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Disablity benefits and qualifying for foodstamps at the same time.

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Old 06-14-2008, 07:08 AM   #1
NY 1009
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Disablity benefits and qualifying for foodstamps at the same time.

I am SO confused on this issue. I've been to the website, have sent emails and even spoken to people directly about the issue of just recieving my fist disablity check and still being able to qulaify for food stamps.
I wanted to know if I qualifed for a higher payment of food stamps now that I went on disablity. they all told me I'd still qualify, but for some reason, when I called medicaid and left a message on the directors machine, she sent me a letter stating that my food stamp benefits are going to end as of July 1st, until I recertify with them. I had to fill out forms with all the new info of any new income.
I barely get enough ssd benefits to even live from month to month.
but something happened and I don't know if this counts as incoming or an asset.

I had absolutely nothing, and I mean no incoming money when I first applied for food stamps and medicaid. so I was considered at poverty level and qualified for benefits.
then I applied for disablity and was accepted. but not for SSI. they both sent me back pay on both places. I put that into a new account for my payee to handle. I am NOT permited to handle the money myself.
the back pay was from when I first became disabled which was sept. of 2006.
I got my back pay from then till now 2008.

I thought i read somewhere amongst all the thousands of paper work and website info, that medicaid doesn't count disablity money as an income.
I"m not working so I don't get payed for working.
there is a section however on a different page where it asks you where any other money is coming from when not working, and I put down a specific amount that the back pay check was.
I'm afraid that they will tell me i"m making too much money to qulaify now for food stamps because there is a limit to what money you can have in the bank.
my point is: I only recieved that amount just for one time. not every month.
so will they use that as an asset?
somewhere stated they don't use that. but I can't find it again.

did anyone here have the same issue and if so, what was your outcome?

they sent me a pamplet to fill out. it's called recertification. then they also said that's I'd be able to recertify over the phone and that no more does a person have to go into the county office. THANK GOD. because it's horrible at the office I have to go to.
things slip thru the cracks there and after spending an entire day there and then they said they never saw me and didn't have the papers I filled out? I wanted to choke the person on the other side of the phone.
it all worked out in the end, but I almost wanted to cry of frustration having to deal with such idioticy.

so they do the recert on the phone with a date and time they send to you. mine is this coming monday.
they ask you if you have accounts, which I do, but hardly nothing is in the checking account because the checks I will be recieving from SSD goes into a payee's account with my name under the payees' name. so it's a split account, but it's still my account. I have to have permission to touch the money.
even though food stamps comes to about $30 a week but given only in a one time check monthly, it really really helps me with food.
even though I live here in someone elses home and they buy their own food, I can't allow an 80 yr old man and woman to have to support me and pay for my food as long as i'm here.
I want to be self sufficient and not to have to take food out of their mouths and pockets.
they barely make any money as it is from their own benefits. I guess they get medicare.

as you can see, I'm not making much sense and i"m jumping around word wise, because this is what's occuring in my thoughts every day since they sent me the paper stating my food stamp benefits will end in a couple weeks

If one is disabled and only collecting ssd benefits and not ssi, do I qualify for foodstamps?

one thing I read is that if you're collecting ssi benefits that you qualify automatcially for medicaid.
I"m collecting ssd, not ssi, but they're in the same office.
it's all so confusing to me.

please, I hope someone here understands what I"m trying to say and if someone does understand this, or gone thru it themselves, please let me know what you think.
I pray that I'm able to still continue getting my food stamp benefits.
I know life is cruel and we don't always get what we want, but there must be some exceptions out there in this very hard world we live in.

by the way, thanks for all your patience for reading my very confusing post.


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Old 06-14-2008, 08:07 AM   #2
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deltaelise HB User
Re: Disablity benefits and qualifying for foodstamps at the same time.

I know someone who gets ssd and ssi, but both of them together are only 698.00 a month so they get 176.00 a month for food stamps.
The husband gets the disability and the wife is disabled and awaiting her disability outcome which we all know can take years.
He has medicare and she has nothing so they get food stamps and since he gets ssi (48.00) a month he also gets medicaid.
Who can live on 698.00 a month I will never know and they suffer really bad but they always pay thier bills first and then have about 50.00 left for the month.
She gets handouts of food from a couple of churches once a month too so they can survive.
If you have any assets that can be sold for money, you cannot get food stamps and you can't if you have money in the bank totaling 2000.00 I think.

I hope this helps, everyone's case is different and probably every state is different.

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NY 1009
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Re: Disablity benefits and qualifying for foodstamps at the same time.

Thank you so much delta for you quick reply to me.
I am so worried about it so if I see something positive about others stories,it helps calm my mind and obsession down.

you don't know how good you made me feel today.
I am realizing too that all cases are different and all states differ from one antoehr too.

