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Mrsenh17 05-28-2012 07:12 PM

Chronic diarrhea for months
In February I had an episode of diarrhea one night after eating out. I thought maybe it was food poisoning and thought nothing of it. But I continued to have diarrhea the next few days some with blood. After a week it was normal and I went to the doctor and she said I just had a small hemorrhoid nothing to be concerned with and no blood was detected on my stool. But since then diarrhea has come back on and off. Maybe normal for a week then diarrhea for a week. Now in the past couple weeks it's gotten worse. I can't remember the last time I had a normal healthy bowel movement. I have diarrhea everyday now usually several times. It's always right after or within an hour of eating. It's no particular type of food that causes it, it's anything and everything. I'm so worried and it's consuming my life I don't go out anywhere anymore for fear of it in public. I plan on a doctors visit soon. I'm curious if any of you know what might be wrong. Also I'm 10 weeks pregnant so I'm worried they can't fix it until I deliver or it would be so bad I would need an abortion to fix it now. :(

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