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hukleberrie 10-26-2007 04:28 PM

EGD/Colonoscopy Pathology Report: Gastritis & Focal Active Colitis
I am trying to figure out what the pathology report from my EGD/colonoscopy means....

The report says:
Antral stomach biopsy:
Mild chronic gastritis without intestinal metaplasia
No Helicobacter organismms identified using harleco hemacolor stain solution #3 with positive control

Transverse/Descending colon, random biopsies:
Focal Active Colitis with mild edema
No evidence of crypt distortion, cryptitis, crypt abcesses or granulomas.

Rectum/Sigmoid Colon, random biopsies:
Focal Active Colitis with mild crypt distortion and mild edema.
No evidence of crypt abscesses, cryptitis or granulomas.

What is "Focal Active Colitis"? What does "mild crypt distortion" mean? Is this a kind of colitis that heals right away & never comes back (acute) or is it something I will have to deal with always (chronic)? I have been dealing with this since July. I have left side back/rib pain, cramping, burping & I have lost 36 lbs. to date. Of course there was blood in my stool, but no diahrrea or vomitting.

I am just trying to get a handle on if this is serious or if this is something that will go away & is no big deal. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

ZoeGirl 10-27-2007 12:11 AM

Re: EGD/Colonoscopy Pathology Report: Gastritis & Focal Active Colitis
You can google those terms with the quotation marks around them to find answers. My first hit reads:[INDENT][I]
focal active colitis (FAC), is a common isolated finding in endoscopic colorectal biopsies. Focal active colitis is often thought of as a feature of Crohn's disease, but may also be seen in ischemia, infections, partially treated ulcerative colitis, and as an isolated finding in patients undergoing endoscopy to exclude neoplasia. Clinical, endoscopic, and pathological data were retrospectively reviewed from 49 patients with focal active colitis, who had no other diagnostic findings on colorectal biopsy and no history of chronic inflammatory bowel disease. The histological findings were correlated with clinical diagnoses. Follow-up information was available for 42 of 49 focal active colitis patients. None developed inflammatory bowel disease; however, 19 patients had an acute self-limited colitis-like diarrheal illness, 11 had incidental focal active colitis (patients without diarrhea that were endoscoped to exclude colonic neoplasia and found to have asymptomatic FAC), 6 had irritable bowel syndrome, 4 had antibiotic-associated colitis, and 2 had ischemic colitis. Twenty patients were immunosuppressed, and 19 were taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. No histological features predicted final diagnoses. FAC did not predict the development of chronic colitis, even when mild crypt distortion or slight basal plasmacytosis was present. The preponderance of acute self-limited colitis and antibiotic-associated colitis among the FAC patients, along with the high number of immunosuppressed patients, support the conclusion that most FAC cases are infectious. The incidental detection of FAC in patients undergoing endoscopy to exclude colonic neoplasia was not clinically significant. The role of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in FAC deserves further study.[/I][/INDENT]
What did your doctor say about treatment? He/She would know how long this would last; if it's chronic or acute...

hukleberrie 10-27-2007 05:48 AM

Re: EGD/Colonoscopy Pathology Report: Gastritis & Focal Active Colitis
Nothing. They just gave me some pills to take. And there is a month's worth with 1 refill. I go see both the surgeon & doctor in 3 weeks... I guess I will know for sure then. I was just trying to figure out if this is something chronic or not.

hukleberrie 10-27-2007 07:26 AM

Re: EGD/Colonoscopy Pathology Report: Gastritis & Focal Active Colitis
Crohn's disease? I am more confused.... I don't have diahrrea but have blood in my stool, mucous in my stool & a 20% body weight loss & pelvic cramping.

What does the crypt distortion mean? I will have to google that too. I didn't know quotes around it helps... thanks for that insight. I really appreciate your post...

ZoeGirl 10-27-2007 09:17 AM

Re: EGD/Colonoscopy Pathology Report: Gastritis & Focal Active Colitis
I have Crohn's (I've posted to you before) and I don't get diarrhea. It's not indicative of the disease, there are many symptoms. Colitis and Crohn's are in the same disease "family". I still recommend using the internet to research this. The Crohn's and Colitis Assoc of America's web site has a lot of information.

Also, if you still have questions it is OK to call your doctor and ask them. Either a nurse will return your call or even the doctor.

Hamilton92 10-27-2007 01:22 PM

Re: EGD/Colonoscopy Pathology Report: Gastritis & Focal Active Colitis
Why a surgeon? What did they find that required surgery? I am awaiting endoscopy results from last tuesday going on 3 weeks.
My doctor was on vacation since yesterday and the scheduler called and said the doctor wanted me to make an appointment to go over the results. Is this bad? What if they found cancer? Oh my, I don't even want to think about that.
The pending results he gave me immediately after my endoscopy were:
he took 3 biopsies of 3 different areas of my esophagus and stomach.
I had rings in my esophagus he said were possibly caused by some kind of allergen but didn't specifiy
Then he said I possibly had something called esophagitis esophagitis and a hiatial hernia. My stomach looked really red and inflammed and very poochy in a couple of areas. Also he said possible gastritis.
I have a very narrow area in my esophagus but he didn't want to take the biopsy and dialate the same time because he was afraid my esophagus would tear so he said he would defer dialation after biopsy results came in.
Well when the receptionist called to book the appointment I said I wanted to talk to the nurse so she sent a message back to her to call, I called 3 times yesterday and each time they said the nurse got my message and would be calling back and she never did. Now I've got to sit and worry all weekend until I can call again monday morning fearing the worst.
Why would they not give me my results over the phone? Has anyone else ever been called into the doctors office to go over results? Is this normal procedure?

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