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Burping rotten eggs/sulfur, PLEASE HELP

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Old 02-23-2006, 09:09 PM   #31
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leo03713 HB User
Re: Burping rotten eggs/sulfur, PLEASE HELP

Hi (me again)

Well, I seem to have had some success with the vinegar! It happened to also be Apple cider vinegar (the only other vinegar I had in the cupboard besides red wine vinegar and that just didn't seem the way to go). Now when I feel the slightest, faintest trace of a sulphuric burp, I know it's only a matter of time before it becomes a full blown, child gagging (HA! my kids ages 4 and 7, have not quite figured out where the horrible smell is coming from yet), room clearing event. So I take a couple of swigs of vinegar and it's over before it even begins! I'm so stoked!
I also located the Activia yogurt in my supermarket and just had one. I can't wait for all those probiotic cultures to get to work and "regulate my digestive system"! I just hope I don't end up with a diet of solely vinegar and yogurt and nothing else!
I hope these treatments last and I really hope this helps someone else because it is so discouraging and depressing to not know why this is happening and worst of all to not know how to even begin making it better.

So good luck to everyone with this disgusting and debilitating affliction!

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Steven_615 HB User
Thumbs up Re: Burping rotten eggs/sulfur, PLEASE HELP

Part 1 of 2Egg burp sickness or sulpher burp sickness.
Please be warned that I am not a doctor, I just remember spending hours upon hours with doctors and internet searchs as I dealt with the same episodes you guys are describing with doctors stumped on what is causing this. I will start my story now, you make your own decisions based on my story. My first attack of this sickness was about 14 years ago, it started with a simple disgusting smelling tasting burp, within minutes I was so sick vomiting and diareah at the same time. Anything and I mean anything I tried to eat during this episode would just make me that much sicker. So I did not eat that first day. Next day was feeling a bit better so I tried to eat, got the egg burp sickness again, so decided not to eat for a couple of days. Finally, starving but feeling much better, could eat anything I wanted with little or no problem. That was the first episode of this disgusting sickness and I thought it was just some kind of bug and I was over it. Forgot all about it for about 7 to 8 months, then got it again, oh yeah, same sickness as you guys or gals that have had this know that there is no mistaking it. Went to the doctor and asked if there was some kind of new virus going around and described symptoms, doc never heard of such and said just some kind of stomache bug. Ok, I was un-lucky and got this bug twice, did not play the lottery this weekend. Ok, 6 months later, get the fowl smelling burp and as soon as I burped that burp I knew in my heart that it would be just a very very short time until I was deathly ill again. I was on the way to work when hit by this the third time, turned around immediatly to head for home, didn't make it, had to pull off the side of the road and oh yes, vomit that disgusting tasting smelling vomit that in my best words to describe it would be that this should be coming out the other end if you know what I mean. Then starts my journey which some have you have been down I know, doctors, cat scans, MRI's barrium exrays, ediscope, laproscopic, etc..etc..etc.. My boughts of illness like this went on for a few years at the rate of about 2 to 3 episodes a year and I hated it. Doctors put me on every acid reflux and inhibitors they could try on me as I did have from time to time acid reflux or heartburn, nothing out of the usual heartburn, but I did have heartburn and on occasion I did wake up with acid in my throat but that was not very often and I pretty much knew what foods to try and avoid to make it better. Anyways, to make a long story a little shorter, over the years episodes