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can you still collect medicaid and disability the same time?

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can you still collect medicaid and disability the same time?

Hi all,
My name is Linda and I've been lurking and writing for some time now here on the health boards. I have't been speaking much of disability in fear I may jinx mine when I filed this past December 1, 2007.
all this time I've been reading from other folks that is going to be like finding a needle in a hay stack, stating how difficult it is to be accepted the first time and all. I was so afraid to think about it in fear my negagtive thoughts might make it come true. I know.... I'm weird, but they don't give me disablity for nothing for being emotionally disabled.

I too have tried to work for 10 years on and off. I've gone thru 15 jobs to be precise. I even tried to commit suicide back in 2000 thinking my life was over and that there was no hope left in my life. that's when my therapist suggested I apply for disablity. i had the apptn. made but cancelled at the last minute thinking how is a man ever going to want me if he finds out I'm unemployed due to mental illness?I was just newly divorced and with four children. I was told I"d need a knight in shining armor for anyone to want me and be able to support my family and I.
forget about the money, My concern was being able to find a real relationship where someone would love me forever. I'm a romantic and true lover at heart.
I just couldnt' take it anymnore when I left my last job in oct. of 2006. I didn't get a job right away and waitied for 7 months to find another.
I found a job working in a hospital front desk. not knowing I wouldn't be able to handle the quick fast paced job that it was. I wasn't warned.
I was only warned when people were newly introduced to me and when we told them what building I was in and what department they'd all say the same thing" Oh, good luck!!"
I began thinking what the heck diid I getg myself into?
a person with biploar since teendhood and I'd been fighting medication and the system for many years. well, after getting let go this last job at the hospital made me defeated. they all loved me as a person but I simply could not fill the position and the requirments that were needed to be met.
I felt like killing myself. thinking how the heck am I ever going to be normal like others? how will I be able to live?
others on the exterior seem so perfect. I felt that way to an extent and am just realizing that I am not normal. I never was. but I wouldn't admit it and kept fighting it.
I finally threw in the towel and filed on line for disablity. everyone I had come across in the months that followed said it would take many attempts and not to be discouraged. that only intimidated me further.
every phone call that came in made me a nervous wreck. every letter that came in with a return address of ssd or ssi made my nerves twinge.
finally I recieved a phone call this morning and I almost didn't asnwer it because I didn't know who it was on the caller I.d. and not until I heard the case workers name did I pick it up. guess what?....she told me I am approved for disability and when can I come over to her office today to sign a paper and bring a payee who would handle my checks. I chose my common law husband and he also has to make all the calls for me and handle all the work thru them.
they dont' even consider me normal enough to handle my own finances. I was shocked to hear this. she said i'ts not uncommon when people who are mentally disabled to have to have a payee for them and that eventually I can have his name turned over to mine after a little while and they have my psychiatrist write a letter stating I"m able to handle it.
meanwhile, I am on medicaid for a few months since I lost my last job and I'm wondering if I"m able to still have medicaid pay my medical visits and medical finances and prescriptions? or do I have to drop that and just have disablity pay it?
I never heard of disablity covering medical, only living expenses.
am I wrong to consider this?
I was going to ask them today when I was there but forgot to.
would anyone here who lives in NY have an answer to this question?

I am just so darned relieved and a weight has been lifted off my shoulders about being accepted for disalibyt. it took me 4 months from the time I filled out the application till now.

I have to pinch myself to see if I'm dreaming or just imagining it.

thanks for listening to my long drawn out message. my mind is always trirwling and never giving me rest.

I wish you all the same quickness so you too can have the rest you all need in this terrible nerve wrecking type of a system.



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auntduci37 HB User
Re: can you still collect medicaid and disability the same time?

Hi Ill try to help the best I can.
I have bipolar, major depression, add,ocd.
I filed for ss in July 07, was on sick leave finally had to quit my job of 20 years in aug. I was denied in november for ss, i assume becuz i hadnt been out of work for long. I fild for my reconsideration, prayed, prayed, left it to God and they approved me, well i got my letter in Feb but it was actually approved in DEC 07. I am 37 yrs old.

i thought it was gonna hinder me becuz i did hold a job down for so long, but that was a constant struggle.

