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Shawnee8890 05-07-2015 02:21 AM

Please help me, I really can't cope living with this anymore
So I'm 20 years old and I've been suffering from on and off dizziness for 5 weeks now, I have had multiple ECG'S, constant blood pressure checks, 2 blood tests, one of those being an AM cortisol, I've had a CT scan, I've had my blood sugar checked twice, urine samples and every thing has come back normal and clear. Yet I still get dizzy spells.. I am a very anxious person, so when I get these dizzy spells, they last hours and I over think them and stress myself out and I terrify myself with the thought that I'm dying or I have some kind of cancer that's killing me that hasn't showed up in any of the tests.
like I said its been going on for 5 weeks, the first 3 weeks were non stop 24 hours a day, whole body consuming dizzy spells, that gave me a constant feeling of feeling like I was going to faint, my whole body was numb and tingly and I couldn't move. I haven't had a dizzy spell as bad as that for around 2 weeks, but the dizziness still comes and goes and I try really hard not to panic when they do come and I try to keep myself occupied and not worry about what's happening to me, but it's getting so hard to ignore, despite the doctors and the hospital telling me I'm not dying and I will get better, I just can't believe them and I am so terrified.

Can anybody give me any ideas on how to cope with this? I'm driving myself into depression because of what's happening to me and I can't live a normal life with all this going on. Somebody please help me..

Titchou 05-07-2015 03:49 AM

Re: Please help me, I really can't cope living with this anymore
I don't know how it works in Australia so this may not be a good suggestion. Have you seen a chiropractor? Here in the US a chiro or a neurologist can do an adjustment that will get the crystals in the inner ear back where they belong. Do a search for vertigo - adjustment and see if anything sounds like what you have.

lenvegas 05-07-2015 04:21 AM

Re: Please help me, I really can't cope living with this anymore
Hi, I had the same thing and went to an ear, nose and throat doctor who prescribed ear drops and it went away in a few days. It is often due to an imbalance of the inner ear. I know it is a very debilitating condition so I hope you get the help you need....

DanA770 05-20-2015 01:43 AM

Re: Please help me, I really can't cope living with this anymore
I don't have a solution for you problem. I would advice you to go to your doctor and ask if he can prescribe some temporary anti-anxiety meds such as a low dosage valium.
This helps with the dizzies but mainly with the anxiety. Maybe it will help you feel less stressed and that will probably make the dizzies less as well.

Good luck

Asmallvictory 06-09-2015 10:18 PM

Re: Please help me, I really can't cope living with this anymore
It will get better. I promise.
I was diagnosed with bppv vertigo over 4 months ago had the epley maneuver done, which stopped the spinning but left me with this strange residual constant dizziness. It all started with just feeling nauseous, then gradually the spinning started. I thought i was dying. I remember my thought process...i would go from im ok to I'm going mental! Im going to be thrown into a mental ward. Just remember, if you know you feel crazy and you can say those words, you are not crazy! Crazy people don't know they are crazy! I went from a healthy 34 year old successful business owner, who works long hours teaching children and works out training in jiu jitsu and crossfit 6 days a week to getting out of bed after 9 hrs of sleep feeling like i got hit by a truck. I couldnt drive or work, but at least i could still see and walk. I kept telling myself those could be worse....As the dr appts went by and no one could tell me why i was constantly still dizzy after the 2nd epley tested negative, and i was bouncing between pysical therapy and an ent who never gave me enough time to explain my symptoms fully. I saw a neurotologist who specializes in vertigo inner ear and brain disorders. He did a few tests, which came out ok and said to wait it out 3 months before further testing. The blood work he ordered came back borderline hypo thyroid, but everything else was fine according to him, and the thyroid was "just something to watch". i noticed some new strange symptoms begin to happen to my body. I kept having dropping feelings when i would try to sleep, then started having tingling arms and numbness in my arms and feet. I literally felt like i wanted to jump out of my skin so ancy and restless but exhausted all in one! I lost weight, hair, i felt like i was literally going crazy. My heart started palpitating especially at night and The worst was the crushing feeling and burning in my chest. That brought me to the ER thinking i was dying of a heart attack. Of course, everything checked out normal other than heart palpitations, which can be caused by stress.....$2100 later...

