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DoeZ0763 10-27-2007 09:23 AM

I have more gas now than I ever had in my life.
[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="3"][COLOR="DarkOrchid"]I'm sorry but I really didn't know where to ask this question:confused: ...I seem to be having a gassy problem:( ...I have more gas now than I ever had in my life. It doesn't even have to be with what I eat...I really haven't changed my eating habits either...although I did start eating yogurt and found it just made me have a discharge...but I could be standing and talking and the next thing you know:eek: ...yeah thats right...but not out loud...I laugh and toot at the same time...I sneeze and toot...seriously...I have too much gas:blob_fire ...What do I do about this? Is there something I can take for this? Thanks for any help or advice anyone has.;) [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

Belle2003 10-27-2007 09:36 PM

Re: Didn't know where to put this...
You are producing gas from what you are eating. The yogurt is definitely helping to create more gas. Here is a list of foods:

Certain foods are more likely to cause gas and intestinal discomfort; these include dairy products such as milk, cheese or yogurt; whole grains such as bran or wheat products; vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower and spinach; and fruits such as apples, pears or peaches.

I would cut out the yogurt and see if your gas decreases.

DoeZ0763 10-28-2007 09:26 AM

Re: Didn't know where to put this...
[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="3"][COLOR="Red"]I haven't had my yogurt for 2 weeks now and still have gas...I also don't eat bran or wheat products...and I rarely eat broccoli...spinach or fruits...I're asking yourself what do you eat? Well I'm a chicken~rice~ potatoe~egg~pizza kinda eater. I drink my milk and clear soda...My DH is going grocery shopping today and I have him picking up some Beano...I'm hoping that will work. Any other suggestions? Thanks a bunch;) [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

CECE77 10-28-2007 12:01 PM

Re: Didn't know where to put this...
Have you gone to your doctor about this?

DoeZ0763 10-28-2007 12:06 PM

Re: Didn't know where to put this...
[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="3"][COLOR="DarkOrchid"]No I haven't...not quite sure what they would do about this...In the past I've had a colonoscopy done and they found that I have IBS...but I don't do anything for it...I'm just so used to eating and going to the bathroom right after...sometimes I wonder why I eat if I let it out not even 5 min. after I eat...[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

ibake&pray 10-28-2007 07:24 PM

Re: Didn't know where to put this...
[COLOR="Navy"] There is also a product called GasX that is to help relieve the excess gas that is in your system. Some folks say that gas is caused by swallowing extra air when you are chewing. My mother swore that people that had alot of gas chewed with their mouth open and swallowed alot of air with their food. Don't know if this was true or not...[/COLOR]

Nyxie63 10-29-2007 08:03 AM

Re: Didn't know where to put this...
I agree with Belle. You might try cutting the dairy of your diet for a couple of weeks. A lot of folks are lactose/casein intolerant and one of the major symptoms is gas. Also, if you're eating pizza, is the crust gluten-free?

Linda_in_NJ 10-29-2007 09:28 AM

Re: Didn't know where to put this...
Sometimes your body produces too much gas when you have IBS, no matter what you eat. Try the gas-X. It works wonders for me. I get horrible chest pains from gas and the gas-x works. Good luck

DoeZ0763 10-30-2007 06:27 AM

Re: Didn't know where to put this...
[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="3"][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]This it a pill or drink or something I chew? And how do you take it? I just want to like take something in the AM to start my day with no [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

Linda_in_NJ 10-30-2007 06:57 AM

Re: Didn't know where to put this...
Hi Doe, The gas-x usually comes in a pill form. I take the extra strength ones and they are small and coated and easy to swallow. Sometimes I take up to 3 at a time when gas pains hurt my chest. Good Luck

DoeZ0763 10-30-2007 09:18 AM

Re: I have more gas now than I ever had in my life.
[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="3"][COLOR="DarkOrchid"]I never get chest pains...or at least I don't think does this gas-x have to be taken before you eat anything? Or can I take it in the am and have relief all day? I'm not familiar with this and I'm looking for something to relieve this gas...I don't have the greatest or healthiest of eating habits but I'm not overweight and don't really feel I need to change my eating habits. I have always been a diary person and can't see myself without my milk...or cheese...or But I don't eat that everyday either...and I have gas everyday...[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

Graciella 10-30-2007 12:38 PM

Re: I have more gas now than I ever had in my life.
ok doe
i'm going through the exact same thing
i've tried EVERY pill there is out there and prescribed by doc - i have sucks, i think it's an excuse term the docs have found cuz they don't know what to do with ppl like us
what did they find in your colon when they told you you have ibs, cuz for me i didn't do that, all i told them was my symptoms and they diagnosed
anyway, now i'm taking digestive enzymes with my large meal and one probiotic after my meal every 2-3 days -don't take it every day else it's gonna constipate you
so that seems to work a little better, but just a little, i think i need a colonoscopy because i am not sure what's going on- i am ******! lol
my greatest concern is also gas (no odor though) and pressure in abdomen, my belly is so extended...

DoeZ0763 10-30-2007 01:50 PM

Re: I have more gas now than I ever had in my life.
[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="3"][COLOR="Blue"]Wow...I thought I was the only one that had a gas problem. It just came on I would say within the last 4 months. I'm a mail carrier so I don't have the time to eat a well balanced diet...I know that sounds weird but I have 2 pop tarts for my breakfast...I drink clear sodas only because I can't have my milk there...if I get hungry before my lunch I either snack on chewy candies...just to keep my sugar up...or maybe pringles...then I have a sandwich for lunch...usually a hard boiled egg or tuna-fish or a bologna & cheese...then when I come home it all depends on who is going to be here for dinner...if its just me I usually pick at little things...but if I make a dinner its meat/chicken-potatoe/rice-veggies...this is how I've always eaten. If I make breakfast for the DH and myself on a Sun. morn...I'm not even done eating and I have to go to the hence the in & out as fast as it To be quite honest I don't recall what they found in my colonoscopy...but they never put me on anything either. So lately it doesn't matter what I eat or do I get gas. I could be walking along and toooooot....or talking and it comes out...I have to suck my stomach in more times than I care to count just to not let it out loud...I get what I call gas cramps and then I really have to go to the bathroom. But I also have MS and all the pills I'm on for that...I'm wondering if this could be leading up to all this gas. Are your pills all prescribed? What did you take OTC? Thanks for any advice anyone has:)[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

Graywren 11-03-2007 08:58 AM

Re: I have more gas now than I ever had in my life.
It sounds to me like you have a food allergy of some kind. Let me say, too, if you are eating pizza you are getting wheat which is a common food allergen. Milk is, too.

satin452000 11-06-2007 12:12 PM

Re: I have more gas now than I ever had in my life.
I suffered from this for a while too. Had the bloated...feels-like-my-stomach-will-explode feeling 2-3 hours after eating...everytime. Never really felt like I needed to or even could pass the stomach just hurt like heck and it was so noisy and gurgling that it sounded like I WAS passing gas. It was so embarrassing.

I read Dr. Oz.'s book called YOU ON A DIET and it talked about several causes of stomach distress. One of those causes was artificial sweeteners..any artificial sweeteners. I am diabetic and so those things have been my mainstay for years..but I have had the stomach problem for years too. My solution was to cut out all artificial sweeteners, sodas of any kind and to take 3 tsps psyllium husk every night before bed. This is a natural bulk-building fiber which we affectionately refer to as 'colon blow' in our house. But I have to tell you that since I have done this..I rarely have the gassy, noisy stomach problems anymore. Still having gallbladder issues but that's another thread. Rox

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