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  • I get really dizzy when I eat

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    Shawnee8890 HB User
    I get really dizzy when I eat

    Hi there,
    I may go into a bit of detail here as I feel I just need the closure.
    First of all, I am almost 20, and this all started 6 days ago, I woke up on morning feeling overwhelmingly dizzy and light headed, I obviously started to panic a little as something like this had never happened to me before, I live with my Grandmother, so when this happened, I rushed to her side and told her what was happening and told her I wanted to go to hospital. She thought it didn't warrant a trip to the hospital so she sat me down and got me and apple and a small glass of lemonade to get my sugar levels up a little, but it didn't help me. The dizziness stayed and it continued to be unbearable. I found myself constantly having to fight off passing out by tensing my muscles and not moving at all. Eventually when i could stand for a short time, my Grandmother decided she would take me to the pharmacist to see if there was any over the counter medication I could get as a fix. When we got there, I was glued to her side in fear of falling over, my world wasn't spinning or anything, I was just intensely light headed. When the pharmacist came to talk to us she told me if it had been happening for more than 30 mins, I should seek medical help, and at that stage it had been going on for 2 and a half hours, so that made me panic.
    She rushed me home and we called a home call doctor, she took about 3 hours to arrive, and in that time, I cleaned out my ears and there was alot of wax in my left ear, I'd been experiencing issues with my left ear about 2 weeks prior. So when the doctor arrived, I informed her of my symptoms and that I was really dizzy and light headed and asked to re assure me it wasn't anything really sinister that I had to worry (by sinister, I mean life threatening) I told her about the wax, and she checked my heart, my blood pressure, my ears and my throat, and everything got the all clear. She came to the conclusion it was a viral Labryinthitus, and prescribed me with Prochlorperazine to take when the dizziness kicked in, but she never reassured me that what i was going through wasn't anything sinister. Which caused me to over think what i was going through and i worried about all the other possible things i could be having, like cancer symptoms or if i was going to have a stroke. (the Prochlorperazine, didn't really help me at all either)
    Because she didn't reassure me I had nothing to worry about, I made an appointment to see my GP the following day, he told me to get a blood test and he said he thought it could either be Viral Labryinthitus or Anemia. While I was with him, he checked my heart rate and blood pressure also, and he said they were fine. I went to get my blood test done and the doctor couldn't find a vein, so i went to a new clinic and they had just as much trouble (I've always been bad with blood tests, my veins are hard to find) so the blood test was a failure, and never ended up taking place.
    But by that time, the dizziness was now coming and going, it wasn't constant like the first day. But my second night of having this, i started having severe trouble sleeping. I couldn't lie on my back, or my sides without closing my eyes and getting really really light headed and dizzy and then I had to open my eyes, so I got about a total of 3 and a half hours sleep that night, and the entire process, I was exhausted and I was stressing out that what was happening to me was something worse than Labrynthitus. When I woke up, I'd be really dizzy for the first few hours of the day before it would subside, but i never stopped worrying that what i was going through was something that was going to kill me. Then for 2 days, I started having runny green stools, which flared up fears that i had bowel cancer or something, because my stools have also bled for a while, but i know i have hemorrhoids, which could be the explanation behind that.

