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Old 01-04-2010, 08:38 PM   #16
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DizzyBAT HB User
Re: People with dizziness/vertigo/headaches/migraines MUST READ THIS


Thank you very much for your helpful posts. I have two questions for you:
1) Was your dizziness/disequilibrium constant? (I feel like I'm walking on a boat 24/7)
2) Was Dr. Robert Baloh who you saw at UCLA? He specialized in vestibular disorders? Will they work with other doctors too at UCLA--say, teamed up with ENTs to properly diagnosis one's problem?


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alborde HB User
Re: People with dizziness/vertigo/headaches/migraines MUST READ THIS

I know how terrible MAV vertigo can be. I am so sorry so many people are suffering.
I am also happy to hear success stories!
I am happy to hear that people are finding relief through dietary and lifestyle changes as well as migraine preventives.

But I want to share a slightly different perspective. I hope my perspective is welcome (especially since the title of the post is urging all of us MUST READ THIS).
For those of us with vestibular loss- which shows up on a ENG/VNG- and MAV- finding relief is very very complicated.
I have both bilateral vestibular hypofunction (BVH) and MAV.
I read the Heal Your Headache book a few years ago and followed it to a T.
It took almost a year to do the diet and slowly add back the foods.
It was a lot of work (e.g. reading labels looking for hidden msg; avoiding anything that might have cooked onions in it), but I was willing to do the work and take it seriously in order to find help.
I didn't have problems with rebounding because I can't take triptans nor most pain relievers due to another medical problem.

In the end, I concluded that I had NO migraine reduction through following the plan in the book.
I was very disappointed, but that's the truth.
On a migraine preventive, I was still having 12 migraines a month.

It seems my migraines are triggered largely by visual stimulation related to my inner ear disorder.
Some aspects of lifestyle do help:
getting plenty of sleep, drinking lots of water, eating protein at every meal and never skipping a meal (that's my biggest "food" trigger), stopping to rest when I feel eye strain, etc.

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studyin HB Userstudyin HB Userstudyin HB Userstudyin HB Userstudyin HB User
Re: People with dizziness/vertigo/headaches/migraines MUST READ THIS

>>> It seems my migraines are triggered largely by visual stimulation related to my inner ear disorder.

Also called visual vertigo, it's one of my biggest problems, namely from sitting in front of a Mac 8 hours a day. I did find that by raising my threshold via Cipramil, it made a big impact at stopping this aspect of it. The downside though was more headaches then ever.


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tkhk3746 HB User
Re: People with dizziness/vertigo/headaches/migraines MUST READ THIS

I have the same symptoms. Going into any store is really bad for me. I get extremely dizzy. I haven't driven for a long time now b/c everytime I get behind the wheel, I panic. It's a terrible helpless feeling. My dr. just prescribed Antevert (sp?) BUT I read on line that if you have chronic Vertigo, this Rx can actually prolong it. So here I sit...terrible feeling.

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leeshy215 HB Userleeshy215 HB Userleeshy215 HB Userleeshy215 HB Userleeshy215 HB Userleeshy215 HB User
Re: People with dizziness/vertigo/headaches/migraines MUST READ THIS

Don't give up, keep on trying everything until something works or at least shows some improvement.

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AlexDT HB User
Re: People with dizziness/vertigo/headaches/migraines MUST READ THIS

I was diagnosed with a left vestibular defficiency about 2 yrs ago, my balance wasn't too bad and is now even better, i.e I can stand eyes closed on a wobble board which is perhaps better than some "normal" people but when walking I am a little wobbly, i.e I may have a bit of a random sway, like a drunk person, every now and then & this can vary day-to-day.

My symptoms are the visual vertigo and visual disturbances. Recently I did another caloric test to see the vestibular response to warm / cold air pressure and it was close to normal, the neurologist said "if I didn't know your history and current symptoms I would regard this as normal", so my brain has made compensation & its possible that the eyes are responsible for that so they may be over-worked.