But getting to your question, if you make less then what the amout they allow you then yes you can still keep your medicaid, im assuming this is through the state?
even if you make to much you might have to pay for your stuff for a few months they will have to see that you spend a certain amount.

like me i would have to show proof of 3 months of 500 spent in medical and scripts, well i couldnt do that becuz i was getting help from places cuz i didnt have any money. So im screwed. but i am still getting help from the script places and my doctor doesnt charge me full amount.
i get alot of samples.
now after youve had ss for 2 yrs you will receive mediCARe.
and will have to pay a premium.

i want to say in my state to qualify for medicaid is like 600.
all i know is i make to much on ssd to get it though ss, and well welfare said i had to come up with bills of 500 a month.

So i dont know if that helped any, ther are alot of knowledgable people are here im sure they can help more then me..

Good luck

Old 04-19-2008, 06:37 AM   #3
NY 1009
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Re: can you still collect medicaid and disability the same time?

you know much more than you think and I thank you for trying to straighten out my very confused mind.
I still don't understand how and when medicare kicks in and why does it if I'm already on disablity?
what is ssi and medicare?
I know anyone can get medicare and not just people over 65 like I initally thought all my life.
I think one has to have worked so many years to build up points. I've done that. I get statemtns I think once a year, I can't recall the amount of time but anyway they tell you the amount you'd be able to get if something happened.

you're right. each state is different. I"m going to have to look into this. I PRAY they dont' take away my medical help.

the money I will be getting from disability is hardly anything to live on if you have to rent an apartment and pay for utilities and food and gasoline and just living expenses in general.

being that I wasn't getting much, the woman who helped me said she wanted to help me get as much as possible. that's why she made me go and talk to someone in SS. they are going to give me a one time check of the days I wasn't working. so I guess I'm not going to get help from SSI or am I?
only one time? I don't get it. I'm so sorry that I still can't comprehend but I tried. thank you so much for your time.
you're good with explaining things and you're very clear minded.

best regards,


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auntduci37 HB User
Re: can you still collect medicaid and disability the same time?

Are you already on disability?

There are two different types of monies you can get from ss.

I get a monthly check from ssd, I worked enough to get the credits, the other is ssi, where its a supplement to bring you up to the allowed amount.

During the time I was waiting for my approval they gave me the supplement, well it wasnt until i started getting my ssd, but hey it caught me up with all my bills from being flat broke that time.

But becuz i make to much on ssd(1240.) i make way to much for ssi, and ss medicaid.
I could qualify for medicaid through the state BUT i would have to come up with money spent on medical, I dont have this becuz ive been getting help where ever i can.

If you still dont make enough money you can stay on medicaid, and even if your on medicare they have something that helps pay your premium each month.
Probably when you get close to getting your MediCARE they will go though the options with you, but im am sure there are people that are still on medicaid...
you are probably on the state medicaid, their program is a little different then SS medicaid, if you dont qualify for ssi then you wont for the medicaid.(from ss)

They really dont care how much you spend on your living expenses, its all what you make a month..I make 1240 a month and after my house bills and docs and stuff i have nothing left for food or gas or anything.
So i rely on credit cards, and well my back pay.

But i am thankful my mortgage gets paid every month.

I think you need to stop worrying so much about the medicaid, even if they switch yours there is still help out there...
and i dont know how much you will make a month but you can receive ssd and bring you up to the allowed amount.

So if you just got disability, or getting ready to you have two years before this comes up, and if they switch you to medicare, there are places that will pay your monthly fee.

SSi has medicaid but if you dont qulify for ssi(the supplement) then you wont qualify for that type of medcaid..

The state has medicaid too, and thats based on illness and money.

but the only way they would take your help away is if you came into some money(lots of it)

But once you reach the two years and get on mediCARE it doesnt matter how much you make you still get it.

But the premium well they can help you with that payment.

