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  • 25 yo Male with Chronic Constipation and Motility Problems, any advice?

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    25 yo Male with Chronic Constipation and Motility Problems, any advice?


    I have tried to be brief as I know how difficult it can be reading through long stories of illness.

    - Forced to leave University at 21 due to gastroparesis symptoms.
    - Weight loss of 40lbs.
    - Underwent several colonoscopys (all clear) and a gastric emptying study.
    - Diagnosed with Gastroparessis at 21 (although my doctor seemed reluctant to confirm it).
    - Unemployed, ill and depressed for 2 years.
    - Normal bowel movements every two days at this time.
    - At 23, developed chronic "constipation" after a short bought of diorrhea.
    - Was constipated for 5 weeks with laxatives and enemas having no effect.
    - I had another colonoscopy during this time and was given the "all clear".
    - Then after 5 weeks, out of the blue I had a bowel movement after taking two senna tablets the night before and the constipation eased over the coming days.
    - Since then i have been unable to have a bowel movement without taking two senna the night before.
    - My stools range from very loose to long and thin but almost never normal length and thickness.
    - Interestingly when I have empty my bowels with senna my stomach/gastroparesis symptoms ease and my appetite increases.
    - Four of five times a year I am unable to empty my bowels at all for 3-5 week periods, even with senna.
    - My colon just appears to "shut down". The after 3-5weeks of laxatives and no bowel movement, the constipation suddenly eases.
    - The sensation is that my transsverse colon is full, distended and stretched yet no waste travels through my descending and sigmoid colon.
    - When feeling my lower abdomen, my transverse colon is large, full and distended, my descending colon feels thin and empty. There is no waste in my rectum.

    I am 25 now and currently going through one of the 3-5 week periods and can only pass minimal amounts of diorrhea with laxatives with a large amount of waste still trapped in my transverse colon and am in great discomfort.My appetite has gone and I am losing weight. I am trying to stick to a liquid diet so not increase the constipation. When I take laxatives in this state I sit on the toilet and get the sensation that there is something there to pass but there is nothing in my rectum and it feels that if I push too hard I may push part of my insides out! It is not a case of hard faeces or impaction as I drink plenty of water and eat plenty of fibre, my diet is excellent as I exercise a lot. It is quite clearly a motility or blockage issue. I am speculating but could this be diverticulitis? I believe it is a pseudo intestinal blockage but am reluctant to accept it as it appears the only treatment is a colostomy bag.

    Could anyone offer any advice? It would be greatly appreciated as I am in a very low state right now.

    Thank you and god bless.

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    Re: 25 yo Male with Chronic Constipation and Motility Problems, any advice?

    hello: I am sorry to hear as you are in pain, and you are young. I read a post below, and wanted to just say a few things as I have been sick my entire 52 years.

    For me, I have microscopic ulcerative collagenous colitis. I had a horrid bout of taking a drug -Tramadol for pain, non narcotic, and for the first time I knew constipation, with chronic, debilitating, life altering colitis, unretractive. Made no sense. But I too, lost 1/3 of my total body weight, strange, since all the crap is up there I thought and I was bloated.

    I had been on Metamucil my adult life, with little water to create stool structure, and here I am lost. Stuck up, with this odd and painful situation.

    Well first was go back, and live with the pain, as Tramadol killed my gut, and with that, lost all friends and a lot of weight, yes, under 100 lbs. Then I began doing as told by gastro. I ate 1 basket a day of blueberries, at any cost. I like you exercised every day, I take a pro-biotic, (culturelle) but all are fine as long as they are live, do 100 sit ups a day, if I can and pain or throw up feeling is absent.

    Then I had to add more osmotic agent to my diet. At one time a Rx, and still can be under RX, I take 17grms at miralax. Took months to regulate me. But now, given I do have disease process too, mine, being constant bowel moving to the point of not running or walking outside, unless clear, or I feel clear enough to get from point a to point B.

    I also for some reason, found that my afternoon snack would do a few things, eat healthy, got me hooked on apples, and again, when you feel like crud, you pay the price, and I am not on a good income, I am poor, but I don't live, if I don't try to eat right and hope for one good day.

    But I slice an apple a day, not too tart, and it really helps.

    Then there are the days where the horrid big D comes, and my doc told me to boil white rice. Do not cook the rice, but make the water boiling it really milky white.

    Toss the rice, keep the rice water. Add a squeeze of lemon and a snip of salt. I prefer it plan, without the salt and lemon, but I suspect that is for our electrolytes.

    Anyway, it does calm my bowel down. And at any price stay away from Lomotil, as it is colon dependent as are laxatives that stimulate. Metamucil and Miralax do not stimulate, they gather water, create a stool, and the urge will come and it is hopefully normal.

