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What happens at the mental evaluation?

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Old 07-20-2006, 03:40 PM   #1
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TheMamaLisa HB User
What happens at the mental evaluation?

I got a letter today in the mail stating they want to go for a mental eval for the bipolar part of my claim. I called my worker to confirm I would attend their appt and asked if the rason for this is because my other impairments dont qualify me. She said yes. I am amazed. I feel like they arent looking fairly at my case. I was told 80% get a denial first but I thought with all my impairments (DDD, OA, Sleep Apnea, idiopathic hypersomnia, spinal stenosis, mental disorder, obesity with a BMI of 44) I would get it for sure the first time around. Well now I am left with my mental condition to determine wether I qualify. God I pray I do because I cant freakin work. Gosh I am so frustrated right now. I am wondering what to expect at my appt. I am scared b/c she said I would have to have a condition thats expected to last more than a year. Well bipolar is a permanant condition but it is possible they could find a drug that helps eventually so my guess is I will be turned down on this too. I mean I have tried about 20 different meds with no sucsess but with my luck they will tell me I am not disabled. Ahhh! Ok I need to calm down. Any advice? Please help!

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fosterwash14 HB User
Re: What happens at the mental evaluation?

I went for a mental evaluation and they didn't send me there because I wasn't going to get the disability approval for another reason. I still was denied my first time but that is what happens anyway- but my denial letter stated that I was able to take care of myself-when you are going for depression or bi-polar the ssi wants to know if you can take care of yourself an act on your own behalf-so if you need someone to escort you to the doctor you should definitely have someone to go with you on your behalf.
good luck

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charliecat31 HB User
Re: What happens at the mental evaluation?

I had a psych eval (not sure if this is the same thing) and I was not filing for anything other than my back injury. I think this is pretty common thing to have done for some reason.

It didn't take very long, maybe 45 mintues is that. Pretty basic questions, nothing that was of a big surprise to me.

Old 08-03-2006, 12:28 PM   #4
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lookin4aclue HB User
Re: What happens at the mental evaluation?

SS has a site that tells what they look at in people with mental disabilitys(I'm bipolar as well, and I am still waiting for what ever comes next from SS) go to the SS site, and check it out, it lists what there looking at. I'm not filling on just my bipolar disability either, but have a feeling it won't be easy to get the SS started without an attorney....I have contacted one, and if I get denied this first time I will be using one on the second go round.

Old 08-13-2006, 11:01 PM   #5
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Pioneer HB User
Re: What happens at the mental evaluation?

I gad some stupid packet of bubbles at my mental dr to fill that had like 900 things to fill in .. however it was only like 50 questions but they were all in different forms of the same question but it ended up being like 900 and something. It sucked big time doing it.

Old 08-15-2006, 12:19 PM   #6
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lookin4aclue HB User
Re: What happens at the mental evaluation?

I went in for a mental eval yesterday, they called to say someone had canceled and wanted me to come in if I could. I was like sure the faster the better. Anyway it wasn't to bad for me. I sat in the chair freekin out cause there were four chairs in this room. Anyway, the guy(doc)asked alot of questions and had me repeat things like numbers and spell words, and spell them backwards. Asked about my other medical conditions, as well as what meds I was taking, told me some story(that I couldn't remember which he said he would ask me about later and didn't, thank god.)asked about my up bring(which is really bad). Asked if my family had a history of mental illness. Asked me what symptoms I had from being depressed and bipolar. These kind of things. As me to do some word things like what do tree and mountain have in common? that kind of stuff. He even asked me what glass was made out of. I think I pretty much convinced him I'm a big *** mess. Due to the fact that he told me this long story and then never asked me about it like he said he would(mind you I never mentioned it to him either.)I wanted out of there asap. I was freekin out, as doctors make me have panic attacks(great hu?)

Old 08-27-2006, 08:25 AM   #7
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Torry1028 HB UserTorry1028 HB UserTorry1028 HB User
Re: What happens at the mental evaluation?

