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  • 4 years of undiagnosed nausea and vomiting

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    4 years of undiagnosed nausea and vomiting

    I am a 22 year old female suffering from chronic, daily nausea and vomiting. For 4 years I have suffered from chronic nausea and vomiting. The nausea began when I was eighteen when spontaneously one week I had continuous nausea. The symptoms then went away, only to reappear three weeks later and they stuck for good. During the first year of chronic nausea I underwent a major surgery for triple ovarian dermoid cysts. During the surgery I got infected with C-Difficile, a bacteria in the colon that resulted in inflammation of the entire colon, or pan colitis. I was treated with two doses of antibacterial medicine, Flagyl and Vancomicin. For two years after this infection I suffered from symptoms of quiescent colitis including diarrhea, abdominal and colon pain, and some bleeding. The symptoms faded after two years, but the nausea remained.
    For the first two years of my symptoms I suffered from dull nausea throughout the day with more intense nausea and some strong abdominal pain in the evenings. I have been hospitalized once for nausea and vomiting, in which they initially suspected an appendicitis as an abdominal ct showed a partially enlarged appendix, some free fluid in the abdominal cavity, and a tubular structure in my appendix. I am currently seeing a G-I specialist that will address these unresolved findings.
    Over the years I have had a steady increase in vomiting and nausea. In June of 2009 I began vomiting regularly after eating. At first vomiting would occur 1-2 hours after eating. But about mid-June, 2009, I began vomiting five to ten minutes after ingesting food. I was placed on nearly every anti-nausea medication in the book (compazine, zophran, anti-nausea patches, reglan, motilium, phenergen, etc.) each of which provided relief, but this proved to be temporary for each medication. Relief for some lasted days, others weeks. Without fail, however, he relief of symptoms would end and the nausea and vomiting would resurface. I currently medicate with medical marijuana, the only anti-nausea medication that has been effective in calming my digestive system enough to combat vomiting and reduce nausea.
    I have become completely dependent on medical marijuana as I am no longer able to digest food at all without nausea and vomiting. When I begin vomiting, I will vomit until my stomach is empty and then continue to dry heave until I medicate with marijuana. Currently I have been vomiting after eating or ingesting liquids quickly. I sometimes experience heartburn and then vomiting. I can also vomit from standing over, physical exertion, and spontaneously without provocation. I can confidently say that without the help of medical marijuana, I would be unable to digest food and would be dependent on hospital care.
    Over the course of my symptoms I have been tested with 2 endoscopies, a colonoscopy, C-T scan of the brain, and a gastro-emptying scan that showed mild gastro-paresis. After treatment I saw no relief of symptoms, and no test showed any diagnosable digestive problems.
    In the past 5 months I have been treated by a psychiatrist under the preconceived notion that the problem is psychosomatic or lies within the neurotransmitters in my brain and abdomen. My psychiatrist diagnosed me with Soft Bipolar disorder in order to explain the nausea. His theory (as he explained it to me, but I do not understand the specifics, so bear with me) was best explained in an analogy of phantom limb pain. When people experience phantom limb pain, he stated that they suffer from Soft Bipolar Disorder. The reason this pain exists is because the neurotransmitters in the brain are traumatized by overwhelming pain or discomfort, such as the amputation of a limb. Because the brain has been traumatized, it continues to send messages that the pain still exists. The neurotransmitters can be changed with medication. He then put me on the medication to repair the neurotransmitter trauma, but I saw no affect on my nausea and am now seeking other treatment through gastroenterological testing, once again.
    I have currently ran out of options, so I thought I would turn to the web with some hope of finding help and support. If you have any thoughts, please let me know.

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    Re: 4 years of undiagnosed nausea and vomiting


    Have they checked the sphincter of oddi and your gall bladder ? If you are getting sick after eating like this, it is definitely worth a look.