    I was worrying about all these horrible diseases so much that I made another appointment with a different GP, she did a physical exam with me, standing me up and getting me to close my eyes and hold my hands out by my sides and then getting me to lie down on my left and right side while she tucked my head under a little, then she said she didn't think what i had was Labrynthitus, but rather BPV (Benign Positional Vertigo) She told me not to worry about having anything too serious, things such as bowel cancers and brain cancers and tumors seemed very unlikely to her for me to have them. She said she believed it was stress induced.
    I tried to accept what she had said and carried on another day with the symptoms of vertigo coming and going, I got about 5 hours sleep that night and when i woke up, I was extremely light headed and dizzy, so i panicked and ran to the fridge and drank water and grabbed and apple and started eating it, then i started to feel really sick in the stomach, like i needed to vomit, but i kept it down. These symptoms didn't go away for a good 4 hours or so, when they finally died down, I felt like I was okay, because I felt normal again for a while. Then as soon as the sun went down, i started feeling really dizzy again, and laid down, and when i laid down, my chest started getting really tight, and it felt like i was having trouble breathing, and it felt like there was a lump in my throat, and it wouldn't go away, i got some strepsils and had a few of those, and tried 'baby-ing' my throat for 2 days, and the throat symptoms went away, although i was still having dizzy spells. The chest tightness i found was relieved by burping, but it always built up again shortly after, and the tightness stayed for a few hours, so I began worrying there was something wrong with my heart or my chest and every time i felt a slight pain in the left side of my body i would panic and assume i was going to have a heart attack.
    So i called another home call doctor, he took about 4 hours to arrive, and by the time he got there, my chest was still really tight and i felt like my breathing was becoming effected. He checked my lungs, my heart, and my mouth and said that my lungs were clear, my heart sounds good and I don't seem to have any infection. I was very shakey and my voice was trembling the entire time i was telling him my symptoms, kind of like i was on the verge of crying the entire time. He very quickly came to the conclusion all of this was stress induced and told me to stop worrying, as it will only make things worse. He prescribed me with Nexium for acid reflux, and he explained that what he thinks the chest tightness is, is acid reflux caused by stress and anxiety, he then said 'You're only 20, you shouldn't be scaring yourself with the thoughts of cancers and tumors at your age' I just broke down and started crying in front of him and he told me i needed to stop worrying so much, and to stop looking up my symptoms on the internet because that's what would lead me to think that what i have is more serious that what it actually is.
    That night, my bowel movements seemed to go back to normal again, i also got a long 10 hour, uninterrupted sleep, and i had awoken feeling great, no dizziness, no chest tightness, no sickness, I felt like it was all over, and i was so happy.
    It was like that the whole day, until it came to dinner time (I hadn't taken any of the prescribed Nexium yet, as I have always had trouble with swallowing tablets, and the tablets are quite large, so I wanted to see how I'd go without it) As soon as i took the first bite, I got a really tight chest again and found it hard to breathe all over again and to accompany it, I also got a really bad dizzy spell that made me feel like i was going to faint. I ate as much as i could, before I started panicking at the thought of passing out, I managed to keep the dizziness under control, although it was still very scary to experience it, especially since i thought i was better. The chest tightness however, didn't go away, i could breathe again fine, but the chest tightness was still there.
    But now what I'm suffering from, every time I eat something, I get really light headed, like I'm going to pass out, which is making me afraid to eat. (I'm still eating, but I just hesitate to do so because I'm afraid of passing out)
    Sometimes I get short of breath too when this happens. But now, I am otherwise fine, aside from feeling really dizzy when I eat and sometimes drink. What could this be? Do I need to see another doctor? Do I need to be concerned that it's something serious, or could it just be acid reflux causing me to get dizzy?

    Please help.

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    casperke HB User
    Re: I get really dizzy when I eat

    This could be a lot of different things. You really need to get that blood test.
    I generally require a nurse that specializes in taking blood for a lab, or they can't get mine either. My veins move slightly which makes me a difficult target I am told.

    It is impossible to diagnose from afar, doubly so since I'm not a doctor. But I am a heart patient that likes to do research to learn about how screwed up I really am.

    I can think of two heart conditions that can cause your symptoms. The first and least likely is swallowing syncope. This is a reflex syncope that happens in very few people due to the swallowing motion causing the vagus nerve to be pinched. That results in instant dizzyness that goes away fairly quick. Very few people have a throat structure that allows this to happen. It is diagnosed with a heart monitor by watching heart activity when you swallow. It is a novel heart condition that you probably don't have.

    The second and much more common is Postpandial hypotension. Something, such as a bad illness or old age, damages the nerves controlling blood pressure. Because of which when food enters the stomach your blood pressure body wide will slide downward for between 15 minutes and 2 hours after you eat. If after you eat you have a clear dropping blood pressure that corrects itself after 15 minutes to 2 hours, then this is what you have. If drinking a glass of water 10 to 15 minutes before a meal lessens your symptoms, this might be something to look at.

    But those are just possible cardiac issues. How about a stomach issue. This could easily be a hiatal hernia, in which case you are feeling terrible acid reflux. It would explain why you have trouble swallowing anything large as you would be punished when you do. It fits with the burping. You could have one your entire life and never know it, or have something go wrong and end up with symptoms like you have now. It is actually a good fit for your symptoms.

    Regardless you need a doctor whom understands that this is strongly attached to your eating. Quite frankly I might be in the correct category as whatever your actual problem is with that last one, if I am lucky. You need a doctor to determine that. And you need some tests done, including the blood test.

    And my grammar is horrible, if you see anything wrong, blame me.

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