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pvpasic 07-20-2018 09:47 AM

Before two months ago I feel dizziness if I stand or sit,
I took advice from a doctor
the doctor recommends three medicine
cinnarizine 75mg
betahistine dimenhydrinate 16mg
diclofenac potassium 75mg
after 30 days I do not feel better
any suggestion, please

rextr05 03-16-2019 07:25 AM

Re: Vertigo
I see you haven't tried a Tranderm patch, generic is scopolamine. My vertigo has returned after a 35 year absence. I had saved a few patches of Transderm & they actually gave me some relief. I did get a new script yesterday, so I should be good for a while. My vertigo is positional with regards to my head position. If I look up, or down, I get vertigo.

Ovarita 09-21-2019 06:26 PM

Re: Vertigo
Hi, Pypasic

The BPPV maneuver has done wonders for my vertigo and dizziness. I still have occasional dizziness. There are several other maneuvers that appear to be successful, as well. Good luck. I hope it helps you as much as it has me.

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