    I am definitely not an expert but I recall seeing a program on difficult diagnoses which described a young woman who had symptoms such as what you are describing. She also went through years of nausea and vomiting and they even took out her gall bladder, thinking that this was the culprit. The symptoms remained and as it turned out, it was her sphincter of oddi which is a valve that regulates the flow of bile into the duodenum. Because dysfunction of the sphincter of oddi is rare, they often do not look for this but you may want to suggest this to your gastroenterologist if he comes up empty with a diagnoses.

    Four years of suffering is absolutely ridiculous and doctors should at least refer you to another more specialized doctor if they are unable to find the problem.

    I sincerely hope you get a diagnosis very soon.

    Take care.


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    Re: 4 years of undiagnosed nausea and vomiting

    The program was called Mystery Diagnosis and if you do a search under Mystery Diagnosis an sphincter of oddi, you will get some hits which will describe this phenomenon called sphincter of oddi dysfunction.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: 4 years of undiagnosed nausea and vomiting

    Wow...I thought I was just reading something I wrote myself..except I didn't have to suffer for 4 years and only one. I don't know if it's this oddi sphincter the othere people are talking about but I ended up having a "broken flap" (as my doctor puts it) between my stomach and esophagus. They put me on Reglan, which I had to stop taking because it gave me tardive dyskinesia (eye twitching and felt like my legs were always restless) and protonics for the ulcers it caused. I still take the protonics and am also being treated with medical marijuana to help my appetite and also treat my mania caused by bipolar disorder. I still have some feeling of discomfort when I eat but am learning to cope with it slowly. And I still occasionally vomit. They found this out when I was admitted to the hospital for being so deheydrated and the er doctor was shocked that I had lost 65 pounds in almost 3 months. They did 2 endoscopies and a test were they injected me with dye and took something like a ct scan where I had to lay on the bed for 2 hours. I hope you get some answers because I truley feel the pain you are in!

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    Re: 4 years of undiagnosed nausea and vomiting

    I am sorry to read of your problems!!

    It is amazing to me when I read of such horror story as yours that the doctors that treated your first problem probably caused all the other problems that have continued for 4 years.

    I will outline what I think you should try--I don't see what you have to lose. I have been on this board for 11 years and have read of some very good cures--I think your problems are curable.

    Extremely strong antibiotics that you took probably wiped out all the friendly bacteria that you need for your entire digestive tract. There are over 400 various strains present in your Gastrointestinal tract that perform various functions that need to be replaced.

    The best Nausea/ Vomiting remedy that I have ever used is a homeopathic remedy ---Ipecacuanha 30X potency that you can buy from most health food stores and take it as needed.

    Also, an excellent homeopathic remedy for spasms and cramping is -- Magnesia phos 6X. It will help the dry heaves. You may want to get a doctor to test your serum magnesium level -- a low level can cause throat/esophagus spasms as well as cramping in any other muscle in your body because every cell in your body contains magnesium. With your long term malabsorption caused by poor digestion/ vomiting-- I am sure you lacking nearly all minerals as well as electrolytes. About 70% of your immune system is obtained from gastro system so w/o a health GI system-- your immunity is severely lacking.

    Let me know if you need to be treated for yeast/ candida overgrowth problems -- you didn't mention them but their symptoms are many and vary widely.

    I suggest that you start eating a good yogurt like Stonyfield Farm 3 to 4 times daily and drink Kefir to help re-establish the friendly bacteria in your GI tract. As well as some probiotic supplements.
    Some goods ones on the market that I have used and still do are PB-8, Culturelle, Lactobacilus reuteri.

    I wish you well---Harry

    PS I suggest you read several pages of the Top Thread on this page about bluepumpkin and his cure using magnesium -- he was treated by doctors for 9 years for a hiatal hernia that he didn't have-- 7 years ago but still a good story!!

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    Re: 4 years of undiagnosed nausea and vomiting

    I have had chronic nausea for the past couple of months. I could not imagine the time you have spent with it. *hugs*

    I just had the endoscope procedure yesterday. My stomach was really red and inflammed, biopsy done, waiting on the results. Have you actually had a biopsy done during the endoscopy?

    I'm with you on this. I have been on every medication, racked up medical bills, and frustrated beyond what I can describe. It is hard to work, hard to function at home.

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