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please help. very detailed. what could this be?

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kritter2003 HB User
please help. very detailed. what could this be?

I am 29 and about 5 years ago I was diagnosed with IBS. My doctor just told me to watch my diet and try to increase my fiber. Since the beginning of all of this I had been fine. Only taking Imodium as a very last resort (which has been maybe once or twice since she told me to stay away from it). The IBS for me alternates from constipation to diarrhea, usually one or the other just happening out of the blue. I dont even think what I eat even matters.

On March 23rd, I got the stomach virus, which consisted of throwing up and having diarrhea with everything I ate or drank. That lasted until March 27th (5 days). By the end my system was completely empty. The next day I was eating and drinking normal so I didn't think anything about being dehydrated. A week later I realized I had not had a bowel movement since I had been so sick with the stomach bug. So I started on the Miralax and did a Fleet enema. Then I realized I was possibly compacted somewhere because it was like the enema hit a brick wall and it came right back out, so I figured I would just let things runs its course. A day or two went by and I started hurting in my lower stomach and lower back and I had made the decision to go to the ER. Where I live I had the option of going to 2 different hospitals and I just chose the one where I knew they would work with me on paying my bill, considering I don't have insurance. They took a 3 way xray of my chest and belly. It had come back showing I was completely full but not compacted anywhere. So they had me do another Fleet enema in the hospital. Again the enema hit the same blockage and came right back out but this time was different because the only thing that came out was mucus and blood. I told this to the doctor and she acted like it was totally normal. She then gave me a bottle of magnesium citrate and told me to drink it at home. When I got home I did as the doctor said and I drank the magnesium citrate and laid down for a nap. This was about 4 in the afternoon. Around 11 pm that night my mother ended up waking me up to check my blood pressure because of how tired I was. Blood pressure was normal. I still had not had a bowel movement and she was getting concerned because the magnesium citrate was still in my system just sitting there. Then we made the decision to go to the other hospital's ER. There I got better treatment. The doctor did a magnesium citrate mixture enema and gave me a bag of fluids due to the fact I was dehydrated. I felt so much better after the 2nd trip to the ER. He also gave me a dose of Lactulose to take when I got home and a prescription for it. Then next day I got it filled and I was having results finally. But it was not soft stools it was like anything I ate or drank was going straight thru me and getting liquified coming out. I called the ER the next day and they told me to stop taking the Lactulose. The last dose I had taken of the Lactulose was Saturday the 6th at 2 pm. I still have not had any type of bowel movement since I stopped taking the Lactulose. I took a dose of the Lactulose at 4 pm today hoping I would have a bowel movement but so far nothing. Just a bunch of gas bubbles and gurgling.

Now I am wondering if there is something more severe going on than IBS, like maybe something wrong with my colon or gallbladder. I can not afford to go see a gastroenterologist. I have a follow-up appointment with my doctor on the 15th (which is the soonest she could get me in). Is there any testing I should suggest? Or a specific organ I should have her check? Would a colonoscopy be any help in helping pin point whats wrong? Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated? Im kind of lost here.

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dask HB User
Re: please help. very detailed. what could this be?


I would say check with your doctor first and do Blood count test if you want to rule out things. Must be cheap as well to get it done.

Have you tried taking buscopan ? this might help relief you from symptoms of IBS. Well i ahve had GI problems for months and luckily have insurance so have been through a lot. The only thing that helped was MRI or CT scan that showed something . If you do the whole abdomen this should clearly show all organs kidney, spleen, stomach, small bowel, colon etc. MRI is better as its magnetic. Do the one with contrast. If you can afford it but if you can't then an ultrasound can still look at kidney, spleen, liver, Gall bladder etc. but it wont be able to see your GI tract which I reckon should be seen. Having said that this would just be an indicator on where to look and possibly what is wrong. Once done for example if its GI tract up to stomach or deodnum (small intestine) then you can take biopsies from there. If its jejunum then capsule endoscopy or double baloon endoscopy. If its rectal or ileum (Lower part small bowel) then colonscopy would help. So you can see its a step by step thing and can end up costing money. If i was you I would see if the cost is too much you can always go to an Aisan/European country and have it done there cheaper and much much better service. I had private insurance and nobody did anything here its only when i went abroad and had a ct of my own money they found out that there was inflammation in the small bowel.

So don't stress your self. If you have any further questions let me know I will see if I can help. I have a few dr. friends and a GI friend and can ask him as you are struggling with finance but honestly I think this is all what they would say as well. These are all the possible investigations for GI.


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kritter2003 HB User
Re: please help. very detailed. what could this be?

Thanks for responding. Shortly after I posted my doctor ordered a CT scan with contrast but it did not show the lower stomach, Which is where I think the problem is. The CT scan came back showing everything was fine and that I was just constipated but it still doesn't make any sense to me as to why I still feel like I part of my intestines pinched towards the end of the line. My doctor suggested that I do the "Bomb" which is milk of magnesia and prune juice. I did that and things seem to be working again but nothing like it was a few months ago. I still feel the need to strain and even then I don't feel like I get fully empty. Also when I posted this my stomach was not making a single noise and since I did the "bomb" its been going nuts. I'm not overly concerned anymore just a little worried something might still be wrong with my lower intestines or my colon. The place I go to see a doctor isn't really very reliable but its the only place I can afford. So I have to take what I can get right now. The doctor was going to send me to a gastroenterologist to have a colonoscopy done but they are not connected with any type of financial aid. So right now thats not an option for me.

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