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  • Persistent vertigo that triggers several other symptoms

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    Old 07-30-2016, 09:12 AM   #1
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    piita HB User
    Persistent vertigo that triggers several other symptoms

    In February, my girlfriend had an attack of rotational vertigo at night, including nausea and vomiting. As several otolaryngologists later confirmed, her right vestibular organ had failed, but almost recovered in the following weeks, while the vertigo persisted and grew more and more sensitive to triggers. Since then, she has been unable to watch TV, work on a PC / tablet / phone or even play cards without triggering vertigo. The fact that the vertigo always triggers a domino effect of other symptoms doesnít exactly help, either. She knows these symptoms from the Lyme disease she had ten years ago (no bacteria present since then): supraventricular cardiac arrhythmia and polyneuropathic pain (Lyrica doesnít help much) in the whole body. She also has very unpleasant neurological problems that feel like an electric current is running through the body and a very strong sleeping disorder. Especially her back is very sensitive to mechanical manipulation like massages, or even pressure that is applied when she leans back in a chair. Every (even light) physical activity and also flickering and looking at fast movements (TV, monitors etc.) also triggers the domino effect.
    The usual neurological tests (EEG, testing of acoustic nerve, ultrasonic testing of all cervical and cranial blood vessels, CT of cranium and cervical spine) didnít show up any problems.
    Neither classical psychians nor natural health professionals couldnít help us to now. The classical doctors just focus on the vertigo and ignore everything else. They have excluded Morbus Meniere, benign paroxysmal positional vertigo and servical spine syndrome by now. They only prescribe medication against the symptoms: anti-convulsiva (Lyrica), neuroleptica (Dominal), antihistaminica (Betahistin), sleeping pills. They also tried anti-depressants (which failed and had nasty side effects) and suggested psycho-therapy (long waiting lists).

    Now, she had a vertigo relapse (vestibular organ failed again) during an Ďanti-vertigo treatmentí with mechanical stimulation of the cervicular vertebrae by a physiotherapist.
    Does anybody have an idea why those mechanical triggers cause the vertigo and why it triggers this domino effect of other symptoms?
    We are desperate and fell pretty helpless. We would be very grateful for any suggestion what to do.

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    Old 08-03-2016, 02:50 AM   #2
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    lintek55 HB User
    Re: Persistent vertigo that triggers several other symptoms

    Hi Piita,
    I'm very sorry for all the changes your girlfriend and yourself are going through I can relate to the frustration of going to multiple doctors and multiple tests and it's exhausting to the patient due to the fact that the illness itself causes exhaustion.
    My sister who JUST retired a few months ago because "suddenly" ill. It all started with an ear ache when she traveled to Florida a year ago. all was well up until a few months ago when she had pain in her ear and then the vertigo started. She is now having to use a walker because canes are too dangerous. she's fallen down multiple times in her home.
    she went to an ENT who put her through all the testing for a vestibular illness which they found out she lost 60% of her hearing, plus she had vestibular neuritis.. I had no idea the way the body is so amazing and intricately put together. the crystals in her ear are not effected, so it's not so easy to determine what is going on. the Physical therapist helped her somewhat with the vertigo at first. but my sister stopped and went to Florida to see her friend for a few weeks, came back, and then said her Medicare might not pay for visits anymore.
    I believed her. we believed everything she said, but then things got worst,. A woman who's been working all her life independently single, has her own home, executive secretary, extremely anal with order, including cleanliness of home and self, etc.
    I was shocked when I realized she wld start forgetting things, simple things, her cognitive abilitly has changed to a teen ager. she can't do laundry anymore let alone concentrate enough to read a book. she stopped going on her computer too. lights trigger something in the brain which then trigger off the vertigo. there's much more to my story which I dont' have enough time or space to fit in.. her neuro doesn't really know what she has..
    every other day I'm taking her for multiple brain tests. pet scan, to see if any cancer is in the brain, even though she's had an MRI, and an MRA which checks the vessels of the brain and brain stem.. she needs an angiogram of the brain too, plus a spinal tap to check for metabolic problems or the virus that causes mouth sores.. the herpes simplex. it can spread to inner ear and cause the vestibular disorder.. then it can spread to the brain stem supposebly.
    I found a GREAT website for vestibular illnesses. IF that's what your g.f has. I pray for you both and for my sister that we get through this quickly to find the answer. I feel I"ve lost my sister.. she's a young age 73. we are going through a mourning period which the vestibular site said is quite normal to do. it explains in detail what happens to the patient about their symptoms. I wish you both the best. OH! I want to tell you I met up with someone who's wife had the same thing with the vertigo and they didn't diagnose her for one year. . they treated her with aycyclovir?? and anti-viral rx, which worked. on cloudy days when she looks upwards caused her vertigo to return at times.
    maybe your g.f has an illness of the spinal cord? or brain stem? I wish you the best.

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    Old 08-03-2016, 01:07 PM   #3
    Shari R
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    Shari R HB User
    Re: Persistent vertigo that triggers several other symptoms


    I just wanted to say that I had terrible cognitive issues, but now my brain is good

    I was diagnosed with vestibular neuritis.

    I had terrible brain fog for 18 months, until I did some tests, found out my brain was not using my inner ear (vestibular), and an amazing specialist told me what to do to get my brain back...

    I had to stand on a balancing mat (airex) with my feet together, arms folded and eyes closed and count to 60 . At first I could only do it twice a day with 2 pillows on top which made it easier. I did this for 2 months and my brain fog disappeared. I have had no brain fog for 1 year. I have managed to stand on the balancing mat without pillows on top, 4 times per day. I tried to do 5 times, but gave up.

    I got my life back

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    Old 11-09-2016, 03:58 AM   #4
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    lintek55 HB User
    Re: Persistent vertigo that triggers several other symptoms

    Shari, I'm SO happy for you that P.t.'s were able to help you get back to normal. Your post will give hope to many others who suffer with this disorder.

    I also want to ask Piita how his g.f. has made out? It's now a few months later and I'm curious to see if the Dr's were able to come up with a diagnosis?

    My sister who I was writing about who had similar symptoms of Piita's g.f. has just passed away 3 weeks ago. We knew something was seriously wrong besides the diagnosis of vestibular neuroitis and ONE Dr. who happened to be on staff at the hospital where she was admitted after falling down several times, thought she may have a very rare, one in a million person disease. He told me was hoping his dx will be wrong, but the spinal tap came back as positive for Prion's disease.

    I know 2 other people who knew others who had Prions and I was shocked. and it's here in the State of NY.
    So I'm very interested to find out the final diagnosis is for Piita's g.f. if Piita gets this msg. I am praying Piita for your girlfriend and hope the doctors were able to help her.
    My best to you both.

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