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abc7642 04-05-2010 08:27 AM

Incessant pain and abdominal noises - Please help!
15 y/o female with extreme abdominal distress for the past month or so. Sorry for the long read!

-borborygmi, loud intestinal noises: CONSTANT AND BOTHERING ME LIKE CRAZY :confused:
-extreme hunger pains, even right after i eat 5 times my body weight
-feeling sick after eating regular foods (stomach churns)
-burning below breast bone and upper abdomen
-occasional nausia accompanied by reflux (now taking Nexium for it)
-gnawing pain and sour stomach (more recently, the hunger hasn't been as bad as before, but a gnawing pain lingers)
-some belching/flatulence
-headaches, fatigue, etc. (probably because i can't get any sleep with this)
-absence of menstruation for 8 months so far (dunno if there's a correlation)

Here are the things I have tried to no avail:
-over the counter remedies: Pepto bismol, Tums, Zantac, Gaviscone, etc.
-ER visit - nothing useful, X-rays and blood tests came back normal for the most part (protein levels a little high)
-CAT scan - revealed a few ruptured ovarian cysts and some extra fluid in the abdomen (which the doctor said was normal and nothing to worry about...)
-h. pylori breath test - the lab wouldn't give me the results because im underage??
-stool test - normal
-Upper GI w/ small bowel follow through - the radiologist confirmed that i have acid reflux but said that everything else looked normal
-more blood tests including celiac panel - awaiting results

I am currently on the gluten-free diet, it seems to help a little but not entirely, im just so desperate for this to go away. I suspect some type of bacterial infection b/c i have lately been noticing some similiar noises coming from the mom, not typical digestive noises, but i really have no idea... ulcers?? parasite?? My GI mentioned the possibility of Celiac or Crohn's Disease, but i'm going to have to wait a while before i hear back or can get an endoscopy. If you have any insight as to what is causing all of this, please share! Thanks!

estria 04-06-2010 04:51 PM

Re: Incessant pain and abdominal noises - Please help!

If you have acid reflux, this should be investigated. Ulcer or infection is certainly a wise route to follow. Also Celiac & Crohn's. What about your gall bladder ? Are they looking into this as well ?

While you are waiting for test results, cut out all acidic foods such as tomatoes, coffee & tea (herb tea is OK), alcohol etc.. and drink plenty of cammomile tea. Also, a good probiotic and drinking a proper amount of water, especially with meals will help too. Definitely watch your diet and see that you eat well .. gluten free is a good idea, of course. Eat small meals throughout the day rather than three larger meals and you may want to try a wedge for your bed. This is a special pillow which changes the angle at which you sleep. DO NOT simply prop up with lots of pillows as this will make acid reflux worse. A proper wedge pillow which elevates the entire top part of your body is ideal. Make sure you eat your last meal of the day a few hours before retiring for bed to give it time to pass.

As for your menstrual problem, it may or may not be related so this should be investigated. Are you on any form of birth control ? ... like the pill ? If so, this could be the culprit behind everything. If not, see about going in to see a gynecologist. All will depend upon how long you have been menstruating. Sometimes a woman's body needs time to settle into a menstrual routine and this takes time.

I hope you find some answers. Don't give up and insist that they dig deeper so that you don't have to suffer. All the best for a quick solution.



abc7642 04-06-2010 08:51 PM

Re: Incessant pain and abdominal noises - Please help!
Hello Estria, Thanks for your response!

Ulcers, infection, diseases, ahhh it could be so many things. None of my doctors have mentioned the gall bladder, but a few people I've talked to brought it up - I'll ask my GI.

I have been trying to eliminate most acidic foods, though I eat quite a bit of fruit everyday, just because I don't really have that much food to choose from right now. I've found that I have to eat more frequently as you said, and I have been taking an Align probiotic for a while. I'll go buy some cammomile tea and try to drink more water :). My parents have an adjustable bed - perhaps I'll try sleeping with it raised in the meantime.

The menstrual thing - I have not been on any sort of birth control, nor am I overexercising. My hormone levels are normal as well. I agree, probably should have made an appt. for the gyn by now.

Thanks again for all of your advice!!! Hopefully this will be figured out soon..

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