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stimi3ak 10-23-2007 06:29 PM

stomach and small intestine inflammation
A few weeks ago I was diagnosed with gastritis, esophagitis, IBS and a hiatal hernia. I am not aware of whether or not I have any food allergies but I can tell you that after certain foods I have instantaneous problems.

Does anyone else get inflammation of the stomach where it feels like it is pushing up against your diaphragm? I have this and it causes shortness of breath. I've been told my hiatal hernia has something to do with this as well.

I already know I am lactose intolerant so I stay away from milk. I am looking for something that makes this go away because I am just a nervous wreck with the SOB. If I am sitting down it feels like my stomach has cut off my air supply.

I am 29 years old and underweight so it is not a weight issue. However I have had digestive issues my entire life. It will often take me a week before I can have a bowel movement.

And to be even more honest I have the worst dietary habits of most people I know. Until this hit me hard (about 7 months ago) I was known for my crappy diet. Junk food was my breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack foods. And I drank soda by the bottle up to 60 ounces a day. I do not do this anymore. For at least 4 months I have been soda free.

Can anyone shed any light on this issue and what things you do to take care of the issue? i would even welcome those who can sympathize to know I am not alone.


Texas Tomato 10-23-2007 08:07 PM

Re: stomach and small intestine inflammation
Hi, stimi -- I think we've commiserated on some other threads. I have similar symptoms. I'm overweight and in my late 40s. Losing weight this summer has helped somewhat but I'm STILL not completely back to normal. My endoscopy turned out "normal." I was very surprised that my doctor did NOT find a hernia, because that's exactly what it feels like, as if my innards are pushing up on my diaphragm and lungs to keep them from inflating fully.

This idea of inflammation makes a lot of sense to me. I was consuming a lot of yogurt because I thought I needed the probiotics, but I've slacked off this past week and my symptoms have actually improved a little. Maybe I need to treat this like lactose intolerance too, see if that gets me anywhere. I eat entirely too much ice cream, and I like a dollop of sour cream on my baked potato.:D

My doctor told me he thought my large colon, the part that's in your midsection right behind your stomach and diaphragm, was probably inflamed from not eating enough fiber. So I've added fiber supplements to my regimen and am eating lots of salads. I feel better than I did two months ago, but like I said, still not back to normal. The weird breathing is the worst of it, but the belching is still pretty obnoxious too.:(

Hope we all feel better soon. It helps to hear from other people who have similar crosses to bear.

Josh_B 10-23-2007 08:23 PM

Re: stomach and small intestine inflammation
Stimi, I too have almost everything you have and unfortunately have found nothing to help and/or fix it and i've been hunting for the past 4 years :(

The ONLY thing I can say has made any noticeable difference is when I finally bit the bullet and started taking some form of anti-acid. My doc put me on Protonix, and it has helps [i]some[/i]. My stomach aches aren't quite as bad when I wake up in the morning, and the esophigitis doesn't come around anymore but my stomach/bowels are still jacked up all the time.

I've been told by two very knowledgeable docs that there simply isn't enough knowledge and/or technology to fix most of the problems with the digestive system. They don't do near the amount of research on fixing problems.

Just don't give up hope, keep researching and never take a first opinion. Always get a second.

stimi3ak 10-24-2007 06:07 AM

Re: stomach and small intestine inflammation
Do both of you get the shortness of breath? I worry that my lungs are going to give out on me. I know that's a ridiculous thought but it's one I have amidst a panic attack.

I've been told when something pushes up against a portion of your lungs for too long that part will die. Then I learned that lungs do not regenerate. I'm sure this all something I learned in college biology but I wasn't really paying attention then. :)

I also get stomach pains and nausea. I've stopped eating all junk food, soda, coffee and fried foods. I'm hoping a few months of this will heal my issue.

If it weren't for the SOB I would be okay.

SpicyT9 12-07-2007 03:14 AM

Re: stomach and small intestine inflammation
I've been told by two very knowledgeable docs that there simply isn't enough knowledge and/or technology to fix most of the problems with the digestive system. They don't do near the amount of research on fixing problems. QUOTE]

Consider that today’s supermarket is ground zero for the food industry, a place where the giants of agribusiness compete for your purchases with profits—not health or nutrition—in mind.

diamond79 12-07-2007 10:58 AM

Re: stomach and small intestine inflammation
I have the same problem. I was diagnosed with gastritis over 2 years ago. I eat certain foods and within mins. I feel like I was punched in the stomach. I am also not sure if I have food allergy's. I kept a food journal for a while to try and pinpoint which foods were causing the problems, but couldn't make a connection as most foods cause this. I also get the shortness of breath when I lay down for bed at night. I feel like I can't breath which leads to a panic attack.
I admit my diet wasn't the greatest either (I have 3 kids and rarely have time to fix a "healthy" meal) but I have changed how much "junk" food I eat.
I think next time I see my dr. I am going to ask to see someone who specializes in allergies.
Hope you are all doing well!

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