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rocketiz 04-15-2012 10:32 AM

mid upper abdominal pain and can't vomit
I had what could be called an acute episode Thurs nite. It consisted of abdominal pain under mid to right rib cage Positional changes made a large difference- the pain was much less when lying down. When I coughed the pain became sharp and radiated to my back. It made be also feel a light-headed and nauseous. However, for some reason, I found it
difficult to vomit and it was painfully contracted the area used for vomiting. I only got a bit of liquid vomit. I should also say I can swallow and eat without problems. I've had problems with GERD for years and sometimes that makes me vomit -I never had any difficulty vomiting and alot comes out usually. I was able to have a small BM which was small and painless. Eventually I vomited a little bit more, but not in proportion to what I had eaten; some oatmeal raisin cookies and a large chicken sandwich. The symptoms occurred a couple of hours after eating. I should also say that I've had some similar but more minor pain for about a week. I don't think that I have a fever. Other things that may contribute, are that I do take some antacids regularly and that I'm somewhat overweight for my build. Also you could attribute something to stress as that is also a problem. I slept poorly and if I felt nauseous I tried to vomit a couple more times with only a little vomit. Fri morning the usual BM was small (no blood).

The period of pain better Friday and Fri nite -I ate sparsely. It was also OK on Saturday day. However, I experienced a recurrance on Saturday night. For dinner I had some ground turkey meat with tomato sauce and some taco spices. I was alright until I went to sleep. I woke up at about 4 am and while lying down felt fine, but after standing up I began to feel the upper mid abdominal pain. No fever. If I pressed on it, it was worse and I felt some nausea. If I laid down it was much better. It seems very positionally sensitive. If it means anything, my gut was more full than Fri. After lying down for about 10 minutes it was better and I could stand up and walk around. But it didn't seem to entirely go away.I tried to vomit but I couldn't vomit up anything.

I called my Dr. (who is a gi doctor, I don't see much and may to too conservative) and he ordered an ultra sound on Wed. It will be a couple of weeks for my Drs' appointment.

I've had IBS for years so this may be a factor. I am 59 year old male. The questions are is this IBS or something from a gall bladder problemor what?

Advice/ comments would be appreciated. Anyone have something like this. Thank You.

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