started getting more frequent, at the very last, I was up to having this sulpher burp sickness at least every two months, I really think at last I was having this sickness once a month. I am sure that you that have this know that you do not want this even once a year much less once a month. Now I am scared to death going to doctor to doctor, same test, same barrium swallows, mri's, cat scans, was sent to vanderbelt university to the best gastro that exist if you talked to my doctor, checked pancreas, blood test, <just about every blood test you can imagine, more scopes, soped from both ends, nothing. The gastro doctor from vanderbelt tried to believe the symptoms I was describing but said I am a rare case and has never heard of this. He was sincere and gave best guess that my nerves in my intestines were getting confused and running backwards causing this and experimented with several drugs and combinations of drugs to no avail. They allso found that I did have a small hiatal hernia, but did not believe that this could cause the problem and allso found what maybe small amount of malrotation in my intestine none of which he thought would cause the symptoms or illness I was having. Finally he had his mind set that it was somehow the nerves in my intestines causing everything to run backwards and since none of the drugs he had me take at onset of these episodes worked just told me to keep coming back that there were new drugs coming out every day and sorry he could not do more. I had another attack and reviewed everything we had found over the years and asked Dr Mertz if the acid reflux could cause this or the slight malrotation, Dr. Mertz did not believe this would cause this and when I questioned him on Laparoscopic Fundoplication he was against this and I could understand his reason. He said that if they did that and the nerves in my stomache were confused, that if I had this done it could have dangerous results or evern make me worse. I respected his opinion as he admitted that he had never seen anyone with sympoms like I had.
This was DR Howard Mertz that at this time worked at Vanderbelt university as one of the experts in his field, and the only doctor I had the utmost respect for as even though he could not figure out how to help me, I am sure he was so extremly thorough he could tell me what was not wrong with IBS, no cancer etc.., just could not figure out my illness. HE LISTENED AND BELIEVED ME AND DID NOT TREAT ME LIKE I WAS CRAZY, I put the previous in bold as other doctors need to re-visit this practice, yeah, thats right, listen to the patient and believe there symptoms. I even started researching this on the internet and he would treat me based on others suggestions as in I told him other people had gardia and had similar symptoms, he did not believe that was it, but prescribed drugs to treat it just to rule it out, he listened. Back to the story, you think you got it bad, I had episodes of this about every month for two years, about 14 years all together with the best that the doctors could give me was the saying if it hasn't killed you yet, its probably not going to. Gee doc, that helps me alot. Anyway, got my doctor to send me back to vanderbelt again just to find out that DR Howard Mertz no longer there, the new doctor flipt through my records so quickly he had to hold the world record in speed reading, then angrily said to me that he can't help me if I don't take my medecine, what!!! He said it again, what do you mean. He said I see Dr Mertz has tried several different medicines on you and you stop taking them when you get sick again because they are not stopping your sickness. Ok, this is not going well, walked out of his office, went to the main lobby and demanded all my records, xrays and anything they had on me.
See part 2 of my post Had to edit and append as I forgot to tell you guys I had my gallbladder removed hoping that was what was causing this about the third year I had this sickness, nogo, still sick for 11 more years, read on..

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Steven_615 HB User
Re: Burping rotten eggs/sulfur, PLEASE HELP

