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MOMOFBOYZ 01-07-2009 01:04 PM

Hi all
I am trying to get disability for numerous problems. I first posted here months ago b/c my whole case was denied due to my attornies filing my appeal tardy!!! I was so freaked out I cannot begin to tell you. After three yrs of trying.
Well I reopened the case (with the same stupid attorney) b/c too sick and housebound to go start somewhere else. ANyway, I am in the first phase before the deny me lol and just rcvd a call that I don't remember getting the first time around. The first time a "nurse called and asked medical qestions and spoke to my husband too. This one called and asked more specific questions especially reagrding an upcoming surgery on my spine (cervical stenosis) and asked me if I was depressed. I did not know if it was a trick question so said it may hurt my case but yes I am depressed. Who wouldn't be having your whole life stop due to chronic pain and dizziness. Then she said they will sch me to see a mental doc of theirs.
I was kind of worried until I read a post here saying it will help to be depressed.
So do you all recommend that I see a shrink??? I just have so many different specialist appt a month and co pays!!!! We are so broke that yet another doc is too much to bear! Can I possibly not see a shrink but keep mentioning depression? I am taking clonozapan and she asked if it was for depresssion and I stupidly said no I thought it was for my 24/7 everywhere muscle spasms. I should look up this med to verify. I only want to tell the truth. My depression is only cause by my illness not the other way around!
How much flippin medical problems do they require to accept me?????

ANyone... any htoughts are appreciated.

gayle428 01-07-2009 04:17 PM

Re: Hi all
I could be totally wrong...... but I always heard that depression helped your case.

When I was asked if I was depressed, I answered, "who wouldn't be depressed in a situation like mine?"

happygirl440 01-08-2009 06:35 AM

Re: Hi all
When I applied I did not list depression as a cause. They sent me to one of their shrinks and He said I was depressed. Anyone who is in pain like me is depressed. I really do not care which reason they use to approve me as long as I get approved in the end.

debi1957 01-08-2009 08:10 AM

Re: Hi all
Im sorry to hear about your problems, especially with your lawyer. I had a simular problem only it was the same stupid judge I kept getting and he kept ruling against me. Took me 6 years i finally won with a different judge.
To answer your question, i would go ahead with the doctor if you can, This will help your case. I hate to say it. but people with mental issues seem to get approved faster and more often. I won mine on physical,and with depression. I was fine mentally until I went though all this crap. Good luck to you, be well.

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