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Live-Life-to-Love 07-27-2006 06:50 PM

Barrett's Esophagus - I have it and I'm scared!
I was just told by my gastro that I have Barrett's Esophagus and am terrified. I don't know what "grade" the pathology report was but I would think it was "low for dysplasia" because it couldn't have been negative or high.

What I was told by the doctor is that it is considered "pre-cancer" and the chances of developing esophagus cancer is very low 90-95% He didn't seem to concerned. That I should take a pill (Nexium) and in 6 months to do another endoscopy. He also said something that made me think that I could get rid of this condition. That if I took the medication and the next few endoscopies come back as "normal" I would be okay. [U]Can a low biopsy reading be reversed to a negative[/U]? Of course I went home and jumped on the internet and I'm getting conflicting info. That once you have it you have it for life. And although the chances of developing to actual cancer is very low, it can happen and even happen fast.

So, I'm freaking out. I need to do so much reasearch. I need to be proactive and fight this crap with everything that I am. Find the best doctors (luckily I am in NEW YORK) so I have access to some of the best.

I see it as being like a toss of the dice. I could live cancer free with this condition all my life and die of something else, or I can be diagnost (sp?) with it and it can progress slowly or even quickly to cancer. I guess anything can happen. Although the fact that I even have it is too much for me.

Am I being to obsessive and am worrying too much here? If anyone else out there with this condition can give me some advise or feedback, good or would be so very appreciated!


Live-Life-to-Love 07-27-2006 11:35 PM

Re: Barrett's Esophagus - I have it and I'm scared!
Just bringing this post to the top in case I get a reply...goodnight!

Ol'Line Rebel 07-28-2006 11:47 AM

Re: Barrett's Esophagus - I have it and I'm scared!
God bless you. In your surfing, have you run across Barrett's Info site? Try that if not. Maybe it will be helpful.

I don't have it (yet) but I can understand you would be scared. I'm scared right now just having GERD/LPRD (meaning - chance of throat cancers)! But, try not to get too bogged down in it. It's hard, I know (after all, I myself seem an oddball - 1 of the very few who has bile reflux without any GI surgery at all, so few that no1 cares about it). But at the same time, it can be comforting thinking "there's only a 5% chance I could get anything".

I hope everything stays good and indeed, I wish we could all be cured of the diseases we currently fight so it doesn't get to be that far! God bless and take care!

Live-Life-to-Love 07-28-2006 03:16 PM

Re: Barrett's Esophagus - I have it and I'm scared!
Thanks for the reply. I have done alot of headway in 24hrs. I found a world renound physican right here in New York City that only treats and does clinical trials for reversal of BE. I have secured an apointment with him next month. I am hopeful that I can be treated and not have to wait and see what happens. Even a 5% chance is too much for me.

I only wish you the best in your quest for answers and help. Take it from me...I'm not out of the woods 100% YET but because I was relentless in my research and left messages everywhere...I was lucky. Never ever just sit by and take a definative answer about a condition (especially from local doctors)because there just may be someone out there who can treat something that everyone says is untreatable. Be very pro-active!!! The internet is invaluable because of this.

Thanks for your massage again. It meant alot to me.

God Bless you!

Socagrl 08-01-2006 12:53 PM

Re: Barrett's Esophagus - I have it and I'm scared!
i'm so sorry but the nexium should really help.

do you have any symptoms? do you feel burning anywhere, burp up acid, feel it in your back? anywhere?

nanci2539 08-08-2006 12:16 PM

Re: Barrett's Esophagus - I have it and I'm scared!
I have a close friend who has Barretts - I think for ten years now. He is scoped every year and the last scope showed no signs so to answer your question, yes, it can heal.

His doctor mentioned too much is made out of Barretts and it seldom leads to anything more serious.

My friend has been on PPI's for ten years now; he has a normal life style. Drinks socially and eats what he wants.

Live-Life-to-Love 08-25-2006 01:54 PM

Re: Barrett's Esophagus - I have it and I'm scared!
Thanks for the kind replies. I don't have any GERD and have no had any since I found out I was pregnant 9 years ago. So this is a shock to me. Of course I occassionally get heartburn but not like I used to. I went for an endoscopy 2 years in a row because of stomach aches after meals and the 1st showed nothing more than gastritous. The second showed Barretts.