This visual disturbance is very similar to a migraine, although the headaches arn't too bad. I.e I have had a full blown headache migraine before and it hurt like an "icecream" headache, the headaches I get now are nearer to normal but the visual symptoms are similar to the full blown migraine I had in the past. Not only have I lost my visual gaze stability, i.e if I move my head whilst focused on something the objects moves also. Everything seems to vibrate / ocilate (no noticable nystagmus). Objects appear to bend and morph, really weird, a little like "Alice in Wounderland Syndrome" but not as bad, it does look very drugged up though, i.e if I look at the walls they appear to be bending almost breathing, this is very similar to how it was when I had a full blown migraine but without the absolutely crazy peripheral visual. I do though get the odd random auras every now and then.

Migraines are caused by over-activity in the brainstem and this is most often the result of an under-active frontal cortex (inhibitory part of brain). The job of the frontal cortex is to inhibit the rest of the cortex, when under-active / hypo-perfuse, the rest of the cortex over-fires. There is a device called NirHEG, or the PirHEG which is a cheaper derivative. It's designed to be placed over the forehead and it measures how much relative blood is in the frontal brain, you then, through a video game train more blood into the region. I tried it once before, I felt more focused and had more energy but you have to do it regularly, i.e 3X per week for several weeks to get lasting / permanent change. Once the region is regularly exercised it maintains it.

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Re: People with dizziness/vertigo/headaches/migraines MUST READ THIS

Hi ALexdt,

I read your post and said i couldn't have explained it better!!! What you describe is exactly what i have been dealing with from the vestibular disorder to the feeling like a migraine in the eyes and head, but the pain of a regular or pending headache feeling.

I as well feel it is from the strain of the eyes and the tight neck and shoulder muscles involved from dealing with a dizzy head!

I have improved somewhat by doing the VRT excercises but i can't get the pressure, pulsating feeling out of my head, neck and eyes! I never really asscoiated it with migraines secondary to vestibular dysfunction because only ever once in a blue moon do i have the pain of a migraine when my neck and eyes are really bad, But i always feel the pressure and pulsating sensation throwing my eyes way off. I too obvioulsy have the vestibular occular brain signalling problem.

I also went to Canada to get trained on the brain port balance device that is an enhancement to the VRt excercises and retrains the brain to create balance so in theory in time the eyes don't have to be so dependant on doing it. I am knew in doing this too so time will tell.

So... my question to you is what are you doing to help when it comes to this? Are you trying migraine preventative meds? I keep saying if my eyes would stop pulsating and feeling strained from trying to focus i might be able to see clearly and drive!

I am even trying acupuncture, a neck supportive pillow, moist heat for the neck and massage for trigger points.

I am looking into trying whats called Petadolex, a natural migaine preventative to see if i would even respond! I don't know since i don't have the typical presentation of migraines but hey it is worth a shot!

I learn more on these message boards than anywhere else! Great to hear others trials and tribulations in finding resolution to their symptoms.

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AlexDT HB User
Re: People with dizziness/vertigo/headaches/migraines MUST READ THIS

Actually, on reflection, it may be worth trying on the neck region. If the occipital nerve is compressed at all it can cause migraine and associated vertigo. I have the neck tension / muscle injury that is standard for whiplash at the top of the neck / base of skull, the occipital nerves run through these muscles before traveling up across the skull.

Occipital nerve block using botox is supposed to be quite good but pricey.

Radiofrequency is supposed to help reset the nerves.

Yeah, on reflection I think its worth having a look into this pathology. Worth knowing how the discs are behaving, I have a couple disc bulges up in the top of my neck (MRI) but they are not infringing on the cord, however, they will still cause surrounding muscle to contract and its the muscle contraction that can compress a nerve in the actual muscle tissue, so MRI and other testing cannot show this. Very hard to get those muscles to let go?? I might have a look at radiofrequency, see if I can get the nerves to reset.

But ultimately I still feel the main focus should be corticol.

