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Nausea - Every Day

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Old 05-31-2008, 09:44 AM   #1
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woodson1 HB User
Unhappy Nausea - Every Day


I'm only 20 years old, male in college who has been dealing with nausea since about my senior year in high school (3 years). It was on and off, I would feel so sick like I was going to throw up, and many times I did. When I had to do anything, like any activity like going out to eat with my girlfriend, I get it (I know its pathetic). The past 6 months however have been horrible, the severe nausea and vomitting is now here 24/7. It is the worstttt when I wake up in the morning, no matter if I get up early or sleep late. I can't do anything, I can't even work or do things any college student would do because I know my nausea will come into play and prevent me from doing anything. It is literally ripping apart my life as i feel my girlfriend is getting tired of me always being "sick." I went to the doctor who sent me to a stomach specialist. I've had and endoscopy twice, one very recently, both times they found nothing. I've been on prevacid which does nothing because the nausea is always there, worse BEFORE I eat if you can believe that. I can't think of eating when I wake up, if I try I will start to gag and throw up because im so nauseated. They put me on reglan like 3 weeks ago and I had to stop taking it because the side effects were just too much. I have another consultation in 2 weeks and I just don't know what to do. I have start worrying, feeling depressed and things like that so maybe that is what's causing my problem.

If anyone can give me some feedback or advice or similar experiences I would appreciate it because I need to discuss this and figure out whats wrong.

I just can not take it anymore

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Old 05-31-2008, 12:30 PM   #2
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Ivoryz00 HB User
Re: Nausea - Every Day

Sorry to hear about your issues. I can somewhat sympathize with you, I delt with nausea and vomiting for over three years and I recently found out what my problem was--I had a diseased gallbladder (aka gallbladder sludge). I'm not saying that's your issue, but you might want to consider this to your doctor. The best test to check your gallbladder function are the HIDA scan and ultra sound. Other possibilities include the following...

food allergies
bacteria infection caused by h. pylori
chronic pancreatitis (unlikely)
intestinal obstruction

Good luck, and keep me posted.

Old 05-31-2008, 01:51 PM   #3
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sandy0224 HB Usersandy0224 HB User
Re: Nausea - Every Day

I have nausea a lot as well. You might ask the doctor for Nexium. I was on Prevacid and had no results at all from it. Are you taking any anti nausea meds? There are a lot of things out there to take like phenergan, compazine, zofran. They're all RX meds, but at this point I think you might need something by prescription as it seems that doing nothing isn't helping.

I would ask for a colonoscopy. Just because the upper came out ok doesn't mean the lower will. Not to scare you, just trying to give you some options for some help.

Ask for the phenergan if nothing else! You don't deserve to live that way.

Hope you feel better soon!
I'm on SSDI with 3 kids, a great man, and several dogs and cats. I have a myriad of pain causing medical problems.

Old 06-04-2008, 03:26 PM   #4
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SophiaN HB User
Re: Nausea - Every Day

I had nausea everyday i can remember. It was horrible. I was always sick. It made no sense to me. I did lots of research and was tested for Celiac Disease. I had it and went on a strict gluten free diet and my nausea just disappeared. It was amazing. It is more common then diabetes and only 3% of the US population know they have it.

Old 06-08-2008, 09:20 AM   #5
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FilizDuvenci HB User
Re: Nausea - Every Day

I have been living through the same thing for pretty much my whole life. I am 21 years old, and it has been getting worse for the past 3 years. I always get nauseous when I go somewhere, especially on the train or bus. I can never ever go to restaurants, because I just feel like puking for no reason. Doctors can't find anything, they say all of these things, like Meniere's disease, ulcer, stress, anxiety, ear infection, etc. I have tried all kinds of meds like anti-depressants,anti-biotics, Nexium, Xanax, all kinds, but it doesn't go away. I even took up smoking, which worked in the beginning. My fiance is understanding, but I feel that he is getting sick of me, too. We can't go anywhere at all, and it has ruined my life. My family doesn't understand, and they think that I do it to myself... I feel crazy, and others think that I am also. I am sorry about your suffering, too, but it feels nice to know that I am not alone.

