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robertestar 11-01-2007 05:10 PM

Pressure feeling in Head, Dizzy, sometimes Vertigo
I have had this issue for over a month now and it seams to be getting worse.

I have a tooth #31 (back moller) that is bad and sometimes gets infected and is about to be taken out but for the past month i have had these other strange symptoms.

1) Pressure in my head builds up, mostly in the front.
2) Often Dizzy
3) Sometimes I will get Virtigo bad. One lasted 60 minutes and would not stop. Felt like eveything was just spinning around me and i had to lean and hold on to somthing to make it better.
4) Throat feels tights like someone squezing from the insize (gets worse with stress)
5) Feeling sickish (not bad but just not normal)

Could this be an infection from under the tooth creeping up into my sinus cavity and cuasing more issues or could this be somthign un releated.

I ask because one i get on ANTIBIOTICS like (Cipro, or Levaquin) it all stops and i feel great in about 2 days. Then once i stop taking them about 1 to 2 weeks later all the symptoms come back. Please tell me what you think this could be, becuae my doctors have no clue at this point.

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