I am only recieveing the SSD.
I get 688.00 a month.
but... they sent me that one time check of $7000 dollars from SSI for the bac k pay. I won't be recieving any SSI checks at all. I make too much money from the SSD to qualify for SSI. I'm over the limit by $30 too much money. imagine that?
income and earnings are supposebly different. but I don't have this info sitting infront of me so I can read it to you.

I think a person automatically gets food stamp benefits only if they're collecting SSI.
I wonder why? how come they don't say SSD?
is SSI and SSD the same? and they only say SSI as a general?

I thank you again for sharing your helpful info.

have a great weekend.


Old 06-14-2008, 11:11 AM   #4
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deltaelise HB User
Re: Disablity benefits and qualifying for foodstamps at the same time.

You're welcome
You will find alot of help here.
SSD is different from SSI.
SSD is social security disability that one gets from working and paying into the system.
SSI is supplemental security income (I think that is what it is called) paid to people who have not worked the required amount of time or have never worked.
It won't matter what you are getting, ssd or ssi, if the amount is not much and you qualify, you will get food stamps.
Until your bank account is down to the required maximum amount, you won't qualify though.
I don't think a family automatically qualifies for food stamps if they are just getting SSI because more than one person in the family could be getting it which would make the income too high for those benefits.
I am sure someone can correct me if I am wrong

I must say, I find your honesty about what you have in the bank is refreshing, as I know many people who would just hide it and not declare it to the people at the food stamp office which in this economy is tempting, but I was raised differently.

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lfoster21 HB User
Wink Re: Disablity benefits and qualifying for foodstamps at the same time.

As for your questions about medicaid and medicare...the way it is in VA, if you qualify for SSI, then you automatically get medicaid. If you qualify for SSDI, then you get Medicare. I hope that at least helps you with that issue.

I jsut did a search for you, and found a website that helps you figure out how much you should get in food stamps. If you go to this site, it will answer your ?'s. ""
(don't forget the 3 w's ). It looks like they do take into account the amount that you get from SSI...but it did not mention SSDI, so maybe not from that.

Good luck.


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NY 1009
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Re: Disablity benefits and qualifying for foodstamps at the same time.

I thank you all for being so helpful to me regarding my questions.
it also helps calm my mind down which I can be very compulsive if that's the word.
if something is bothering me and I don't have an answer, I harp on it all thru the day which effects my mood.

here in NY if you don't tell the food stamp dept. the truth about what you have in the bank, it's considered fraud and you can get fined or even worst.
they have access to the accounts and can tell if you took the money out so that you can qualify for not having enough money to live on.

as soon as I called the place to find out if it's possible to get more money in food stamps, I opened my mouth and told her I just got on disablity.
I had left a message on her machine and she told me to call her back.
well I didn't.
I have to be honest on that.
so that's when I recieved a letter in the mail stating my food stamp benefits will be ending as of July 1st. But.... I need to recertify by answering multiple questions on the form she sent me with a phamplet stuffed in the envolope explaining they changed it from having to go see them in person and you can now do it over the phone which makes it easier for everyone.
I was so happy I didn't have to go to their office.
it's horrible there! and you have to go early as soon as they open up so you don't have to wait all day for it to be your turn.
what a night mare.
I feel I should qualify because I don't get that sum of $7,000 ever again.

so you told me that when this money dwindles down, that I then can go back and try to get it again?

why dont' they just let me have it, knowing that money will be used up soon?

I am going to look up the website you informed of. Maybe it can help me more than the other sites did.
I don't understand the percentages and all the info they give in order to qualify if you have incoming money that you're not earning.

I'm probably making a big issue out of this when really it's no big deal and that it's their policy to recertify people after they've been getting food stamp benefits for a while.

thank you all again for your help.

ps. I found out too by reading something the other day that SSI and SSD are closely related and in contact with one another when one gets on disability.

and another question. if one hasn't worked enough to qualify for SSD, which means they would then get SSI, how come some people get both of the them?
I was told that I only qualify for one of them because I make too much by 30 dollars on the SSD?

I STILL don't understand this.

Old 06-15-2008, 10:00 AM   #7
NY 1009
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Re: Disablity benefits and qualifying for foodstamps at the same time.

It's me again,
I meant "unearned income".
not earned.
I don't think they count the ssd or ssi backpay money.
because they're also asking for any money in your savings account, checking account , CD's ,etc.
which means that they're saying disablitly and ssi money is seperate from money in the bank that you already have or had besides the payments from the ssd or ssi benefits?
am I making any sense?
because the more I talk about it and think about it, it's only getting more jarbled. LOL

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