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Re: People with dizziness/vertigo/headaches/migraines MUST READ THIS

Hi Alex,

I read both of your posts! I never have had any brain injury! My vestibular isssues started very acutley and the suspect was an airborne virus... Possible labs or neuronitis. Immediately panic attacks started happening.. Constant surging of adrenaline. I had no clue what was going on since this was so out of charachter for me.

IN the midst of this the dizziness, vertigo, feeling spaced out and drunk like was happening, I was kind of thrown around by sooooo many docs as to what their theory was which only made things soo stressful and scary as each one had their own theory and NOT ONE was calming or explanatory as to what was going on.. IN fact they added to it by saying whats the matter we don't see anything get back to work. Mean while i felt like i was in a constant horror movie and couldn't see straight or think straight. I also was so whiped fatigue why's and dizzy. I shudder to even relive all that hoop lah ever again.

Well eventually my body petered out big time i belive from the constant adrenaline surging since my brain or ears could not handle anything stimulatory. It would immedialtly throw me into fight or flight. 'So my adrenals took a big hit leaving so exhausted alll the time.

What i can remember was immedialtely the base of my head and neck tightneded up sooo much it was as if someone was gripping a hold back there..

It was never explanied to me that with labrythitis or neuronitis that these adrenaline attacks are normal since the brain has to relearn them as normal and not foreign. After all MY research did i finally learn that that is very very common!!! IF i only knew back then i might have been able to avoid the constant adrenaline wearing my body out to the point it hasn.t rebounded yet energy why's.. the fatigue really gets to me!

So here i am two and a half years later with what i belive it so much residual tension in the base of my skull neck region from dealing with a dizzy head that has been adding to my dizziness, and the repercussions of having to go thru so much stress whys.

I also have innaporpriate sinus tachycardia which started since all of this. Viral induced? or constant adrenaline rush induced making the heart senstive to adrenalaine now and having a dizzy head i am sure still emits adenaline at times even though i have put soo much effort into relaxing the brain and body and trying to desentiatize..

I just keep saying this to shall pass in time. I have put so much time into getting the body and mind relaxed after going thru all this.. I am just hoping to see something improve sooner than later

So i am sticking with the brain port... I am trying to undo the mess in my shoulders with ice, heat, special neck pillow, relaxation techniques, and yes the acupuncture.

I do hear you that when he does the dry needling my muscles are so trained to be tense they go right back. frustrating because how do i ever break this... That's why i am trying to do the deep relaxation techniques to get the NS to chill out in that area!

IDk what a mess from so many areas. HArd to tell all the driections is coming from.

I wish you the best in al your treatments!!! How did you undo your tension in your neck??

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Natasha00 HB User
Re: People with dizziness/vertigo/headaches/migraines MUST READ THIS

Hi Leeshy...thank you so much for what you wrote... I am desperate and so sick of this dizziness and migraines. Thank you so much!

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leeshy215 HB Userleeshy215 HB Userleeshy215 HB Userleeshy215 HB Userleeshy215 HB Userleeshy215 HB User
Re: People with dizziness/vertigo/headaches/migraines MUST READ THIS

