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  • Vertigo, dizziness/unsteady, weak and nauseous

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    Vertigo, dizziness/unsteady, weak and nauseous

    Hello gang, first-time poster here:

    I've been reading through the past posts trying to find a good one to add my comments/questions to. But, decided to start my own because I just couldn't find the right one.

    My sypmtoms (historically):

    A few years ago (when I was an over-the-road truck driver) I was driving in Oregon and had a vertigo attack hit me totally out of the blue - no warning, nothing. Immediately pulled over and climbed into my sleeper until it went away. After that, everything went back to normal again. A number of months later, same thing happened.

    I didn't think much of it as It was just a few vertigo attacks that happened very infrequently, came on without warning, and left within an hour or so. Everything was spinning a little and felt a little nauseous, but that was about it. Figured maybe I wasn't drinking enough water or was too tired.

    Until earlier this year....

    Things quickly and progressively got worse. Vertigo attacks started happening more frequently - once every week or two at first. Came without warning, stuck around for a few hours, then everything went back to normal. Only this time, not only were the attacks happening a lot more frequently, they were worse - crazy, out-of-control spinning, loss of balance, throwing-your-guts-up, don't move your head or it'll explode type vertigo.

    Finally went to an ENT and he felt that it was a fistula in my right ear. Two days later I was in surgery where he plugged two leaks in the windows of my cochlea. The week before the surgery I had two vertigo attacks and after the second I was feeling worn out, slightly dizzy and slightly nauseous. After the surgery I woke up and felt great! Felt absolutely wonderful for a week...

    Then I had another bad vertigo attack.

    Since then (and up until a week and half ago) I have been having vertigo attacks every 2-4 days and was not returning back to normal between attacks. Felt lightheaded, dizzy, slightly nauseous, worn-out, tired, etc. all the time.

    Then, just as sudddenly and frequently as they were occuring, my vertigo attacks stopped. My last vertigo attack happened 1 1/2 weeks ago. Since then I've been just waiting for the next one. Still feeling worn out, tired, dizzy, etc.

    Every once in a while things 'shift' on me. The room spins for a brief second, then stops. Nausea level elevates a moment then drops. Two days ago felt very dizzy and nauseous... thought for sure a vertigo attack was probably coming but it gradually subsided.

    I've had a fistula test (before and after surgery) both times it turned up negative.

    Just had an ENG this morning. While there was some minor things that came up (i.e. right ear balancing is weaker than left) everything falls within normal ranges... with one exception:

    When my eyes are covered to block out light, the ENG catches my eyes drifting slowly off to the right and slightly up, then snapping back to center. This happened all throughout the tests when my eyes were covered and I was just sitting there between the formal tests. Definitely not normal.

    The doc speculated that this _could_ mean there _might_ be something wrong with my rear vestibular canal. Pure speculation at this point and still might be more than one thing wrong - one thing causing dizziness/weakness/nausea and something else causing vertigo attacks.

    Well, I have to wait a couple/few days for the doc to try and research it and determine what that might mean. In the meantime, I'm wondering if anyone else has any input on these ever-changing symptoms: changing frequency of vertigo, nearly 24/7 worn-out between vertigo attacks, sudden stopping (or temporary reprieve?) of vertigo attacks, negative fistula test but plugged 2 leaks in cochlea for temporary relief, normal ENG test, but constant drifting/centering of eyes, etc.

    Your thoughts?


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    Re: Vertigo, dizziness/unsteady, weak and nauseous

    Anyone? Anyone?


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    Re: Vertigo, dizziness/unsteady, weak and nauseous

    sounds very familiar to me so i'll be glad to hear what someone with knowlidge has to say about it. Im just plane dizzy all the time these days, so just sort of go about my days. Couldnt work with it, but can cope just because i dont know what else to do.

    Old 07-07-2005, 06:47 AM   #4
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    Re: Vertigo, dizziness/unsteady, weak and nauseous

    You situation is very different from mine, and as is of ten the case we look to our own condition to find simialrities. Is your vertigo brought on by any specific head movement?
    When I read the first part of your thread I thought it sounded like my father in law who has Meniere's disease, but since you have had some surgery for the fistula, I have no idea.
    Hope you find some relief, being dizzy is horrible and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Good luck in your pursuit for info, hope someone on here can relate and offer you something.

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    Re: Vertigo, dizziness/unsteady, weak and nauseous

    I was sure hoping for more info for you and i too thought about the Minieres. Have you read up on that?

    Old 11-05-2005, 08:09 AM   #6
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    Re: Vertigo, dizziness/unsteady, weak and nauseous

    Hi Rob:

    I Have Had Vertigo From Meniere's For Several Years.
    But Only Recently Discovered That Side To Side (only)
    Neck Exercises Have Worked For Me, Do Them Slowly
    Through Out The Day. And Please Let Me Know If They
    Work For You.

    Goldies Mother

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    Re: Vertigo, dizziness/unsteady, weak and nauseous

    Hello there,

    The type of specialist you need to see is a neurotologist (different from a neurologist.) They are specialists in dizziness, with a few more years training than an ENT. From reading your description I'm guessing this could be menieres or a form of atypical migraine called migraine associated vertigo. With the latter condition you can experience migraine merely as vertigo, you don't need to experience headaches for this diagnosis. The reason I would say this as opposed to another inner ear condition - say labyrinthitis, is that with that condition you don't tend to experience attacks of spinning past the initial attack. With the severity of the vertigo you are experiencing I would definitely seek out a neurotologist.


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    Re: Vertigo, dizziness/unsteady, weak and nauseous

    I'm curious, have you had an MRI?
    I too have undiagnoised dizziness. I have only had vertigo attacks about 6 times in the 2 1/2 years I've had this. But otherwise I am always dizzy.
    Do you have a lot of visual dizziness? Does checkerboard patterned floors etc make you feel dizzy? I have lots of visual dizziness.
    Do you feel back to normal between vertigo attacks?
    How is your hearing? Do you have any ringing in your ears?
    Hope you are feeling better!

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