - but mine tasted a bit like aniseed and looked like liquid cement.

Good luck !

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Old 06-27-2006, 03:50 PM   #6
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daystar91 HB User
Re: Have you ever had these test done????

Looking over my papers the doc gave me before i left his office..The small bowel follow through gives me direction like i was getting a colonoscopy done...Someone else that i know describes it like the colonoscopy but going into the smaller intestins..Is the paper work wrong is the small bowel follow through just x-rays???I'm hoping that it's just x-rays..

Old 06-27-2006, 07:05 PM   #7
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pippay HB User
Re: Have you ever had these test done????

From my experience in the UK, a small bowel follow through is swallowing the contrast liquuid and then a series of x-rays. I've had both follow-throughs and colonscopies more than once and they are not in the least bit similar.

Whether it is called something else in the US I can't say. But universally the suffix "scopy" on the end of anything (e.g. colon, endo- ; artho etc etc) neans "to look" (its from a Greek word apparently!!) and means look with a camera). In teh case of an arthroscopy for example it means looking inside a joint, be it knee, wrist ....

But, in any event, if you find it is more like a colonoscopy then it still isn't anything to worry about!... you should be sedated when its done so you won't know a thing. They will just pass a small camnera on the end of a tube into the rectum and have a look round, sometimes taking biopsies ( more to rule stuff out than as a cause for concern).

Afterwards, I felt no pain, or discomfort at all.

However, I've just looked on the web for small bowel follow through and the Uni. of Michigan Health System site describes it as as the barium swallow with a series of external x-rays as previously described by myself and other posters. Another site owned by a New York publishing company describes it the same.

But, if I were you, for the avodance of doubt, I'd check with the Dr's Office as to precisely what procedure you will be having.

But, please rest assured whatever it is it's totally pain free.
So, good luck and let us know what you find out - I'd be interested to know!

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Old 06-29-2006, 05:47 AM   #8
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claflamme HB User
Re: Have you ever had these test done????

My 2 yr old daughter tetsted + for Celiacs disease and we are waiting for them to schedule the appt for the endoscopy. The dr said he will put her out. Probably because of her age. I don't want her to remember than anyway. I am just hoping they give her something to sedate her before they bring her in. Or she will scream if she knows whats going on. With all the trips to the dr's and hospitals to even figure this out. She knows wHAT A NURSE AND A DR WEARS,SO SHE SCREAMS WHEN SHE SEES THEM.
Wish us luck
I hope yours goes well also. It should be fine.

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