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brambles26 03-03-2012 02:29 AM

digestion problems
I'm posting to see if anyone else has had the same experiences as I am going through.
About six months ago I started feeling a slight pricking pain in my esophagus about half way down. My symptoms over the following months include pain in chest, difficulty swallowing at times (waking myself up with a feeling of being unable to swallow), acid feeling in stomach and mouth, horrible taste in mouth, feeling of teeth not being clean although I regularly brush, light headedness, feeling full when not full, no appetite therefore weight loss. My lower ab area makes all sorts of strange gurgling and popping noises, sometimes although not often I have a cramping feeling low down. I also have another symptom which I do not know if its related which is my right nostril/sinus feels blocked and I can't breathe through it although it's not blocked with mucus, when this feels blocked I also have a tingling feeling in the right hand side of my face. All of a sudden it clears and I will be able to breathe clearly on both sides again. I twitch a lot, especially at night for no apparent when I'm relaxing in bed.

I've had numerous blood tests, chest xray, endoscopy and ovary scan which have all come back ok, I'm pleased to say and I am now waiting on an appointment to see a specialist at the hospital. I have taken omeprazone, esomeprazole and nexium, none of which seemed to help that much.

I don't know if I have an allergy, an intolerance or something serious.

My doc has suggested anxiety, depression, IBS. I am anxious now because of these symptoms but it was not the cause. IBS, maybe but surely that needs proper diagnosing not just the GP saying "it could be IBS".

Any advice would be very much appreciated, thank you.

solofelix 03-03-2012 11:57 AM

Re: digestion problems
I had all your symptoms with H.Pylori. Have you been tested for it.
IBS can cause similar symptoms.IBS is generally diagnosed when all other tests prove negative.
Your nasal symptoms could be caused by an Allergy. When I was prescribed Nexium with/after H.Pylori,Iifound they made my symptoms worse so I left them off. Eating a healthy diet, Probiotics and Aloe-Vera Juice helped a lot.
Do tell your Dr at the Hospital all your symptoms, If I was you I would copy down all the symptoms you have written here and take them with you.
I was given a short course of Xanax for my anxiety and it really helped a lot.
I wish you well,


brambles26 03-08-2012 01:46 PM

Re: digestion problems
Hi Solofelix, Thanks for your reply. I did have an endoscopy which came back as "normal", not sure if H.Pylori could be missed on this test. I have done though as you suggested and made a comprehensive list, some of the symptoms seem totally irrelevant to digestion but I will include everything. Still waiting for my appointment with the specialist. Sometimes I feel fine, other times I feel like giving up. Thanks for your support though and I will keep the post updated as I can xx

boobootwo 03-08-2012 02:18 PM

Re: digestion problems
i really hate to say this...but anxiety can cause a whole host of digestive and esophageal problems. remember that your digestive system is the "core" of your body and when your upsets your entire core. i've been a worry wort most of my life. i developed anxiety...which in turn gave me reflux and i now suffer ibs too. just my thoughts.

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