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mattfer13 10-04-2012 06:13 PM

Unknown digestive-bowel issue
Hey there,
I want to start off by thanking anyone who takes the time to answer my question, I'm a very confused individual at the moment.
To start off, I am a 21 year old male, 5'11'' 170 lbs, and otherwise healthy.
About 5 weeks ago my mono spot exam came back positive and I was informed that I had mono, and still do. My major mono symptoms have finally begun to diminish but I'm still left with an issue that has worsened (I believe) during my time fighting mono.
Firstly, at random moments throughout the day (perhaps mainly after eating), I begin to feel mild to moderate upper-abdominal pain that is generally concentrated directly under my bottom ribs, where they meet in the middle. I believe this pain could be coming from my stomach (or liver or...?). The pain comes and goes, and only lasts a few minutes. If I had to describe it I would say it is a sore feeling. Also, when experiencing the pain, If I expand my stomach the pain worsens (upper abdomen).
My second symptom has to do with my stools. I have noticed a difference in them going back at least a few months, the first thing I noticed was small white bits occasionally appearing in my solid stools, and began happening more frequently (I don't eat that many poppy seed bagels). The second thing I noticed was that quite often my stools seemed to be emitting bubbles, as in literally bubbles coming out of them, like a gasified beverage. A few weeks onward, I have now reached a point where each time a go to the bathroom, my stools are nearly ALWAYS loose, mushy and broken apart. Sometimes it appears to be a sort of creamy texture. They are pale, perhaps yellowish in color, and still seem to be emitting the bubbles. They also have a powerfully foul odour, not what I can remember as being normal. This has now been happening on a consistent basis for about 3 weeks.
A third symptom I have noticed is strange gurgling noises coming from my intestines, usually before bed or when i wake up in the morning. These can often last up to 15 minutes.
I have done a stool sample to check for parasites and am waiting on the results. Blood tests have shown twice throughout my bout with mononucleosis that I have a slightly elevated ALT and phosphorus levels, everything else was normal. I should also note that I still feel fatigued and have swollen lymph nodes on both sides of my groin area, which should probably be attributed to the mono (or not?). I have had no drastic changes in my diet, I have no previous conditions that could be causing this. I would really appreciate any help I can get with this.
Thank you very much, and please excuse my structure/grammar due to the rushed nature of this post

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