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Digestive disorders and minerals

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wackytoposthere HB User
Post Digestive disorders and minerals

Herbs can help digestion and food assimilation.
Digestive disorders are among the most common health problems that afflict people today. Many are chronic, long standing, and deep seated from eating habits learned in childhood. Bad breath, body ordor, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, acidity, bloating and flatulence are all signs of inadequate enzyme activity, and lack of sufficient HCI and bile.
Poor digestion has even further-reaching consequences.
Deficient metabolism is at the root of many serious diseases, including arthritis, anemia, candida albicans yeast overgrowth, hiatal hernia, liver and gallbladder disease, diverticulitis, crohn's disease,
colitis, ulcers, hypothyroidism, and some kinds of cancer.
The causes of these problems are almost as varied as the individuals who have them; food allergies and intolerances, (especially to chemical food additives),
use of MSG and other gastric irritants, poor food
combining, stress, lack of minerals, long illness,pregnancy, over-use of antacids, overeating, poor diet with too many refined carbohydrates, too many acid-producing foods, and too many fried foods, all contribute to poor digestion and nutrient assimilation.

Refined foods with chemical additives are clearly the most prevealent cause of digestive problems, from gas to allergies to hiatal hernias to ulcers.

Too much red meat and too little soluble fiber in the diet results in food that stays too long in the stomach, depletes enzyme capacity, and favors constipation.

Non-metabolized fats and proteins are often stored as body fat and cellulite resulting in obesity.

Lack of stomach HCI and bile affects digestion of acids
and proteins, resulting in an over acid system, fermentation, and auto-toxemia.

Poor food combining causes food to be only partially digested, or even undigested, so that it often just
"sits there" in the stomach, partially fermented, causing gas, belching and bloating.

Eating when under stress incurs a vicious circle. Enzyme production and digestive support slows down to
meet the metabolic demands of stress, and a full or heavy meal puts even more stress on these body systems. Meals eaten under stress are usually poorly chewed, further adding to enzyme depletion.

The natural approach for improving digestion is simple,
successful, and free of any substances that cause dependency. Enhance and maintain a high quality diet. Add hydrochloric acid and/or pancreatic enzymes from herbs or supplements to your daily nutritional intake. Restore and improve the beneficial bacteria in the colon and intestinal tract. Consciously try to reduce the stress in your life, especially when you eat.

Areas of emphasis to be considered for formulation should include:
(1) Mineral rich herbs for better nutrient absorption;
(2) Herbs to stimulate and increase enzyme production;
(3) Herbs to soothe and heal stomach ulcers.

Mineral-rich herbs for better nutient absorption.
Minerals and trace minerals are the basic bonding agents between the body and food. Without them the body cannot absorb nutrients. They are essential to good digestion, by keeping the body pH balanced, alkaline instead of acid. Skin pallor and chronic fatigue are almost certain signs that the body isn't getting enough minerals, or lacks the ability to digest
them. Most of us need more minerals and trace minerals than our nutritional habits provide.

minerals cannot be synthesized by the body, but must be regularly obtained through our foods. Minerals from plants are higher quality and more absorbable than other sources. They work optimally with enzyme production for nutrient assimilation and strength.
Many minerals and trace minerals, however, are no longer present in the foods we eat. They have been leached from the soil by chemical fertilizers, and depleted from the produce itself by the sprays and pesticides used in commercial farming today.
Because of this, plant minerals from herbal source have become the easiest, most reliable way to assure
yourself of their valuable benefits.

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wackytoposthere HB User

Herbs to stimulate and increase enzyme production.
Enzyme production is at the heart of good digestion. Different foods require different enzymes for assimilation. Poor food combining or quality, and eating under stress often mean that the proper enzymes don't come into play at the right time for the right food. Herbal enzymes are in the naturally dried, unprocessed state, and able to quickly and easily combine with digestive juices to enhance enzyme activity. They may be taken before meals, and/or as needed after distressful meals, and are effective even in cases where there is serious digestive disturbance and enzyme depletion, such as from over use of drugs.

example (short list):

Fennel seed
Dandelion Rt.
Licorice Rt

Fenugreek Seed
Fennel Seed
Saw Palmetto

Ginger Root

Acidolphilus Powder

Oregon grape
Gentian Root

Barley Grass

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wackytoposthere HB User

If you use over-the-counter antacids or take frequent rounds of antibiotics, remember that they often do more harm than good, by neutralizing stomach HCI needed for digestion and food assimilation, and inhibiting production of friendly
bacteria. The continual use of commercial laxatives to correct poor elimination can also irritate bowel membranes, and in the end, almost bring normal systol/diastol activity to a halt, prohibiting the body from working on its own.

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Man... how do you know all this stuff? Is there a book that I can buy? I'd like to learn how combining foods can help. I'd also like to know if leaky gut and reflux can have similar causes? Or if one can aggravate the other? I'm only 39 and I want to change my eating habits now before it's too late! I was prescribed antobiotics a lot as a child and into my young adult years. I have read that that can cause leaky gut syndrome. I also have been raised on a farm and have eaten a high fat high starch diet all my life. I know I can change but I don't know what to do. You almost have to be a nutritionist to figure it out. I went to an alternative doctor for a little while but had to stop because I simply cannot afford it. You have so much knowledge. Can you please help me? I'm new at this and I replied to another post from you earlier. I hope you get them both. Thanks!

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Shekaan HB User
Re: Digestive disorders and minerals

Hi. I am 22 years old and have had Ulcerative Colitis for 4 years now. I have been on medications of steriods(prednisone) and immunosuppressants such as 6- Mercaptopurine. I have stopped all pharmaceutical medications and have researched on the internet and have started upon Yabba mate which I has helped, and also am considering adding Licorice Root as you and my other research on the internet has found that it would enhance the usage of steriods(yabba mate increases natural levels of natural steriods I think?) Wackytoposthere, you seem very experienced and knowledgeable, could you please help me out and tell me what you know about finding remedies to help cure Ulcerative Colitis(I am aware that many sources state that thier is no cure) or at lease get my condition under control as I want to also bodybuild and everytime increase my protein my flareups increase, ie blood and mucous. Your help is highly appreciated and would be life-altering. Thankyou in advance.

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