Part 2 of 2
They sent me to the basement were they keep records, I signed a release, got all my xrays and records and headed back to my regular doctor and said enough. Told my doctor to send me to a different hospital or something as I have to get to the bottom of this, enough is enough. I was furious, not at my doctor but at the new doctor at vanderbelt, I will not say his name as thats not what I am posting for. My doctor sent me to Summit to Dr. Barnes, yet finally antother gastro Dr which I hold very high respect for. He took the time to listen to my complete story, looked at the xrays and notes and what I thought and noticed that Vanderbelt doctors had noticed what maybe malrotation. I told him that Vanderbelt doctors said I may be malrotated but was not able to correct this via surgery at my age as this is usually found and corrected at birth. Dr. Barnes then told me that yes it could be corrected and that he thought these symptoms could be blockage or acid and wanted me to start taking acid reflux meds again and that he would schedule me for surgery to correct malrotation. Now, I am feeling pretty good as atleast someone is going in and if this is not what is wrong with me maybe they will see something that is causing this sickness.. I explained to Dr. Barnes that I had taken all the expensive drugs for acid reflux and even though they control heartburn they do not stop these episodes, so I asked him that since they are going to correct malrotation, could they do the Fundoplication or what I called at the time acid reflux surgery. He thought for a minute and I admit looked very concerned about having both performed at the same time, he thought for a while longer and asked me to give him time to talk this over with the surgeon and I agreed. He went ahead and set me up for the LES test which he said would find out if I am a candidate for this surgery. I had that test done, my LES was zero, which means it was open all the time, he said I was having acid reflux at the time of the test even though I did not know it, all other portions of the test were a go for me having the Fundoplication I gave him the time to talk to what he considered to be the best surgeon in this field named Gerald Burns. The next time I visited, he had spoke with Dr Burns, and both agreed that he may be able to do both surgeries at the same time via laprascopic surgery and sent me up to Talk to Dr. Burns and informed me that he wanted Dr. Burns to do this operation as if he had to open me up for some reason that I should have a surgeon that was able to open me up if needed and he felt Dr. Gerald Burns is probably the best in his field. I went up to meet the man, very nice man and a pleasure to speak with, he agreed to do my surgery and wanted all xrays etc.. that I had. I explained to him the sickness, he seemed to think I made the correct choice on pushing for Fundoplication but did advise me he may have to open me up for the malrotation. I agreed and we set a date for the surgery. Morning of the surgery, man I am scared to death, they get me preped and into a room, here comes Dr.Burns with a somewhat puzzeled look on his face. The tv show House was not out yet, but if I had to describe the look, it was like the actor house that in deep thought about something, he looked at his records or things he had been studying on me, pulled up a chair and said he had reviewed all my records and looked at the xray's and just came out and said, I disagree with what vanderbelt saw on the xray's as malrotation, I listened and he explained that he could see how the xray's may have been mis-read, but did not believe I was malrotated or if I were, it was so slight he did not believe that would be causing any issues. Well thats great great great news for me the morning of surgery cause just like you guys reading this know I have allready researched and probably know to much information about the malrotation surgery and was scared to death about it but hey, just like you guys, I was at the end of my rope on this egg burp or sulpher sickness and willing to try anything to end it. Question now was I only had a very small hernia, Dr. Burns thought maybe a half wrap would do over full wrap, but I told him to do the full wrap and he said ok, no argument, just ok.. Cool, now I am gettng one surgery not two, vanderbelt was wrong about the malrotation. So I told me even though he did not believe I had Malrotation he would make sure by following me allway down with the laproscopic while in doing the Fundoplication. And please, if you are reading this, read up on what to expect after this surgery as far as learning to eat again, getting stuck, etc.. so that you do not panic after the surgery. Surgery went well, I came to with my beatiful wife by my side with the list of answered questions, in which I had gave her a list of questions to ask Dr.Burns when he talked to her in the waiting room after my surgery to assure she asked the correct questions. She told me surgery went great, no malrotation, no other blockage or obstruction found and I was not malrotated, intestines looked pink and healthy and Fundoplication went excellent. I got up out of bed oh I think about 1 hour after surgery to sneak out for a cigarrette, oh yes, I smoke, and don't you let anyone tell you nicotene is not a powerful drug, thats right, in pain, 1 hour after surgery, on way out the door to have a smoke. Pain was pretty bad as expected but got by with just tylenol as I wanted to go home same evening. So made regular trips for coffee and a smoke, Dr.Burns seemed well pleased as how well I was doing after surgery and said that the surgery went great. He allso left it up to me if I felt like going home, and I said yes. Was out of work for a couple three weeks and was well able to return to work when returning, oh no, got the egg burb sickness again, same old sickness, had the dry heaves and extreme diareah, but hey, this time only lasted about six hours and started feeling better, it usually was lasting a couple of days and I had to starve to get rid of it. Wrapping up the story, since the surgery and the one short episode of that sickness after the surgery, it is now coming up on 1 full year....yehawwwww, 1 full year without that disgusting sickness, not to mention that I can eat pizza and peppers at midnight if I want to and go to sleep without heartburn. 1 full year and have not had that sickness, I hope I never every get it again, but I am not getting it every month like I was getting it and I hope 1 year turns to 2. 3, 4 or even the rest of my life.. So make your own decision, I was advised against this as I only had a real small hernia, but in the back of my mind I think the small hernia and the heartburn and acid reflux all play a part in this nasty sulpher sickness. And remember, I am not a doctor, it seems that acid reflux surgery ended this illness for me, but maybe not you. I will try to post again on my year and a half anniversary of not getting sick and again at my 2 year. God Bless Dr. Maurice C. Barnes, MD and Dr.Geral R. Burns my Surgeon for listening and your god blessed skills.
Hope this helps, print this off, talk it over with your doctor, maybe we can help more people with this horrible horrible illness. If you do decide to do this, post to help others, this would confirm if it helps you too as I have never heard anyone else that has done this for this reason. And almost forgot, not afraid to eat eggs now, yep, you know what I am talking about, even though eggs probably had nothing to do with it at all, I think mentally you are afraid to eat eggs..hee.hee God bless and I am praying for you guys that this helps you too. As for my theory, I think we are all suffering from a very rare form of Gerd. Combination of Gerd and nerves and dissfunctional LES brings on symptoms doctors unable to recognize.

