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noevr 11-18-2012 08:26 PM

please help!!! been so sick, nausea, diarrhea!
hi yall, please help me. I've had a colonoscopies and upper GI the only thing found was stage 3 reflux which I'm on medicine for. I'm on a bland diet (hardly anything right now, toast, bananas, crackers, apple sauce).

I keep either having nausea and/or diarrha. I take zofran twice a day, taking immodium too. Dr. tested me for bacteria in the gut when he did the upper GI. I had one polyp came back normal. I've had a liver function test done but haven't heard back from that yet.

I have fibro, addison's and hypothyroidism. I take hydrocortisone for the addison's and levoxyl for the thyroid.

any ideas?? I'm supposed to leave wed on a train to see my son for thanksgiving and I can't get out of bed I'm so weak. HELP!! THANKS Cathy

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