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to give you a quick update about my health and recovery. So I have been taking medicine since June 2009, and as of today August 2010 I am almost back to myself again. I worked my way up to 75mg of nortriptyline (anti-depressant) and was also taking verapamil for about 4 months. I noticed no extra help with verapamil. As for the nortriptyline, it has really helped calm the nerves in my brain and inner ear and was the #1 drug that took away my spinning vertigo sensation after 2 weeks. I still had dizziness but at least it wasn't the spinning kind. Over the months I slowly, and I mean slowly improved. I thought I would never get to a place where I am today. With the nortriptyline, it would help keep my headaches/migraines away for a few weeks to months and then I would get a bunch of headaches again which would bring on crazy dizzy spells. I kept increasing another 10mg, then another 10mg etc. I couldn't keep doing this forever, so I stopped taking the verapamil because it was doing nothing for me and tried another recommended medication. You can be on 3 medications at a time to help control the symptoms and gradually work your way off them in the future. Prozac (anti-depressant) was another medication recommended for migraines, so I started off with 10mg. Sedation, dizziness and dry mouth were the main side effects which go away for the most part after your body gets use to the medication. I knew about this medication and I didn't want to get on it because I was told you can't be on more than one anti-depressant at a time. This is not true, you just have to make sure one of the medications is at a lower dosage. I knew this medication would probably help me because I got on it years earlier for about 6 months when I was going through some tough times and I remembered that my headaches had almost completely vanished not knowing at the time that prozac was helping with that as well. So before I got on prozac I was still getting bad headaches/migraines and dizzy spells and would get extremely irritable when I would have these attacks. Also I still had major issues with driving (motion) still could barely drive at all; only for a few minutes here and there.
After 3 months of adding prozac in with my other medication, I am almost headache free, other than around my menstrual cycle, and I can drive so much better. Also, I don't get as irritable anymore mostly because I have less frequent headaches and dizziness and even when I do feel bad I'm not anywhere as irritable as I use to be. That must be a relief for my family. I just added another 10mg (total 20mg) this month and have been going through the side effects again (more dizzy and tired) but I am still able to function more than I ever have since this illness began. I joined a co-ed softball team, and yes sometimes I get a bit dizzy from moving too fast but I am happy. The only thing that messes with me a bit is sometimes I have more blurred vision than I would like.
The last thing I would like to say with utmost importance is, when you are feeling well enough to exercise; then EXERCISE! I exercise almost every day now, and I would have to say that is the #1 best thing you can do for your body. It keeps my headaches away and helps my inner ear work with balance (especially yoga). I notice that if I sit around all day and do nothing motion wise, I start to get a headache and exercise helps get rid of it and keep it away. Get that blood & oxygen flowing to the brain.
I also take other natural supplements that are healthy for the brain and inner ear. Here is the list:
(mangosteen fruit juice) 4 ounces a day keeps pain away and gives you lots of energy. I take 2 ounces am/2pm. It is a major anti-oxidant that helps protect the body against cellular damage especially caused by medications.
-Omega 3 fish oil (1000mg) I take 4 X a day. 2am/2pm Great for brain & heart function.
-B complex (I take 1 X a day in am) Great for brain/nervous system.
Folic Acid with DHA (I take 1 X a day in am) taking before & during my menstrual cycle.
-This last one was just recommended to me by my new doctor. He said riboflavin helps decrease inner ear episodes of vertigo. The only brand I found at the drug store is called LIPO-FLAVONOID PLUS. It is a unique ear health formula that was created by an ear doctor. I take this 1 x a day in the evening because it is mostly B Vitamins.

I have noticed foods to stay away from that bring on headaches. They are pretty much anything aged/fermented. Cheeses, alcohol, yogurt etc. I slip up sometimes for cheese Also caffeine I stay away from. Oh, and don't skip meals!

Well I think that's about all I can tell you for now. I'm not 100% there just yet but feel pretty close. Maybe in another 6 months things will be fantastic, won't have any problems with motion or driving and can hopefully start reducing my medication mg.
Don't give up hope, you need to keep fighting for your life and independence. I know how frustrating it is to be dizzy, but keep doing your homework, talking to people, reading online information, books, anything and everything you can find and try everything until something works for you. Wish you all the best and let me know if you have anymore questions.


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Re: People with dizziness/vertigo/headaches/migraines MUST READ THIS

I had started again having headaches again 4 years ago. I spent over a year in pain every day and finally found a dr who changed some my meds and now i get them 2-3 times a month I am taking daily 200 mg tapamax 20 mg propranalol and a baby asprin. when i get headaches I take Axext 12.5 mg and Vicoprofin 7.5/200 mg. I hope that this helps.


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Astrid17 HB User
Re: People with dizziness/vertigo/headaches/migraines MUST READ THIS

I was very happy to read your post, i'm experiencing the same symptoms now and i feel miserable. I have dizziness with constant migraine and i'm really under stress. I was put on zomig and beta blockers, but i'm going to try to see a neurologist like you said.

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