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whathaveigot? 08-20-2006 12:39 PM

Remember your first vertigo attack?
I dont think Ill ever forget it to be honest!!!

Was at a football match and was in the queue for a drink and BANG! Sudden violent spinning in all directions! I didnt know what to do and just walked out the queue and must of bumped into about ten people until the dizziness stopped!!!:)

Ever since i have been plagued with terrible anxiety, motion sickness, mild dizziness much different to that first attack and worst of all brain fog.

However, 4 months down the line and I seem to be pulling out of it! No brain fog for 2 days and starting to get back into daily life and looking for a job after quitting my last job due to this!

How does everyone elses story go then?

Tiff22 08-20-2006 06:23 PM

Re: Remember your first vertigo attack?
well mine seems to have come about gradually. i was at the gym last july when i had my first dizzy (lightheaded) episode. it lasted a few hours, and i thought it might have been maybe that i didnt eat enough that day, but found out later that wasnt the case. then, i was just fine for about 3 months. my second attack was terrible. i was sitting in a computer class and i started to not be able to see the words on the computer screen. i thought that i must have taken my glasses off, but then realized they were on, so i panicked. i became very lightheaded and couldnt walk, and i made my boyfreiend come get me because i was too afraid to try to walk back to my apartment. once i got back to my apartment, i thought i was going to pass out for sure and i couldnt breathe very well (my first panic attack, although i didnt know that at the time). from then on, i had lightheadedness every couple of days. then in november, i got lightheaded at work and went to the ER. i have been lightheaded 24/7 ever since.

dizzyblond 08-21-2006 09:00 AM

Re: Remember your first vertigo attack?
Just to add my 2 cents.....
As I remember (it's now been 1 yr and 9 mos. since I first got hit, so the details sometimes get a little fuzzy - brain fog, you know! ;) )..... I started feeling "off" - just not right. It was hard to explain to people - I had trouble trying to define just what it was I was feeling. ( I now realized that it was dysequilibrium, though back then I was certain that it was a much more sinister symptom of a brain tumor, MS. etc.) 2-3 weeks later, maybe even a month into this feeling, I had one major vertigo episode - you're right - you never will forget just where you were when it hit! I was in a restaurant when suddenly I knew something horrible was about to happen. I made my way to the restroom somehow, and by the time I got inside, the world had gone upside down. I clung to the sink and waited, it was over in about 20 seconds. But what I was left with was absolutely horrible - dysequilibrium that was truly incapacitating, nausea, inability to walk without holding on to walls, etc. Symtoms still remain to this day, though to a much lesser degree - somedays I can even find moments where I forget I have had this head monster! Progress has been SO slow, but those who were with me back in the beginning are always quick to point out that I am SO much better than I was at the start.

Here's to continued compensation for ALL of us!!!!!!!! :D

jjules 08-21-2006 01:41 PM

Re: Remember your first vertigo attack?
I had mine back in the early eighties me and a couple of my friends were climbing a fire tower that was very very high. I got up about half way when I was struck with this uncontrolable (sp) fear and weirdness! I had to get down as fast as I could! I remember my friends say come on Jule come up here it's ok. I said no way I'm afraid of heights. I'm reading a book know about phobias and panic attacks and how they could be due to the fact that we have an inner ear problem. Kinda makes sense to me. Anyone know anything about that theory? Thanks Jules;)

Ldumont 08-22-2006 05:58 AM

Re: Remember your first vertigo attack?
How could I ever forget it!

October 1999. I had a horrible head cold and flew on vacation from the US to Germany then traveled on to Switzerland and France during the two weeks. I was dizzy the entire time- riding and even sleeping on trains a good bit of the time- and the constant dizziness wouldn't go away. I thought it was just the cold. I even saw a doc in Germany who said it was just the cold. I was miserable the entire time and my husband just didn't "get" it. Something was wrong. :dizzy:

The morning after we returned back to the states, I drove my daughter to school thinking the mild dizziness was just the jetlag. I stopped at our Super Target to get a Halloween costume and promptly fell down in the parking lot with what I now know was a drop attack injuring my head, my arm, and breaking my glasses. I'd never been that confused and disoriented, bloody or that bruised in all of my life til that moment. People thought I was drunk or stoned or something to have fallen like that. I couldn't really hear, I couldn't speak well, the world was spinning and all I wanted to do was get home. I was in bed for days after that and really didn't feel better for about 10 days.

That was one of the scariest days of my life until years later when I had another doozy of an attack as my MAV started to get much worse. (But, so far I've been at home for all of the rest of them.)

studyin 08-23-2006 07:59 AM

Re: Remember your first vertigo attack?
I woke up on 30 Aug 2003 and felt very foggy in the head. I went to the university and felt nausea the whole way there on the bus. I bought a coffee like I used to do every day of my life (in hopes that it would snap me out of it), sat in front of my PC to analyse some data and suddenly felt very strange. Focusing on the screen was very uncomfortable. I stood up, stretched and sat down again...then I started to feel panic in a big way and thought WHOA! what the hell is going on?

I quickly jumped on a bus home and had a panic attack on the bus (arms went limp). Got off early and walked 500 m home feeling disorientated and very dizzy. Got home, lay down and all hell broke loose. A *massive* panic attack hit and I thought I was dying. One hour later I was in the ER having an ECG. On the way home I was totally dizzy...and it went on and on and on....


Tesss 08-27-2006 01:22 AM

Re: Remember your first vertigo attack?
Very memorable. Actually this came on over a few days and started by multiple fainting after giving blood (never had any probs with giving blood before). I was in a pub (drinking orange juice only). I started to feel weird and sat down, then felt wierder and went to the loo, and blacked out numerous times. Luckily a friend sensed something was wrong and found me. Called boyfriend to pick me up etc. Over the weekend felt dizzy and weird but managed to go back to work and drive my car home. Going into work the following day however I started to feel terrible on the motorway and once I pulled off the motorway I pulled into a layby just in time - as the vertigo hit. Couldn't drive much again for months! Stil can't!

Dizzyrascal 08-27-2006 04:22 AM

Re: Remember your first vertigo attack?
Hell Yeah....Though I wouldnt call it Vertigo in the traditional sense!

August 4th 2005, came out of a meeting and sat at computer, suddenly felt very weird and nauseous like I needed to be sick.Thought i might have a bug, but dizziness and weird feeling kept going on and on.....

and here I am one year later...still enjoying the distinct pleasure.

Only a few more years of hell to go....

SkipperH 08-27-2006 05:23 PM

Re: Remember your first vertigo attack?
The first episode as well as the second episode began when I awoke. Very scary I might add. Could not walk a straight line for nothing. Again, like everone here the brain fog, the feeling of being out of reality, the troubles concentrating, a terrible time for me. I keep hearing my wife say "you always jumped into any project around the house or odd job without fear or second guessing, now any tiny project is turned into a big event". She's right something has changed in my mental abilities or personality and it scares me. Currently doing VRT and is helping some, but when I "crash" it seems intensified. Trying to keep positive.

dizzybrunette 09-02-2006 09:34 PM

Re: Remember your first vertigo attack?
2/06 In the middle of the night woke up and thought I was having a seizure or I was going to die. Violent spinning out of control, like my brain was spinning inside my head lasted for about 30 seconds.

Could and still cannot sleep on my right side. Some times I can feel it coming on and get scared and somehow stop it. Since then I have good days and bad days of brain fog and dizzyness.

Of course no doctor has found anything. Listen up gals, i have figured that it is part of pre menapausal symptoms. I have a list of other symptoms a mile long. Check out that talk site! Have not had another violent attack again.

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