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ZoeGirl 11-20-2007 02:06 PM

My HIDA scan = 0%
I posted below that my scan was unpleasant (painful) and I was wondering if it was related to my gall bladder or something else. Since I was told two years ago it was Crohn's (my gall bladder was never tested) I assumed my gall bladder was fine.

Gee I wish I had a HIDA scan 2 yrs ago. I'm calling a surgeon to talk about surgery and if I have any options. I know loads about Crohn's and Colitis and NOTHING about gall bladder disease.

I'm worried that my problem might be my gall bladder plus an inflammatory bowel disease. The doctor seems done with me and pushed me off to a surgeon to answer any further questions.

Support, thoughts?

Collector167 11-20-2007 09:15 PM

Re: My HIDA scan = 0%
Pain and nausea are apparently fairly common during a HIDA scan it's related directly to the CCK injection that is supposed to cause the gallbladder to contract.

Gallbladder problems can cause issues further down the digestive system, resulting in diarrhea, etc. This is because the body is dumping bile when it is not supposed to. If the gallbladder is functioning normally-- when you eat your body's natural CCK causes the gallbladder to release bile to help break down food/fat.

Gallbladder surgery is very common; expect recovery to take some time.

ZoeGirl 11-20-2007 09:35 PM

Re: My HIDA scan = 0%
My symptoms aren't diarrhea, it's a constant gnawing, frequent bowel movements which are solid usually covered in mucus/blood, rectal bleeding off and on, migratory arthritis - all fit the Crohn's diagnosis two years ago. I have had "attacks" off and on for years even before the constant pain. I think there is a relation between inflammatory bowel disease and gall bladders failing.

What I'm curious about and can't find anything on the Internet is getting a reading of 0%. If I don't have stones or inflammation how can it just not be working? I am mad I have to wait for a nurse to call me again since the other nurse was just wanting to refer me to a surgeon when I have a history of IBD too, I have questions and I really feel bad all the time, not just during an attack. I don't even know if I'm supposed to continue to take the asacol I've been on!

I used to think removing the gall bladder could make things worse in some cases, but in my case if it isn't working at ALL I don't suppose I have anything to lose (except my gall bladder!). I'm just confused as to how I will get better removing it if it's in there and not working (and obviously causing pain). I do hope it fixes the bloating and burping too! I'm almost excited to maybe have a fix to all of this. I need more information and I'm having a hard time finding anything that fits my situation.

Titchou 11-21-2007 05:25 AM

Re: My HIDA scan = 0%
A damaged gb can cause low ejection rates. You may have had stones in the past, whihc have since passed thru the body without you knowing it. I would definitely have it out.

ZoeGirl 11-21-2007 09:54 AM

Re: My HIDA scan = 0%
I spoke to the RN this morning. She said I do need another colonoscopy because of the Crohn's diagnosis two years ago. I can do it after the gallbladder removal. The Crohn's could have caused my gallbladder to stop functioning ... but I am still hopeful the removal will make me better!

Thanks for the responses and I'm sure I'll update ;)


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