So either way just dont worry yourself into a sickness...
if the situation comes up where your medicaid is threatened, we will help you on this board.

i keep reading your post trying to see if i missed anything so if i have please respond.

Quote:I still don't understand how and when medicare kicks in and why does it if I'm already on disablity?

I am on disability....I have no medical doesnt go into effect until 2009...

Maybe they need to make sure you will still be disabled ? not sure.
medicare is different from medicaid....medicaid is basically based on illness and income.

medicare is based on guessing.

so in a way your lucky you have it, but then again means you dont have money.
I have some money not enough but cant get it.

Hope this helps, feels like i was going in circles..lo.
but i will be checking to see if you have more questions..
God bless..

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auntduci37 HB User
Re: can you still collect medicaid and disability the same time?

oh and you have 4 children, make sure when your accepted for disability they know this you should get a check for them also....

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NY 1009
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Re: can you still collect medicaid and disability the same time?

Well aren't you the sweetest thing Aunt D!

You HAVE helped me alot by your reply and the fact you said if I need to come back for more help that you'd be here for me, makes me feel you really do care about people.

I thank you for that and for making me feel loved and cared about.

This is a very confusing system even when it's explained to me over and over again. I must have a mental block or something. I usually have to write things down and go over it again and again till I fully comprehend it.
so I really am greatful you are having patience with me.

now.... I JUST found out from the representative that's helping with my disability claim that I was approved for my mental illness which is bipolar, general anxiety disorder which is also called: G.A.D. and I also have "post traumatic stress disorder" from multiple things that I endured in my past as a young girl. All I know is that I simply can't hold a job after trying and trying before I finally asked for help. she said it will become effective in May. then she told me to talk to someone to see if I qualifed for SSI and I guess SSD is giving me too much money for me to qualify because they're not sending me a monthly check and only are paying me once for back pay when I was out of work back in 2006 and some of 2007.
it wouldn't be much anyway I heard.
I'm getting half of what you're getting each month for the disablity, so I don't understand why I don't qualify for SSI.

I didn't know that the federal and state offered a different type of medicaid.

I am on medicaid, which is considered "welfare" to help me with my medical bills and dr's visits and my prescriptions. Not my food or living expenses. I also was collecting unemployement benefits which they JUST told me that this is the last benefit they're sending me. I was on that for almost six months.
It's funny how it turned out that I was JUST told I wouldn't be getting their help anymore and then I was just told a week later that I qualify for SSD at the same time. someone is looking out for me from above.

you're right. In order for them to have helped me, I had to be practically homeless and have no income what so ever to qualifty. the medicaid I'm talking about.
they gave me the run around and told me they lost my application for food stamps and that I was supposed to speak to a woman the day I was there being interveiwed by three others to see if I qualifed for help.
this I found out a month later when I noticed no check came in for food stamps. they told me it slipped thru the cracks and that I"d have to come in and do it all over again. I was so upset that I screamed at my representative. he told me was only trying to help me and that I insulted him. I had to apologize because I sure didn't want to be on the bad side of him.
I didn't ask them for section 8. most places here won't participate with section 8. I don't know why? because they'd be gauranteed a monthly check every single month.
where as if I was paying on my own, sometimes I may not HAVE the full amount for the rent money.

oh my, it is so confusing and I can on and on about my situation which I'm sure I've already out done myself so that people will be bored with what I have to say.
I'm sorry folks. I just can't help it.

