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doner1234 08-27-2012 03:56 PM

Can Mom Move with the Kids?
Hi All,

A couple that we are very close with divorced last year. Mom is planning on getting remarried in January and moving the kids (age 5&6) 2.5 hours away, where her fiance just took a job. Mom has not worked in 7 years.

The father is a fantastic guy, paid double child support for the past year, despite the fact that his wife was leaving him for a man that she met at church. He paid the extra money so that the mother would not have to go back to work and there would not be too much upset in the children's daily lives. He has the kids every other weekend and two weeknights a week.

The mother is (was) a very close friend of mine. She told me not to tell that father that she is moving...but after a month, I did tell him. He needed to know. She doesn't know that he knows that she's moving and I expect that she plans to tell him at the last possible moment.

Can she legally move? Anyone know if the father can do anything to stop her?

Thanks so much.

Seraph 08-27-2012 07:53 PM

Re: Can Mom Move with the Kids?
I am not sure of the law where you are but, generally the court would only stop the move if he could prove great difficulty in seeing his children for the allotted times. She would probably be ordered to do half the transport, so they might be directed to handover at a halfway point. I think he should get legal advice. Sera.

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