    Mine are sometimes normal, but always constant. I lost my job as I could not work at home any more, and I can not travel on Que, only when my bowels says okay.

    For 32 years I survived by having an office-and work station at home. I had to get up at 2 am to get to work by 6,,7 or at the latest 8, and for years if not I was allowed to work from home, no details, the fine detail that is, were ever released. I would also work every weekend, as I was not able to do all, as I was not doing well that was assigned to me, and as maladaptive as my life was, work, sleep and only with pills the last few years, I broke, and my life continues to fall.

    My bowels however with the blueberries,apples, miralax, and this new found juice in America (acai) huge immune booster, (only Safeway is selling but solid stool all the time has become to be seen for the first time in 30 years). I am not complaining, I am not okay as I am house bound, most days, but to have less pain and to know a stool will come forth, as I refuse to ever strain, I am excited. I have many other maladies, but this one is huge, life altering and I may have half hour increments to 3 hour increments where I feel okay. I could not have sex, still can not really, too testy for me, and it is challenging as I am married. But the food mix is what I wanted to share. It has helped me so much. If think you have diverticulitis, well nuts are out, but I do down a handful, of almonds to, and perhaps eat a real orange.
    Normally I will eat a salad, but the selection is bad, and its not appealing to me for some reason, and I am gaining a few pounds.

    Do try, sounds like you are home any way, but don't give up, as I sure hope the ostomy bag is not in your next step. I hate the word senna or laxative at or anything that stimulates. That is long term often not reversible damage, and sort of scary.

    Lastly, due to my wish to get out one day, (my energy is not strong) but I eat and take all things at the same time to create a predictable move.

    When I get up. colitis and all, I down, major two cups of my stimulant I have no plans on ceasing. Coffee strong, Sumatra. The lightest bean, least acid, strongest caffeine. That is my story, and its changing all the time, but I have to attempt to live, even if that means a shower, and makeup.

    Good luck and be sure to be a SS Ltd applicant, you have a disease, and your gastro knows this and can help you, = I am hoping you have done this, but it is never too late to apply for SS, (the process is hard, escpecially as you are sick and the work involved is so hard, but a good SS lawyer, and you never pay, they are all paid per law, not by the client ever, ever ever, and so many think they have to pay, and if you do, you have a crook. The LTD is different and depends on your job, if you were fired, if they honor LTD if you are on SS at times, will come back to you but very person to person, not the cookie cutter rule at all. The LTD is dependent on you last job, how you left, medical leave and the program they have. Yes, I have lots of other stuff going on, but my obvious problem, and one that saddles me is my bowels. The other stuff really makes me grit and keep trying and hoping on hope to wake up one day and enjoy something simple. Energy.

    Take care, no harm intended in my answer if you have tried this, and it did not work, it was my best in the last 2 years.

    The rice water I have used since my 20's and it sort of really works. There is true science to the water that the protein on unwashed white rice has a property to help stop the D word.

    Good Luck, and be sure to have a super doc. Mine is number one in the City I live in, and the most giving of mind as he is so educated and keeps on at it, that I am honored to have him for my care. I don't know all the rules on this board, but do not want to violate any. I find the board to be fantastic.

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    Re: 25 yo Male with Chronic Constipation and Motility Problems, any advice?

    Hello there,

    I am very sorry to hear the problems you are going through, hopefully i may be able to help. My daughter has Chronic Intestinal Pseudo Obstruction, and yes it does sound an awful lot like what youre describing. Theres no need to assume the worst though, as with careful management my daughter has managed to maintain a healthy weight and avoid an ileostomy. This could be the same for you, and it sounds like this may be the case. The first step is to get referred to a specialist in motility disorders. A good gatro doc.

    Ruby, like you, has periods where she becomes blocked up. On x-rays, there is no actual blockage, everything just seems to have got stuck, and there is more of a problem with air than anything else. Do you find that you have excess wind? From other sifferers that i have spoken to, this seems to be a common theme. Battling the distention is half the battle.

    I know what you are saying about the laxatives. They had my daughter on a lot of Senna, but like you, it just caused excessive runny stools. I am in the opinion that laxatives dont work, if the stool is a bit harder, its easier for the intestine to be stimulated by it and push it along. Anyway, my daughter has 1 suppository daily, to keep things moving. When things get bad, she has a micralax enema. Have you tried this?

    The key is to stay on top of it, and you can learn to spot an obstruction before it happens, and work at preventing it, through enemas, massage, sleeping on your tummy, abdominal pressure. One of the best ways of spotting an oncoming obstruction, is to listen to your bowels with a stethoscope. A doctor can show you how to do this properly. Once the bowel sounds start to slow down, you know things are coming to a halt, and you need to work on speeding them up again!

    Luce xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Im a 24yo girl with a baby with Pseudo obstruction.

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