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sickandtired99 10-16-2012 06:35 AM

How do you survive?
maybe it should be titled how do you cope or survive with a disability?

Isotope 10-16-2012 11:20 AM

Re: How do you survive?
Hello Friend,

I'm at the very front edge of the starting line, applying for SSD..... And, I'm already wore out and anxious and sick.

At one time years ago I had a bungalow beach house, a view of the Pacific Ocean and hope. When I think of how far I have fallen in the past 20 years I'm stunned. I never would have anticipated this life I have now.....

Actually, it seems to be a well worn family pattern, we all had good fortune until our 40's when the wheels started coming off for everyone..... It's been a strange life. I'm hanging in there and I hope you do too!


nochange 10-21-2012 06:52 AM

Re: How do you survive?
I also had a great life till the age of 35. Strange enough, I never thought it will happen to me. Not something like chronic pain. I have never heard about that.
I was always worried I will have cancer...but chronic pain? never thought about that.
Never heard about that. I guess I didn't pay much attention to it while watching T.V or reading newspapers....

Your question is great. You know, chronic pain is about existing, not living.
It's a FIGHT.

tingles 10-21-2012 12:37 PM

Re: How do you survive?
[QUOTE=sickandtired99;5073126]maybe it should be titled how do you cope or survive with a disability?[/QUOTE]
I do not know what your disability is but I myself is disabled due to several different conditions. Coping with a disability is difficult to say the least.

I was humbled the first time after I was discharged out of the military when I took a class for disabled people. Some of my classmates were much more disabled than me and our class counsler was a quadraplegic. I learned that I was fortunate to have many years of normal life until 25 while some of these people had been dealing with their disabilities all of their lives.

I was able to get a job and continue my life in a mostly normal fashion until I suffered a setback and lost my job to my disability. At this point I was declared fully disabled. I deal with mobility issues and pain daily.

I believe that I am fortunate to have a faithful wife and can wake up every day and not wonder where my next meal is comming from. I also am thankful that I can still get around and participate in life within my limitations.

I try to stay active in a church and participate there knowing that if I need assistance some of the people there would be ready to help me out.

My doctor says my job today is to stay in the best shape possible so I work out within my limitations. This helps me mentally also.

I live each day as it comes and do get down, usually when the pain is at it's worst. I just try to believe tomorrow will be better and I will be pain free.

nochange 10-21-2012 08:56 PM

Re: How do you survive?
hello tingles, what are you suffering from? do you have neck pain, back pain.Can you sleep at night?----how many hours.-----as far as I am concenred that is a disability.

sickandtired99 10-22-2012 06:26 AM

Re: How do you survive?
It is difficult not only to live with chronic illness but for those around us too; not sure which is harder to actually be the one living through it or the ones who are supposed to support us when we fall down...

add mental and emotional problems into my train wreck mess of a body and I'm a mess just trying to clean up the pieces and find my new "normal" and survive...

things that I used to find enjoyable like being outside, reading, walking/running now are not enjoyable and I've tried to find something that I can do that will bring me joy.

what hobbies or interests do others have that keep you busy and help alleviate some of your symptoms?

tingles 10-22-2012 09:26 AM

Re: How do you survive?
[QUOTE=nochange;5076349]hello tingles, what are you suffering from? do you have neck pain, back pain.Can you sleep at night?----how many hours.-----as far as I am concenred that is a disability.[/QUOTE]

At first the military said my condition was atypical seizures. That disability is now referred to as basilar migraine. Most recently I received a new diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy and PTSD and some cognitive dysfunction. I have pain in my legs and arms and headaches. I sleep a lot though, I take seizure medications and they really wear me out.

nochange 10-31-2012 01:00 AM

Re: How do you survive?
Hobbies to alleviate this pain I have: Being here in healthboards talking with people helps the most. This is because I feel I am not the only one like my doctor told me.
My doctor said I am unlucky. He has never eard about anyone being in a car accident having a whiplash and cannot sleep for ages. Thought he believe me....
But telling me I am unlucky? Then I wonder why it happened to me? what have I done to deserve it?

So here in this forum I don't feel alone----and strange enough I don't feel the pain so much. I dont' know why the pain lessens when I am here typing in healthboards. but that's how it goes.

Other hobbies: Reading magazines, books, listening to the radio.
I don't like to watch T.V anymore.

yrsofpainsucks 11-11-2012 05:56 PM

Re: How do you survive?
It does not sound crazy that the pain lessens when you are on the health boards. I have severe back issues and chronic pain. I was the country girl who loved being outside. Horseback riding, hunting, riding four-wheelers, gardening etc all gone. I am still fortunate enough to work a full time job, though it is in jeapordy for missing due to days the pain has me bed-ridden. My family isnt very supportive and mostly because they think I am too young to hurt as bad as I say. So for about ten years I have slowly retreated into my Isolation. For the past few months I have been "health board browsing" and finally signed up the other day. I have made a post and responded to a few as well. I feel that I am not alone when I am here and reading others stories. and the pain does lessen when I do. So no it is not crazy.

I do fear the day that I am no longer able to work. For numerous reasons. But for now I do go to work and that helps keep me busy.

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