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fealingbetter HB User
Re: Burping rotten eggs/sulfur, PLEASE HELP

I have had this same problem now three times in the past year. First I thought it was the place I was getting my burger poyboys from (yes after getting sick once I went back the food is just that good) this last time though my ex made hamburger helper and I have been sick for a week. Last night after not even being able to eat chicken ( in my house you don't eat chicken you starve) I finnaly forced myself to get sick. I allready had diarea for the whole week but in the morning I woke up feeling much better. After reading some stuff on the net the thought that my food isn't digesting right makes me sicker then the smell. I even thought they smelled a little like rotten meat. I sure hope it's not gallstones or Crohns I have enough health problems as it is. but I do feal better that I am not alone here my ex thought I was crazy at first now he thinks I'm dying. For now I'm going to avoid ground meat for a while at least untill I can get into the VA and have them run some tests. I have learned from the past that ignoring things like this is not a good idea and being a mother of four I cain't afford to be blindsided by something realy bad later. Wish me luck and I'll post anything new I find out.

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Steven_615 HB User
Wink Re: Burping rotten eggs/sulfur, PLEASE HELP

My final thoughts, if you have had all the test your doctors can think of to rule out the bad stuff which I strongly suggest you do, and the doctors cannot even come up with a theory, present the following.

1)We that have this are slow emptying(ever had barium xray and xray techs tell you that your slow?)

Combination of being slow, nerves, acid reflux, hernia small or large may or may not play a part in this as years of internet research I have seen people have all these symptoms without hernia, and for some reason bile in your stomache or over production of bile. I bet if tested, your LES is not functioning correct or not functioning at all. Combination of all these factors with LES not funtioning correct or not functioning at all as in my case causes a rare form of gerd that consist of more bile than acid thus why prohibitors and acid blockers do not stop the sickness. You can find small hints of bile gerd on the internet but I guess so little people get this that symptoms simply state extreme nausia vomiting and diarrhea. I see more information now than when I made my own theory up to support this. When I suggested acid reflux surgery to some doctors, they said no this would not help. Bottom line, when I finally had enough had to do something on my own so stressed that I wanted this surgery. It was a good choose by me as I have said I have not had this for a year now and was getting it every month. If I am correct with my theory of bile gerd, acid blockers and proton inhibitors are useless as they do not stop bile gerd. Solution, acid reflux surgery.

