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t0nyd 07-03-2012 02:01 PM

Fat intolerance, bloating, blurry vision
I am always bloated. Even when I eat healthy foods. A little bit of food makes my stomach distend.

I get tired, mentally, and physically, after eating, but mainly, after eating fatty foods. My vision gets blurry every day, for a period of time after meals :\

I have had an ultrasound, liver biopsy, blood sugar test, checks on bilirubin, albumin, ALT/AST, and a test for Celiac.

Prior to this I had a very poor diet of fats, sweets, and carbs (fast food diet).

Thanks for reading.

Bets G 07-19-2012 01:57 AM

Re: Fat intolerance, bloating, blurry vision
Did your celiac test come out positive?

t0nyd 07-23-2012 11:30 AM

Re: Fat intolerance, bloating, blurry vision
The celiac panel was negative. It was tested via liver biopsy.

I've realized that these symptoms don't just occur after eating fatty foods; I ate a pack of saltines and I got really mentally tired and confused.... I forgot where I was driving to. Maybe it has to do with salt? Or maybe just all foods, to different degrees.... like today I ate pineapple and now I feel run down and mentally tired.

A Dr. confirmed I am having proteinurea; urine even smells like food I ate (like chicken).

A Dr. had told me that I may have an infection but did not elaborate on that. Looking at recent labs, I've noticed that my lymphs are high and neutrophils are low, which arguably supports his speculation.

Thanks for the reply.

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