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caitcg 10-06-2011 02:36 PM

stomach caving in
Ive had an upset stomach for about a week now and i've been taking tums for it when its really bad. it usually hurts the most right after im done eating. also my bowel movements have been more frequent the past few days.

i have been exercising more and eating healthier so i dont understand why my stomach would hurt so bad. it feels bloated, and tight and almost like it is caving in from hunger pains, but im not hungry at all because i eat 3 meals a day. it hurt so bad today that i left work early. sometimes i get nauseous too for no reason at all.

and before anyone suggests it, there is no chance at all i could be pregnant.

any ideas out there on what it might be? i was thinking it may be from my birth control or maybe just from the change in diet and exercise, but i'm open to all ideas out there.

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