In a few weeks I am going to see a doctor who specializes in removing the BE cells completely. Keep you all posted!

dahlstrom34 10-11-2006 12:11 PM

Re: Barrett's Esophagus - I have it and I'm scared!
I too just a few month's back had been diagnosed with BE. I'm only 31 and have had Gastritis for almost 5 years now. I have been on Nexium since the Gastritis, but I also chew tobacco which I'm thinking might as well cancel the Nexium out. I heard that chewing tobacco produces a heavy amount of acid but I haven't actually seen it stated anywhere.

How can you tell if a certain doc is reknowned or is the best in your area? I'm looking for one in my area, Pittsburgh, and could only seek basic GI's.

Also I hope that your visit goes/went well. Please keep us posted on your condition and how the doc has helped you.

Best regards,

mskubic 10-11-2006 02:08 PM

Re: Barrett's Esophagus - I have it and I'm scared!
Yesterday I had my scope and the doc said there was no evidence of Barretts Thank god. What I have heard though is that some docs may take the biopsy too low in the stomach which could reveal a positive.

Just thought I would pass on that info.


Izmik 10-13-2006 07:46 AM

Re: Barrett's Esophagus - I have it and I'm scared!
I have Barretts as well - For the past 5 months I have been really great, feeling quite normal in fact. Until a couple of weeks ago I woke up with heartburn and it has never gone away. It has progressively got worse. I have had every acid blocker you can buy and tried every single thing I have seen written. Nothing stops the pain of it. Even lifting my right arm up I feel it in my shoulder and chest. I have been tested for every thing from gallstones to you name it. LOL I am queen of the ultra sound machine.

I seen a surgeon last week as I could hardly walk with the pain, and thought I had an infected kidney. ( pain right side under rib ) It doesnt help to have kidney stones either by the way. He told me that the esophagitis can mimic things like pancreatis, gallstones, renal etc. And that you can have a battery of tests and they will all come back normal.

anyway I am booked in for a gastroscopy this coming Friday. PRoviding everything goes ok , in a couple of months time I may think about having the fundo surgery. It wont stop the barretts but it may stop this continual burning pain.

Dont stress to much.

sapphire12112 11-08-2006 08:42 PM

Re: Barrett's Esophagus - I have it and I'm scared!
I was diagnosed with Barrett's 2 years ago. I took Protonix for several months and, at my doctor's suggestion, eventually weaned myself off of the Protonix. I thought I was doing fairly well. I eliminated all carbonated drinks, quit drinking coffee for a long time and then only very occasionally, rarely drink iced tea anymore, and usually only drink water. I went back last week for another endoscopy. I didn't really get to discuss the pictures with my doctor, and wasn't quite up to asking many questions when he stopped by to see me before I left the hospital, but I have an appointment with him next week, Nov. 14th. I'm concerned with one of the pictures of my esophagus. It looks much worse to me... My co-worker asked me today what was wrong with me, as I wasn't very talkative. I'm a bit worried, although I don't want to be. I have been really concerned about this. I have Essential Thrombocythemia (elevated platelets with no known cause) also, and have been knowingly dealing with that for the past 3 years (actually found out that my platelets were elevated as far back as 1999). Now I am really getting even more concerned about Barrett's Esophagitis! When I found out about the Barrett's 2 years ago, I was afraid to lie down in bed. I slept in our recliner for several months. Lately I have been very careful about trying to eat foods that make my body more alkaline and trying to avoid most foods that produce acid. I have been drinking aloe vera juice for a few weeks now in the hopes that this well help heal my stomach and esophagus problems. If anyone reads this and has heard of how someone has been healed of Barrett's Esophagitis, please post the remedy here! It would be very, very much appreciated! I would like to learn more about this doctor in New York who specializes in Barrett's Esophagus... My severe, erosive gastritis seems to be healing. Will try to post more next week after I see my gastroenterologist. Sharon

sapphire12112 02-14-2008 07:46 PM

Re: Barrett's Esophagus - I have it and I'm scared!
Live-Life-to-Love and Izmik,
Am curious to know how each of you are doing. Have you read about the Halo Ablation used to treat/cure Barrett's? I plan on seeing my gastro doctor probably in March or April and will speak with him about it then. I know they do this procedure at Emory Clinic in Georgia and many other places throughout the country now...

Izmik 03-02-2008 04:44 AM

Re: Barrett's Esophagus - I have it and I'm scared!
Hi Sapphire - Doing ok here. Still got pain , it comes and goes in bouts. I have it real bad at the moment, probably something I ate. It's so hard to do food elemination.

Let us know how you go with the ablation.

cheers and keep well

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