I finally decided enough is enough i felt like i hadnt gotten a chance to tell a dr all of my symptoms. My loved ones kept saying, you need to relax, it's anxiety and panic attacks with stress. I knew partly it was stress, but i kept saying, it's physical! Its not just stress and anxiety! I had never experienced any type of anxiety or panic in my life, but this was so uncontrollable i just knew it couldnt possibly be that! So one morning was so bad that i pretty much had a nervous break down of sorts, i told my mom that i need help.

That day i went to see a Nurse Practitioner. Not a dr....she could see the desperation and stress in my face. She listened to all of my symptoms and felt my neck. She felt a bump on my thyroid gland. That day she sent me home with at least a direction in which this all might be caused by and a bottle of 25mg vistaril (antihistamine used for anxiety). After i started the vistaril i was able to sleep and slowly each day began to get easier and easier...the anxiety symptoms started to disappear. I was finally able to distinguish between the real physical symptoms and the anxiety. So here is where i am now. Still visually not right, but a lot of the dizziness has gone away with the anxiety, along with the crushing heart/burning which was acid reflux from nervousness. I do believe that the dizziness is a physical issue assossiated with either the vertigo (inner ear) or thyroid....its slowly getting better. Unfortunately, inner ear issues have to run its coarse. You have to gauge it by months though....not weeks or days. I used to feel like i was always bouncing when i walked now that is much better, but sometimes in stores or rooms with flourescent lights it still gets wonky. I am still waiting on results of thyroid tests, but I remember constantly reading these health forums desperately for help or someone with the same symptoms and i saw a few people saying after months they are finally 85-95% better. (Good days and bad) I felt like i would never get there...but here i am.

You will get better.

You may need something to help you with anxiety so that you can distinguish your physical symptoms from the anxious feelings...anxiety can do the strangest things to your body!!! Its shocking when you've never experienced it before! But the adrenal glands which send out hormones that control stress/anxiety can become fatigued in the process and cause alot of your symptoms.
The biggest thing is to find a dr, or nurse practitioner who listens.( the nurse was the best for me. Not as set in their ways and seem to be more knowledgable about real life situations)

What has helped me through this has been talking to others who have dealt with similar issues, bring it up and you'll be shocked at how common it is! Also, keeping a journal listing things that i can still do, no matter how simple they are. 3 months ago i couldnt drive, or look through a stack of papers, or even walk into a store. When you can do those things again, write it down. It isn't fair to have to deal with this, but i think of these poor children born with debilitating diseases, or someone who has never experienced sight, and i am lucky to only carry this burden...

Your brain WILL compensate for the dizziness. I thought it would not happen, but it does. It gets easier to deal with the further along you go.
Everything is going to be ok!

angelofeventide 06-11-2015 08:31 PM

Re: Please help me, I really can't cope living with this anymore
I would try to find an upper cervical neck chiropractor in your area. There is a condition that is called an Atlas Subluxation. It is one of the main cause of vertigo. A regular chiropractor may be able to help, but upper cervical specialist chiropractors are much better in helping this condition. I have it and have horrible dizziness, motion sickness, vertigo and other things. Atlas subluxations can affteced multiple parts of the body that you would never guess would be caused by the neck.

Dhadley 07-12-2015 06:45 PM

Re: Please help me, I really can't cope living with this anymore
Hi hun, I've been experiencing Vertigo for 4 months now, I've been to the Emergency room, my Family Doc, and now I'm supposed to go to the ear nose and throat. I've been given meclizine twice, upping the dose the second time, exercises to do lying down, which made me worse, and ear drops, which may as well went on the floor.I am at my wits end with the almost constant dizziness, nausea, confusion, not being able to think to finish a sentence and it really feels like I have a head full of cotton.So I can totally relate to how you are feeling, and although I don't have any answers for either of us, I wanted you to know I am here if you need to talk! Hang in there hun, Diane

