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sey 02-07-2008 02:46 AM

How l feel today
Sorry to rant on but just want to know if this is familiar to anyone else.... woke up this morning full of gas wind pains burping.. my mouth tatses horrible almost like blood? The top of my stomach feels uncomftable :( l have my thyroxine and a cup of tea wait 45 mins and have 1 slice of lighly buttered toast (not butter dairy free marg sunflowers spread) l feel like l need the toilet my stomach feels upset, I feel cold even though the heating is on and l feel drained.. my mouth still tastes awful despite brushing my teeth.. the top of my chest feels uncomftable too but this Comes and goes. My stomach feels hungry but l dont think l am hungry if that makes sense,, l have some upper back discomfort which too comes and goes.. my stomach is now rumbling and although l dont feel sick or have heartburn acid my mouth feels watery.. anyone else? This is wearing me out and l know l need the endoscopy done but lm scared :( xxx lm now going to get something to eat to see if it helps. Ive been using manuka honey for just over 3 weeks now and it has eased some of the issues. It seems since l had 3 citrus flavoured lolly pops a few days ago l have took a step back!

eihcet 02-07-2008 04:19 AM

Re: How l feel today
Definitely should see the doc and get checked out. I had upper Endoscopy done a couple months ago and it was nothing to worry about. The sedatives were mild but enough to keep me asleep throughout. Only thing is you'll need someone to drive you back for safety purposes. I had a mild sore throat a few days later so not even sure if it was related to the procedure since it didn't start right away.

Overall very mild. One annoying thing is my insurance calls it a surgical procedure and not diagnostic so it was subject to my deductible. I'm hoping to get that changed but the billing office for the doc says that anytime they do a biopsy of tissue it becomes a surgical procedure. There was nothing specific to biopsy,they were just testing for H.pylori yet I get dinged for it. Argh.

Hope you feel better soon!

sey 02-07-2008 05:10 AM

Re: How l feel today
Thank you for your kind reply. I had 2 slices of dried toast with pilchards had myself a bath took 2 paracetemol and feel a bit better. I know l need this checked out its the thought of been drugged and having the tube down my throat that is scaring the crap out of me! I hate to feel out of control :( what if l react badly? Ive seen the complications of having it done (although rare) and thats scaring me too :( l wonder if stress is causing this? I know lm going to have to have it done cos l cannot carry on like this its ruining my life. I really think if l could get rid of these stomach issues my life would improve dramatically! I would be able to get on with life... l was diagnosed with h pylori a few months ago and had the treatment here in the Uk they dont retest you to see if its gone but wait to see if you have anymore symptoms then investigate. I always thought my stomach probs were due to the high doses of ptu l was on to control my over active thyroid gland cos thats when they really become noticable whilst been medicated then last July l had the thyroid removed stopped the high doses of ptu and the stomach probs came more often and thats when l was dxn with h pylori.. things improved a little but in that time l noticed certain foods triggered the stomach probs off for example brown bread chocolate red onion red cabbage probiotic drinks didnt help either so l started the manuka honey as it is supposed to kill h pylori and heal ulcers and generally just good for the digestive tract. I do have a lot of stress in my life that l cant ignore family members ill etc lm fed up of this now l really am. I do intend making an appointment to see my doc tommorow. Thanks again for the reply it sure helps knowing others have had the endoscopy done with little probs the the thought of it makes me freak out though :( lol cheers again xxx hope your doing ok now x

eihcet 02-07-2008 08:13 AM

Re: How l feel today
Are you taking any prescription antacid meds for the gastritis/ulcers? Maybe you are having side effects?

I read about that Manuka Honey but haven't found any at the local stores and don't want to order online. I was tested negative for H.Pylori. I did find Mastic Gum pills and DGL Licorice are locally available and they are also supposed to help ulcers / gastritis by protecting the stomach and/or digestive lining (rather than antacids which just reduce acid levels).

IMO, the Licorice tastes pretty bad, but, chewing the recommended dosage 20mins before meals seemed to help me out for a bit, enough to get off of the antacids I was on. I can't really say for sure if the Mastic Gum helped me, but, it didn't make it worse and sometimes the gas I experienced afterwards made me feel better for the short term. I think diet was the main thing, and as you are finding, some foods trigger symptoms so you have to narrow down and try and find things to eat.