I think every mental exam is different. I went yesterday, It was quite a long session. She wanted to know what my childhood was like, how I felt about co-workers, children, men etc. Wanted to know what made me unable to work. I explained all. Actually she was very nice. When i came to the part I was raised in foster homes, she wanted to know more and how it affected me. Alot was covered and believe me I worked it. I even let my eyes swell and rears drop. I let her know I was sleep deprived because of too many thoughts, fatigue due to illness and not enough sleep, How thoughts ran in my head of hate and dislike. I tried to say all I thought might help my case for depression since they can't seem to understand I have a chronic condition without a cure, some answeres were true, some exagerated. But if that's what they want that's what they get. [REMOVED] And no I didn't have to count bubbles or anything. She did ask me to remember words, Robin, Carrot, And greenbeans. Then, later asked me to repeat the words. I said: " Robert, vegtable and greenbeans. "

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tweiler HB User
Re: What happens at the mental evaluation?

At my mental eval I was a total wreck and I wasn't even trying to be at my worst. The dr started by asking about my family and what thigs were like growing up. She asked when my depression started and I told her it started when my grandpa died and things just kept building on it. Told her how long I had been on meds for depression. And how I tried once to see a shrink but they only wanted to talk about my self-esteem and not about the real issues in my life. When she asked about my parents or my boys, I totally lost it. I spent more time crying than talking. And she did mentin about me having a kitten that was only a few days old and I had him with me and was feeding him. But I think that was in my favor too because she mentioned I was "abnormally attached" to this kitten and seemed dependant on him emotionally. She scored me "50" on that scale but did say she felt I could handle my own finances.

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Charlyssa HB UserCharlyssa HB UserCharlyssa HB UserCharlyssa HB User
Re: What happens at the mental evaluation?


It is entirely possible you will be granted disability based on having bi-polar. My friend has it and the only other thing she has is a minor back problem, and she was approved.

I think it's pretty rare to be granted disability after filing. It's more typical to be denied twice and finally win it when you see the A L J.

As for the evals, I had two. The first one was a joke, and it didn't seem my problems of depression and anxiety were addressed at all...more that my intelligence was being tested. I spent more time playing with puzzles and answering lots of questions commencing with, "What would you do if.." than anything. I sat there a fidgeting, nervous, stuttering, dry-mouthed wreck..yet he stated me demeanor was fine, and pronounced ME fine, as well. Arrgh. When I appeared before the A L J he seemed to agree that the test wasn't comprehensive, so he decided to send me to a psychiatrist. (the first guy I saw wasn't) What a difference! I definitely felt that my depression and anxiety were finally being addressed, and was asked many questions specifically relating to depression and anxiety. I, too, was given a VERY long questionaire to complete, and yes, as Pioneer mentioned, there were many questions asking basically the same things, only worded differently. I figured out that the reason was to see if your answers were honest, and/or to trip you up in case you were faking. Guess I have to believe that my answers were consistent, because in her report she stated I was clinically depressed and suffered from GAD (generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder.

So at this point you could be sent for one or the other, but I hope it's the latter. I think it's the only fair one.

BTW, on their website they have a section about what they consider to be qualifying disabilities. There is one...I forget what they call it...but it essentially states that you can have several impairments, none of which, by
themselves, may be considered disabling, BUT, in total, they do make for a disability. (don't quote me on wording. ) When I was still in the review process they insisted that my disabilities weren't disabling. (I have arthritis, deg. disc disease, scoliosis, bilateral sacroiliitis, kyphosis, fibromyalgia and suffer chonic pain from these things, plus, depression and anxiety.) They singled them out and said they weren't disabling, EVEN THO THEY KNEW about this multiple affliction stuff and how it IS considered disabling! I swear, the system is corrupt and no one will convince me otherwise...

So hang in there. You keep fighting and don't give up!


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spazzzm HB User
Re: What happens at the mental evaluation?

I filed for disability based on a number of problems that I have, bipolar is one of them, but I also have ADHD. In addition, I have DDD, 2 herniated discs in my cervical spine, raynaud's, erythromelalgia, vision problems from high blood presssure, mitral valve prolapse syndrome (dysautonomia)....
I have very thorough medical records, tests, imaging, etc., and I'm pretty sure that this is the reason why I got approved 8 months after I filed, no denial. I didn't need a lawyer, either.
I did have to go to their psychologist at one point, but I didn't have any kind of evaluation that was mentioned. I met with him, and within less than 5 minutes, he said, "you seem very manic." I don't think I was, I am always hyper, between ADHD and the dysautonomia, but for whatever reason, he insisted I was "manic." I imagine that eval probably sealed the deal...

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