Auroranimbus 07-13-2015 08:20 AM

Re: Please help me, I really can't cope living with this anymore
I'm confused how did your dizziness go away? I've been feeling like this for 15 years. I just recently have begun to do something about it because the first few doctors I went to made me feel like it was psychological so I thought it was in me head and if I just ignored it and acted like everything was ok I thought I would wake up one day and feel normal again. In a month I'm having balance testing done and if that comes back abnormal vestibular therapy. I never had my thyroid checked though.

noevr 07-13-2015 09:27 AM

Re: Please help me, I really can't cope living with this anymore
[QUOTE=armando835;5364059]I know how you feel it sucks I am 19 years old and I'm having the same problem as you I don't know what to do anymore I feel helpless and I feel like I'm going to die soon and I always think why I can't be healthy like other people
This is what I am feeling

19 Years Old 6Feet 2 230 pounds

- Shortness Of Breath (2 Years) Can't take a full breath unless I yawn

- Dizziness/Lightheadedness Worsens when I am laying down or walking (3 months)

- Confusion,Memory Problems, I have a hard time remembering things I just did and when I do remember it feels like it's been a very long time but it hasn't it feels like I'm in a dream and everything is foggy (3 months)

- heart beats rapidly(2 weeks)

- Tired, sleepy , body feels weak even if I get a full 10 hours of sleep (3 months)

- Whenever I wear a shirt or anything tight around my neck or if I touch my front of my neck I feel like I can't breathe and I get choked for example getting a haircut or wearing a tie or a collared shirt I can't stand it and my face gets hot and I get more lighted headed and need to get air to breathe (1 year)

- Head hurts, eyes hurt, neck hurts (1 month)

- Upper back feels numb and and tingly(1 year)

- I have seen a sleep doctor and did a sleep study over night everything came back normal, I have seen a ENT and I had a ear infection and a sinus infection,I seen a neurologist and everything came back normal

- I made a couple lifestyle changes like stopped smoking cigerattes I use to smoke for about 4 years heavily, I would eat fast food at night every day and fall asleep, I now watch what I eat and I don't smoke and exercise now.

- They have done multiple blood tests,multiple CT scans of my head,neck,chest, and a ultrasound of my lower body everything came back negative

- I do have high cholesterol,elevated liver enzymes and i am on low on vitamin D[/QUOTE]

Hi I would see a rhuemotologist, get checked for fibromyagia.

Auroranimbus 07-13-2015 09:49 AM

Re: Please help me, I really can't cope living with this anymore
Um ear drops cured your dizziness? I'm going to be upset if the cure is that simple!

Sam33916 07-26-2015 06:03 PM

Re: Please help me, I really can't cope living with this anymore
In the book "Why isn't my brain working?" by Dr.Datis Kharrazian I read that dizziness and vertigo can be caused by cerebellum degeneration, some kind of stroke that need MRA not MRI, plus many other reasons all related to brain issues.

Wrenn 07-27-2015 04:41 PM

Re: Please help me, I really can't cope living with this anymore
I've been battling dizziness and brain fog for three years now. At first it was bad, even where I thought I would pass out at the wheel of my car. I had bloodwork done, CBC, CMP, TSH and Lipids. Everything came back normal. Most days my dizziness seems to come and go, some days I have none. Last year I noticed when I drank a 5 Hour Energy drink, I felt normal. I know I suffer from chronic borderline anemia and was searching online for help. Came across something that said chronic anemia can make your body not absorb vitamin B properly. Vitamin B is the main ingredient in the 5 Hour Energy drink, so I bought some B12 pills. After taking the B12 and iron pills for two days, I felt normal!! If I forget to take them for several days, I get the dizziness and brain fog back, and for some reason being outside in the daylight intensifies it. My doctor had not checked me for B12 deficiency, and I haven't had blood work done since the initial tests 3 years ago. I don't know if this may help anyone, it may be completely different than what you are suffering from. But I have to admit, I'm so relieved to find these boards and see that (unfortunately) so many people share this problem with me. I'll keep reading them, for any new ideas and info on this problem too. Hope you feel better soon!

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