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Ridley18 07-18-2012 05:10 PM

I feel like I have gas all of the time
I am going to see my doctor next month and need a starting place on what I think might be wrong with me...
I do have: Anemia caused by thallasemia and Hypothyroid caused by Hashimoto's disease-I am on levothyroxine

Over the past year I have noticed that I am gassy after eating. I started taking pills like beano and charco tabs.
At first, I was eating packaged meals like Lean Cuisines at work for lunch and I would get gas. Then I started getting gas in the mornings too after breakfast. Beano and other pills never worked/or helped I cut out the lean cuisines and started making sandwiches for lunch. I still have the gas problem at lunch :/
I quit eating raisins & grapes because I noticed that after eating them I got gassy. So I figured it is just easier to cut them out.
I get super gassy after eating Chinese idea why. I usually only eat a few things there if I go there. I liked the shrimp & garlic sauce dish. I even take beano (for the broccoli) but I still get gas.
A sandwich at lunch...I take like 8 beano and I still have gas. All my sandwich is is bread, spinach or lettuce, some sliced red peppers & turkey lunch meat. 8 beano and still gas...
I started taking probiotics and they don't seem to work. I take one each day...
[B]My theories are...[/B]
Hypothyroid causes maybe if I am still hypothyroid and my meds need to be changed maybe the constipation and hypothyroid is slowing my system and causing excess gas?
Something I noticed is that if I eat something acidy, it doesn't hurt my stomach. I was thinking I was lactose intolerant, but after eating yogurt my stomach feels good! Also, I was drinking peppermint tea (mint is good for gas) but maybe it felt good because tea is acidic. Plus, I started eating pickles at lunch and I noticed that if I eat some pickles before my lunch (with my beano) I have less gas than if I just took beano...
I think maybe I don't have enough stomach acid or something isn't working right with my gallbladder?
[B]IBS or Celiac?[/B]
I don't know much about these but I know celiac is an autoimmune thing...
OR I am allergic to SOY??
All the things that really affect me probably had soy in them if I think about it...Lean Cuisines probably have alot of soy in them? Chinese food has lots of soy sauce on that shrimp & garlic sauce...there is probably soy in the bread that I use in my sandwich

This is all I can think of. I don't know if there is any other possibilities of what it might be. I don't know how to address this to my doctor and what questions she might ask me...
I am in my early 20s...

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