Old 06-09-2008, 04:44 AM   #6
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eihcet HB User
Re: Nausea - Every Day

Hang in there. Not knowing what the problem is can cause anxiety which makes it worse. They've tested your stomach a few times but what else have they done? (Gallbladder can be tested by HIDA Scan and Ultrasound ; Gastroparesis can be tested by emptying test, etc).

What have you done to test/help yourself? If it's a gallbladder problem or Celiacs/Chrons you can usually help yourself by modifying your diet. Do a major search on Gallbladder Diet and Celiac's Disease. Avoid the bad foods (Gallbladder = transfats and saturated fats, eggs & mayonaise, caffeine, etc; Celiacs = anything with wheat) you read about for a week and see if anything improves.

Note that PPI Antacids can make the gallbladder empty less efficiently which isn't going to help in the long term. They have also been tied to stomach emptying problems (with longer term use). So, not saying to stop them but rather to find out if you can take something else since they aren't working anyway (like an H2 Blocker like Pepcid AC) and/or push your doctors to do some of the other tests. In the interim, You can try some natural remedies for stomach issues. Some suggestions to search on might be, DGL Licorice, Ginger, Magnesium Deficiency, etc.

While waiting on those tests, try eating only smaller portions and safe/good foods. It might take longer to notice any improvement because of how long this has been going on, you could have secondary problems (malnutrition/vitamin defficiency, colon bacteria imbalance--try plain yogurt for a while to fix, stomach acid issues-slowed digestion, etc) that will make it harder to find and fix the main problem.

Old 08-06-2008, 05:00 AM   #7
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lumarie HB User
Re: Nausea - Every Day

Because you are young it can be difficult to get a doctor to take you seriously...
I know because I have been chronically ill for most of my 53 yrs that went undiagnosed until I hit my late fourties...I had all the same symtoms when I too was in college as well.
It is easy to blame on stress or foods should have your gallbladder checked. It often goes undetected due to a special ultra scan or known as a HIDA Scan to be sure.
Another area is if you have pain with it is Crohn's disease.
But a good Gastroentrologists is what you need and if you do not get relief from that first doctor, keep going until you get the tests, intelligence and caring that you require to combat nausea. It really SUCKS! Also, request nausea prescription. Over the counter crap is seldom as effective.

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Old 08-12-2008, 08:56 PM   #8
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mkierce HB User
Re: Nausea - Every Day

have you tried zofran or reglan?
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Old 08-12-2008, 09:50 PM   #9
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lucylucy HB User
Re: Nausea - Every Day

I agree with others about h-pylori, celiac and other tests.

Two additional things to consider: Allergies and anxiety. If you were a woman they probably would have talked to you about anti-anxiety meds or antidepressants by now. I had a similar problem when I was in college, along with IBS. My gastro symptoms improved about 95% after I started Wellbutrin for depression. Maybe it was coincidental, but I felt better for years.

You might also have some food allergies or sensitivities. I get extremely bad pains if I eat certain foods (cantaloupe or green peppers). If you keep track of what you eat, and when you feel bad, you might discover a correlation. Start an elimination diet, or just cut out any suspicious foods. If you're a beer drinker, that would be a good place to start.

A third possibility: medication and recreational substances. Alcohol, nicotine, anphetamines, ADD drugs, pain killers, diet pills, muscle bulking pills, and other medications have been known to irritate the stomach and cause nausea. These are all plentiful on college campuses but a doctor might forget to ask you about them.

Old 11-10-2009, 01:04 PM   #10
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gotsomeanswers HB User
Re: Nausea - Every Day

My daughter started having nausea on and off each day starting in July 2009. It got worse. Nausea in the mornings and evenings was the worst. Sometimes she would not feel better until noon to 3:00 p.m. Nexium did nothing. Had her tested for the h pylori bacteria. It was negative. The doctor thought her gall bladder was tender and prescribed glycopyrrolate 2 mg to shut down her gall bladder. The pills helped her feel so much better. She is trying to limit fatty and spicy foods. We had a ultrasound and hydrascan. We just found out she has a diseased gall bladder. She is having it removed in two weeks.

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