I ended up following a Gallbladder diet (lots of apples, and avoiding transfats and saturated fats), and even tried Celiac's diet for a bit but wheat/gluten doesn't seem to be a trigger for me. Eggs are on my suspect list and I'm afraid to try them again but need to one more time to confirm. My nausea / stomach / pain symptoms have subsided for now (so I'm waiting for the inevitable next episode to get it checked out).

sey 02-14-2008 05:38 AM

Re: How l feel today
Hi Jo x yes l remember your name too!!! Well it hasnt got any better since l posted this thread lm waking up on a morning now with randon stabby pains in left side ribs under breast also had gripping either side of bottom of ribs lots of back muscle spasms general discomfort stabby sternum area pain aches tiredness and l cannot be bothered to anything at all! I think thats the anxiety part setting in big time or depression? through feelinh ill all the time.! I too can still eat no problems l dont get acid much at all with whatevers going on. I started manuka honey a few weeks ago and at first l thought it was helping but lts not anymore maybe that was a mental thing? I too am full fo wind and think maybe the pains lve been getting in my rib area and sternum are indeed wind! I have not been back to the doc yet l know l have too cos l cant carry on like this... maybe when l do get this sorted l will feel human again lol lve been ill for years through my thyroid got shot of that and lm still ill! Grrr with stomach probs lol gawd you ahve to smile :) You been to the doc yet Jo? What tests you had done? Something l seen on another thread someone mentioned when they wake up in a morning they feel like someones gripped them in a bear hug all night achey chest lungs ribs etc this has been happening to me too :( great hearing from you x sure helps to know your not alone let me know how you get on and vice versa xxx take care :wave:

boz 02-14-2008 02:57 PM

Re: How l feel today
Hi again,
Decided to try the Manuka honey you said eased some of your symptoms..
I found it in Tesco's. It was a real surprise how fast it seemed to work.
The effects have not lasted long.... only an hour or two, but the relief
was fantastic.... ( I took a couple of teaspoons of the stuff. )
I am still very uncomfortable, various aches and tender bits inside, but so much better...
I hope this feeling of ease from the honey I take will continue till I can get into see the GP next week.
I had also started to take the probiotic drinks..... have stopped those now.
Thinking back my problems have increased since I started taking them.
Keep in touch. Take care

sey 02-16-2008 09:52 AM

Re: How l feel today
Hi Jo x my probs got worse too with the probiotic drinks l havnt had any for weeks now... I got my manuka from tesco too did you get one with an active factor? It has to be active 10 at least for any benefit to health the first jar l got was active 10 it was £4.99 the second jar was active 15+ £9.99 to be honest l noticed more benefit from active 10! Let me know how you get on hun! Its the same for me eases for a but then comes back l too really need to go and get this sorted out and put my fear of the endo away!

sey 02-20-2008 04:16 AM

Re: How l feel today
Hi Jo x glad your getting some relief! Whats mastic capsules and do you just buy green tea and drink that without anythign added? Im back on mnauka active 10 and seem a little better however you are right l should get my endo done too! At moment things hectic no time for me my youngest uisnt very well and lve a 21st to organise! Amongst other things.... l havnt been well since sunday evening with horrible upper middle back spasms or at least thats what l think it is? lower sacrum pain left hip and middle back pain... then l feel ok for a while then the pain starts again luckily not as bad as Sunday and monday if l get time l will go see doc tommorow. Thanks for keeping in touch and hope you continue to do so :) catch you later Jo xxx

boz 02-20-2008 06:09 AM

Re: How l feel today
Hi.....With the Manuka honey... apart from taking a couple of teasp.. by mouth,
I put a great heap of the stuff in hot water at various times in the day,
It works wonders, I took it at bedtime and expected to have gum problems from the sweetness......... but none at all.
My mouth next morning was very fresh.
I take Green tea with nothing but hot water........... Its very very weak.
You could add sugar if you wish.... but not milk.
Mastic Gum capsules I got my ' healthwize ' 4 months supply from the www. cost about £26.ish. Service was quick. They are largish capsules with a
slight funny odeur, but after a day or two and you can start to feel a difference.
..........Green tea works in loads of different ways, I first heard of it on holiday, I had a stinking cold & was bunged up solid, it was recommended then, and believe me it did work, within 1/2 hour my sinuses were clearing. True the effects did not last more than a couple of hours ........ but it really helped. Got me through the worst.
Good luck with the 21st.... were trying to sell, so its housework for the sake of..
Plus friends coming to stay this evening till weekend ..

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