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1849will 09-22-2015 09:12 PM

Vertigo? Disrealization? Help?
Hey friends! This is my first post in this board and I am happy to be a part of this forum.

My ear infection could have stemmed from a number of things: earbuds, water in ear, etc. It all began with a developing swelling in the right ear near the opening that formed some sort of cyst or pimple. I went a week trying to ignore it but finally I decided to try and manage the situation. Though I probably shouldn't have, I began pouring Isopropyl Alcohol and water into my ear to try to sterilize/shrink/do anything to get rid of this painful lump. It was swollen quite a bit might I add. Subsequently, I succesfully popped this bump after I poked it with a needle and painfully squeezed the puss out. Later that night I experienced a little more pain and a slight impairment of hearing in my right ear. I went to bed and I hoped for the best.

A few days later the bump had slightly reduced in swelling. I hadn't really paid attention to it until later that night. I had a marching band practice and I attended as usual. Early on during the marching I began to have a warped perception of visual. Things began to distort and objects began varying depths. This was really severe and lasted 'til the end of marching band (and maybe still right now as I type this, as I have just returned). It was quite uncomfortable and almost felt like a really bad high. It was very unpleasant and I wish to never experience it again. I also was not thinking clearly which is also sort of indicative of a high or drunk.

So I am puzzled.

Is this directly related to my infection? I did eat a lot of candy prior to the marching, not that I think that has anything to do with my symptoms. Could this be related to my stress, anxiety or previous depression? I would also like to add that I have been under a lot of stress in school lately, I am taking trigonometry, and my Policy Debate class DEFINITELY doesn't help my emotions. I am also really socially awkward/anxious all the time. None of my anxiety or depression is severe, in fact it is pretty minor and I have stopped taking meds.

Is this the ear problem that is causing my symptoms or something else.

Thanks for the help! I appreciate every piece of input i can get.

JohnR41 10-03-2015 11:37 AM

Re: Vertigo? Disrealization? Help?
All of what you have experienced is good reason to try to keep your immune system functioning as well as possible so as to resolve whatever health issues come along.

Eating lots of candy for quick energy, plus stress and anxiety can detract from maintaining a strong immune system.

The distorted perception you experienced while marching could have been a reaction to eating a lot of candy. The candy may have raised your blood sugar quite high, only to crash subsequently, leaving you with very low blood sugar.

I would recommend eating a healthy snack before marching: Perhaps a small banana and some almonds?

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