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JackDe882 09-25-2011 09:11 PM

Endoscopy results
[SIZE="3"]Hi all, this is my Endoscopy test.. I'd like to share it with you guys and tell me if there are bad/danger things. I've done the endescopy because I suffer from bad breath that comes from my stomach.

[B]OESOPHAGUS[/B]: Hiatus hernia: sliding of length 3 cm at a)
[B]STOMACH[/B]: Gastritis: mild erythematous/exudative with no bleeding at b
[B]DUODENUM[/B]: Duodenitis: moderate and oedematous associated with diffuse erythema and erosions at c

[B]H-Pylore [/B](Negative)

[B]note[/B]: Im not a smoker/drinker. I dont eat Spicy food at all. Not a fan of lemons/Orange either.

[I]I would like to know 2 things:[/I]
1-the situation of General stomach is it "Good"?
2-The bad breath odor is it really comes from the stomach in my case?[/SIZE]

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