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Bunnyswan 09-06-2012 08:18 AM

Please help, diarrhea problem!!!!!
Ok so I've been having diarrhea for a week now and puked on the second day of being sick but that has left. I feel weak, lightheaded at times, a loss of appitite, and finding myself hungry even though I just ate a meal. I've been drinking gatorade and eating easily digested foods but it has not stopped. It has gotten slightly better since the beginning of the week, as I only have to diarrhea usually twice a day. This usually only happens in the morning now, I usually never have to use the washroom during the day/evening but instead I would wake up early from groin pains/hungry and having to use te washroom which I never had to do when the sickness started.The stool starts off soft then flaky then abit watery. I always have bubble and gas feelings in the intestines too. I haven't been loosing any weight and I've been on probiotics for a week which seems to help slowly. The doctor said just go back in another week for a stool sample if it does not stop. Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions onto what I should do?

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