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clmeeker1984 06-27-2012 06:33 PM

gastroparesis? - questions for diabetics
Sorry this might be long. I have been type 2 diabetic for 5 years now. About 3 years ago my doctor told me I had the beginnings of neuropathy in the top of my right foot, now I am noticing the same symptoms in the top of my left foot. I also started having GERD about the same time. I have been on medications for my reflux ever since. I have issues with my fasting glucose numbers but otherwise my glucose numbers are within range, as a matter of fact my last several A1C's have been between 6.1 and 6.5.

Now onto my most recent stomach issues. I have over the last couple of months noticing that after eating I feel nauseous and bloated. My upper abdomen is like a rock (and believe me I don't have a rock hard stomach), its like I am 9 months pregnant. Anyway, about a month or so ago I started noticing that after I eat, that it feels like everything is just sitting there like under my ribs. I usually am never hungry, if I eat and eat very much, I am extremely uncomfortable. The uncomfortableness is even worse if I am sitting down. During this last month or so I also have started vomiting in the morning - this happens if I eat in the morning. If I don't eat until around 11am, I don't vomit. When I vomit, it isn't just a little bit either it is a lot - way more than just went in. The other day for instance, I ate a piece of bacon and 2 bites of a bagel and off to the bathroom I went. I vomited a lot of food and it was not all digested. I have avoided eating in the mornings which is not good, but I detest vomiting. If I drink coffee or water and take my morning meds I am fine - anything else and it all comes up. I haven't lost any weight - I haven't gained any either and I walk a lot and eat fairly healthy.

I had a doctors appointment yesterday with my doctor and I reported to her what is going on, she said something about my gallbladder because it is tender below my ribs on the right side and ordered an ultrasound and gave me a referral to a gastroenterologist.

Doing some research I came across information regarding gastroparesis - do my symptoms sound like that?


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