I do not know if somehow you can find out if there is over sucretion of bile in your stomache, but I would certainly have the test to see if your LES is not functioning correct or not at all. Just my thoughts, I guess my theory is as good as theres since they cannot seem to come up with one. But, what I know for fact, I have gone a year now without that horrible burp followed sickness that could make food poisoning seem like a walk in the park.
2 Theorys of why this worked,
1)I think with LES not functioning correct or at all causes changes in pressures in the stomache. The low pressure in our stomache allows bile to back flow into the stomache eventually making us dealthly ill, the surgery corrected the pressures in the stomache and stoped the back flow of bile. This would explain why I had a very short version of this sickness soon after surgery, I still had alot of bile in my stomache that caused this illness and after it got out and normal pressure in the stomache prevented back flow, well, I have not had this sickness again for a year now.

Theory 2, we are simply slow to empty, the surgery created changes in stomache pressure just enough to help move us along and not get sick. I guess if there were some way to look into the stomache and see bile you could support the first theory if you saw alot of bile in the stomache, I don't know if there is such a test or if bile would show up on maybe ultasound or something. I am a computer tech for a major computer corporation and at the time I came up with the theorys was in charge of handling computer issues that no one else could solve. Out of desperation, had to turn my own trouble shooting skills on my self as was not getting any help or theory from any doctors, they tried there hardest, but they did not have a clue. I allso want to stress that I do not believe they know how disgusting this sickness or how bad this sickness is when you have it. I know what you guys are going through and know how bad this is. I know this is all theory on my part and that I took a big chance that things could have taken a turn for the worse by deciding to push for this surgery because all I had was my own theory. Since I am not getting sick anymore, and if you that suffer with this print all my post off and take it to your doctor, maybe they can prove this theory to be true. Hope this helps you guys/gals that have this, Good luck. Allso make a notation that there are variations of the fundo, half wrap etc.. in which my surgeon thought since I had small hernia half wrap would do. Why did I push for full wrap, I can't answer that, I prayed alot, it was just a real strong feeling to tell the surgeon full wrap, don't know why I pushed for that, maybe half wrap would have done the trick too, just had a hunch, feeling or something to push for full wrap.

One last testemonial note, sometimes I suspected stress and nerves having a play in all this allso. Just a couple of months ago I had to pass a test that my job relied on, guys, my stomache was in knots big time as I knew if I did not pass this I may be out of a job, nerves twisted my stomache big time and I thought to myself that this is going to be the big test. Well, passed the test with flying colors, but my stomache was in knots the hours before the test. I DID NOT GET THE EGG BURP SICKNESS. Just like all you guys I have tried to pin it on food allergies, nerves etc.. Sucked my share of pop cycles until everything was out of my stomache during the illness when I had it. I really believe my theorys are correct as I am not getting this anymore after 14 plus years. To the doctors, I use to tell my doctors that the acid blockers such as aciplex, nexium etc.. did a great job blocking acid but increased the frequency of my illness. This may be one of the reasons they were so against my theory of bile gerd. They may have thought since acid blockers increased frequency, the surgery would be a bad thing. I am here to say my quality of life since the surgery has when from 20% to 95% and I think this is because I took a chance and got rid of the real culprit, bile gerd.

My heart felt wish. first I hope that this post helps everyone that has this, second would be, well, I have two boys 10yrs and 9yrs. I spent so many weekends sick or with doctors since they were born I feel I lost valuable time with them that I will never get back. So my big wish is that if a multi-millionaire reads my post and is helped by this, I wish he would kick me over about a million bucks so I could quit work and try to make up to my kids the time I could not spend with them during the severe stages of this illness.

This is my last post until I reach 1.5 years without getting sick. And of course all special thanks to my personal lord and savior JESUS CHRIST.
sometimes desperation drives inovation!

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Re: Burping rotten eggs/sulfur, PLEASE HELP

The Apple cider vinegar and ginger tea did not stop the illness, but I was not ill for nearly as long and it wasn't nearly as bad. It really seemed to help. I'm buying a gallon of vinegar!

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