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himmylover 07-06-2020 02:44 PM

Hello, I so need Everyone's Advise Pls. New to this SSDI
[I][COLOR="Magenta"]Hello Everyone!

It's been a Long, Long time since I have been on here , :wave:(and Missed "EVERYONE" so much! This site has been a God's Blessing to me.

I have had a long hard past 3 years:(, but will try to keep this as short as I can.
I was approved for SSDI back in 10-2018, and soon will be eligible for "[B][U][COLOR="Red"]Medicare[/COLOR][/U][/B]" on 9-1-2020.

Myself and my husband have Paid out on Market Place for Our insurance, and it's killer, my husband works construction and I don't work, for many health issues that will most likely not get any better Back Problems, but I do try to be positive.

We live in Indiana, and so confused about all the Plans for Medicare. I know I will be eligible for Part A& B, however I have one medication that is very, very expensive, and their is NO Generic for it.........and been on it for years for ADHD.

My question is how did you go through to help find the right Plan for you? I have contacted our Medicare office without much help, and want to try to keep my doctor, and still be able to get the best for the money. I am 53 and just so darn confused on what or where to turn.

Also, should I stay on my MHS , Marketplace with is basically a joke, but have to have insurance So, I know i will need a plan that covers RX's for they are pricey, and would "LIKE" to have Dental and Eye..........can anyone please, please help me find a agency or anyone that can help me out, maybe even one on one to explain to me what my best options might be?

I so appreciate each and EVERYONE Of you and hope to get some responses.:angel:

I know in Indiana to have Part A & B will run around $140.00 month, just don't know about the other plans, like Plan D, etc.

God Bless and anything advise would be greatly appreciated.

I have missed this sight, and Happy to be back after all that life have thrown me over the years, and love giving my advise back when I can.........that is what it is all about.;)

Thank You And God Bless!


Titchou 07-06-2020 06:23 PM

Re: Hello, I so need Everyone's Advise Pls. New to this SSDI
Have you looked into Advantage Plans? They are all inclusive so no Parts A, B, D, whatever. Granted you don't get ALL the options but they may suit your situation. You can check their formulary for your drugs. I am on a Blue Cross Advantage Plan. Blue Cross covers 80% of the people in Alabama so they are very popular here. Have no idea about Indiana.

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