Oh and my rep. from SSD asked me about my children who are young adults now may qualify for checks too. but they were already put on my exhusbands benefits when he went on disability.
but... she told me my daughter who's now 24, became disabled when she was around 16. that's when we noticed something was wrong. she did a totaly turn around in her life.
she's been in and out of emergency rooms for being unconcious for over dosing and for cutting herself and for being so intoxicated by booze. she wasn't on any type of medicine to help her so they put her in a program for a month and she was put on a regimine of seeing a therapist and getting on meds by the psychiatirst there.
this didn't last too long. since she's an alcoholic, she started not going to her therapy and stopped taking her medicines.
she refuses to stop drinking because she's afraid to know how live straight with out it.
she was dx'd with "borderline personality disorder" google it. she has all the symtoms of it. she's difficult to live with or to have a relation ship with.
she can't work and only worked twice in her life. she also has a dx of bipolar and a mood disorder. she can't clean the house or do laundry or even do things by herself like filling out forms or even making appointments to talk to someone proffesional to help her.
she can't stop drinking long enough waiting to get in to see the person. she starts crying and becomes so flustered when they ask her questions.
she can't calm down. so I"m trying to help her fill out the forms before this coming tues. and she will file as an adult disabled. she will get on her own plan and not be on mine.
we did try though. even for my younger daughter age 18. my exhusband had checks coming in for all four kids plus his own checks and social security too.
he was not giving the kids they're own checks.
I did't want to tell on him because it was the only way he could live.

so now they don't qualify for being on my check because they already had there benefits on their dads.

this is so confusing.

this is what happened in our family.

so you're also telling me that medicare will automatically kick in, in two years after I qualified for disability?

there, now I'm thru explaining it all to you. thanks for listening, or rather, thanks for reading, LOL

I really appreciated your help,



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Re: can you still collect medicaid and disability the same time?

I had to chuckle at your post, I worked for 20 yrs. Took care of my mom we struggled, few years we had it good.

But she died in May 07..I tried to go back to work but she was a BIG help in my daily living work sucked all the life out of me i didnt have anythiing left when i got home or my days off.

So I kinda snapped my doctor took me off work my blood pressure was so high(even on pills) it stayed at stroke level. So a few months later she wouldnt release me I was told to apply for disability.

My 6 weeks sick pay ran out, so I went to food stamps, and medicaid(they wouldnt give me medicaid well it was a 3-12 month wait)..I got emergency stamps, but then the next month they cancelled me. ( i had gotten unemployment) not alot but like 243 a week. So what ever the Lord brought me this far he wasnt gonna desert me. I collected my unemployment for 6 months, my bills were always paid, i got fat, even was able to buy everyone in the family a present for christmas(which working i never could do)
I paid the probate lawyer, paid on moms funeral, paid my truck & bankruptcy off. So the first week of Feb was my last payment of unemployment, and it was a lower amount everyone was freaking out, i have a mortgage and all the bills that come with that but i told the the lord isnt gonna forget me.
So by the end of the week i had my famliy screaming at me that i was foolish and was gonna lose it all so that friday i was like ok Lord if you want me to try and work i will, im not lazy im just a mess, i mean i did do it for 20 yrs but it was HARD! so i went to the mailbox and there was my letter of approval.

I cried, and dont think i blinked for a week. You know i had prayed and asked God to give it to me in January, all the paperword was dated jan 28th.
So during my whole ordeal with SS i should have lost it all, but i had more than i ever did, And thats all Thanks to God.

As for the ssi, they can give it to you the months you werent receiving ssd...they did for me. i cannot get it any longer but it was nice getting alittle bit from that.

Here the amount for ssi is like 623 i think so if you make more than that then no you cant get both. That is just like if you drew 400 from ssd then the ssi would bring you up to the 623, so they would give you an extra 223 a month.
But if you are only make 600 you should still qualify for food stamps, dont give up on that.

When you are approved for disability, they are basically stating you are deemed disabled.
I didnt know about ssi medicaid and state medicaid either, but when i received my letter of approval well they had to decide if i would get ssi they said if i dont qualify for ssi then i wouldnt for medicaid that i would have to try through the state.
i am suprised they gave you medicaid and wouldnt give you stamps, it was the opposite for me, i could have did without food but i needed help with scripts and such.

So how do you make it on just that amount?
i barely have enough for my bills, well for food and household items.

sorry for the long post, but I just wanted to give a shout out for
Sorry to hear about your kid, she really needs to not drink, and take her meds...she would feel so much better

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Re: can you still collect medicaid and disability the same time?

What a great testimony Aunt D.

I almost cried with Joy when I heard your experience and it's not just coincidence that you got it when you did.

God has a way for taking care of his children when they are in need.

If God takes care of all the little animals and the tiny creatures including our cute little birds, why wouldn't he take care of the people he created here on earth?
I often say: "How can there not be a God with the miraculous way our bodies heal themselves and how each part of our body works."?

If I never studied medicine or the human body, I would never have found out how miraculous our bodies were created. I am so greatful I had the opportunity in my life time to learn these things and know without a doubt it's from a great being whom we call "God".
There's always a way that things either get paid, or when things need fixing and there's no money for it. Gosh, I should have written down all the things that happened to me. Its' so exciting and thrilling to actually see these things work out the way they do.
I am learning to let go and give it all to God. My worries that is.

I JUST found out the other day when a piece of mail that happened to get blown around in the drive way the other day because the mail man didn't put it in the box correctly, so all these papers were on the driveway.
My mother in law found it.
It looked like a check and the return address said it was from Albany, but it didn't state the name of the corporation that sent it.
it said to open carefully on the perforated lines on the edge of the letter first and then bend it at the line and peel it open.
I thought it was going to be a check. but instead it was a pin number saying it was for my food stamps or cash assistance. it said to memorize the four digit pin number and destroy it and not to save it.
No letter or information ever came to me that I got approved for food stamps. I just thought the people lost touch with me because my application fell thru the cracks, quoted from my case worker at medicaid.
I was so ****** off because I remember specifically checking the box on the first page of the application for food stamps and medical assistance.
when he told me I was supposed to have seen a woman that day I was there, I said "how the heck was I supposed to know this"?
I asked him how come no one directed me? I told him someone didn't do their job that day and I demanded to know who did it.

he knew I was angry and he told me he found the application and yes that it had been checked off and that he'd try very hard to send my information to the correct dept and not to get mad if I have to come back in to meet with this woman.
I went to a meeting I was supposed to go to if one has applied for food stamps. so I went. the letter said to call some person and tell them I went.
they didn't state who to call, so I called and left a message with this woman I never met and left a message with my case worker.

I never got an answer and it's now since December that I find out there's a pin number in my driveway that almost got blown away into the woods or someones back yard!!!!
I went to the shopping market, tested it to see if it worked, the girl explained to me what to do and she told me the amount of money is in the corner of the paper receipt. It said it was over $500 dollars.
I almost croaked right there on the spot. I was so excited that my hands became sweaty and my face turned red. LOL
see how things work?
and I JUST recieved a notice that my unemployment is done with. all my benefits have been paid and that no more checks would be coming.
it's all fallen into place at the correct moments.
they are totally seperate orginizations and don't communicate with one another.
I know it's from God. I thanked him too.
I haven't felt so good in my life for many many years other than finding out I was going to be a mother each time I became aware I was with child.
and like I said, that was 4x's.
the feeling was so good and I felt such relief that I had wished I could hold onto this feeling for ever.

Now I"m rambling on.
gotta go and meet with my therapist now.

talk to you soon and thanks again for putting a smile on my face today.


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auntduci37 HB User
Re: can you still collect medicaid and disability the same time?

Well your post was a blessing also!

If you learn anything from this experience, that is God is always in there really isnt a need to worry, just when man thinks there is no way God comes up with something, and its always better than how we think.

I know its hard not to worry, Lord knows I always tell him sorry just how i was
But he does answer prayers, not just for me but people ive prayed for, he is probably sick of me cuz I ask for some many things each

But when my mom first died i made a long list of prayers, and you know I have checked each of them off, the last being paying my moms funeral off.

I need to make a new list
But all my sisters have husbands, and jobs and means for support I had nothing but becuz of God I made it through and Ive had to help them!

But he has answered from BIg prayers to Small, life hasnt been easy ive lost 6 loved ones from last may, 3 being weeks apart, recently my great neice 22 months old passed away. But god has even gave me a peace thru it.

I dont mean to preach, but sometimes people need to just thank god and recognize him and well just ask him for help. its what he does.

I will continue to remember you in prayer, i bet God is tickled pink with your post, you probably moved him~!

When your blessing come, let people know where they came from and more will follow.

I just love talking to you!

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