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VERTIGO...Please Help. :(

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Old 12-01-2009, 07:18 PM   #16
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Dizzygal HB User
Re: VERTIGO...Please Help. :(

Did they try the manuevers with you when you were having the acute episodes- if they think that it is BPV then I think the eppley manuevers are how they treat it. Also. You may be having migraines. Have you found a neuro-ENT to diagnose and treat?

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Old 12-11-2009, 03:48 PM   #17
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Zoe26 HB User
Re: VERTIGO...Please Help. :(

So I went to another doctor recently, described my symptoms, and she said she thinks I might have Meniere's or possibly MAV. She was leaning more towards Meniere's but said I first have to do more tests, including redo-ing a VNG (ugh). I told her I don't think it's Meniere's because I've been to 100 doctors, none of them ever told me that, and I have apparently excellent hearing in both ears. She then said I could have asymptomatic Meniere's. Anyone heard of this? Meaning that I just have a disease that involves and imbalance of the fluids in my inner ear and get Vertigo when things instigate it. Things like salt, caffeine, alcohol, smoking, etc. The problem with that is, I HAVE NONE OF THOSE THINGS. I don't have caffeine...well in the sense that I don't have any coffee, tea, chocolate. I don't drink alcohol, never smoked, and have for a year now stayed off very salty foods like processed foods, condiments, stuff like that. So no, I'm not on an actual "low sodium diet" but I don't have any more salt than the average person, and most likely have much less salt than the average person actually.

I dread doing more of these tests. Let's just assume I do have Meniere's or MAV or whatever inner ear disorder that involves an imbalance in the fluids in my question is WHAT CAN I FREAKING DO ABOUT IT? There has not been one doctor to tell me what can be done. I am not living with dizziness daily but my acute Vertigo attacks are becoming more frequent and exhausting. I'm on Clonazepam daily now because of all this.

Anyone know what can trigger or cause Vertigo or what medicines or ANYTHING can help the situation or prevent the episodes from coming back? Advice would be greatly appreciated from anyone! Thank you.

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studyin HB Userstudyin HB Userstudyin HB Userstudyin HB Userstudyin HB User
Re: VERTIGO...Please Help. :(

Hi Zoe,

Where do you live? If you're in the US you should visit Dr Timothy Hain in Chicago or have a phone consult with him. He will pin this down for you immediately. Meniere's without hearing loss does not happen as far as I know. The Meniere's dx (or chronic VN) seems to be thrown out there often when they can't come up with anyhting else. If you don't have hearing loss I'd be looking into MAV if this has been an ongoing problem.


Old 12-24-2009, 06:32 AM   #19
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otsand HB User
Re: VERTIGO...Please Help. :(

Vertigo can be caused by "crystal(s)" braking loose from the base of the inner ear. We all have them, but they sometimes get in our ear canals and this is when Vertigo is experienced. This is called a BPPV. Causes for them braking away can be numerous, falling, bending over fast etc.....This is a reply I posted for someone else: The epley manuver will in no way make matters worse. I perform it all the time with patients. You do not need a special table. WHat you do need is a professional who knows which canal the bppv is in and then treat appropriately. The epley is not the only treatment, there are other manuvers, once again, depending on what canal is involved, that is the important process is determining what canal is involved and to treat appropriately. Drugs only mask the problem and in no way solve it. Meclizine is commonly prescribe which only inhibits the CNS (central nervous system) and inhibits neural transmission to the vestibular system, which inturn makes balance worse. THe manuvers do cause dizziness, but also FIX the problem. I am learning a new manuver over christmas (from my sister) that hits all canals with 1 manuver vs what I do now with the different manuvers for different canal!! I am excited, she has been doing this for years, I only have about 9 months experience (many years as a therapist), she is a chiropractor with a specialty in neurology. It is hard to find someone who knows how to Dx and Treat BPPV's. GOOD LUCK!!!

Old 12-27-2009, 08:50 PM   #20
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rydeberry HB User
Re: VERTIGO...Please Help. :(

Hi, I recently had posted on this page about a month or 2 ago and was following up on it... I had vertigo and it was about my 4th time to get it at the age of 24. Anyways, I finally went to a ENT doctor that was worth a hell and actually cared about me. After a serious of test he found that my salt intake was to much and causes problems for me as well as putting me on some allergy medicine. Cleared me right up after that! I have found that to much salt intake can cause these problems as well. And as for the meclazine that EVERY family doctor prescribes; i was told by my ENT doctor to NOT take it cause it makes the issue worst. His words were it helps you feel a little better but doesn't help the problem but can actually make it worst and that they prescribe that crap cause they don't understand your actual situation and just wanting to push you out the door as quick as they can. Hope this helps a few of you! I hate to see anyone going through this crud cause it makes like hell! But for some of you i would try cutting out salt in your diet for a bit and just see if it helps, if not try an allergy medicine. And the people that say it is crystals built up in the inner ear is correct. The problem the needs to be figured out is what is causing this build up and how to correctly fix the problem. Good luck and let me know how things go for the rest of you

Old 12-28-2009, 10:04 PM   #21
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876kenneth HB User
Re: VERTIGO...Please Help. :(

I have had all these problems and used augmentin and prednisone I was always dizzy and had alot of anxiety because of it. The augmentin gave me nausea and anxiety and I felt drained, but while I was dizzy I took over the counter motion sickness pills, and when I felt nauseated I sniffed alcohol prep pads ( like you see in first aid kits) they trick your brain and you won't feel sick for at least 10 minutes. A paramedic showed me that trick. I would say anxiety is half the problem in my case, getting dizzy is out of your control so it is almost tramatic, if your not dizzy you feel like it's going to happen so there is anxiety. I hope that helps! Always be an advocate for yourself, be persistant and get better!

Old 01-01-2010, 02:08 PM   #22
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newbrunswick45 HB User
Re: VERTIGO...Please Help. :(

I've suffered vertigo for years and understand the frustration. Of all my different symptoms, vertigo is the only one that really prevents me from functioning in life. After numerous tests, with no real answer, I was finally prescribe d Betahistine (Cerc) which is a treatment for Menieres. I now have a new ENT who is determined to find out the cause and an effective treatment. I reduce my salt - might start the water pills, but waiting on further test results this month. One thing however I've discovered is during one bad attack when I went to Emerg - I was having sever vertigo but the Nystagmus was so bad that I could not sleep which usually helps as well as a really horrible headache. They were concerned that I had an anuryism from a previous CAT scan that was never pursued. A new CAT scan was ordered, and followed up by a Angiogram which showed a vascular/veinous abnormality behind my right eye. The Neurosurgeon has indicated this area is not connected to my vertigo, and I'm waiting to see a vascular radiologist for treatment of this newly diagnosed illness. Going back to the Emerg visit, they gave me a Migraine IV treatment for the headache. I've always been told I don't have migraines because I don't have the nausea and rarely have headaches with the vertigo, but as the headache diminished from the treatment, I am pursuing Migraine possibility. It turns out that you can have a migraine without the headache. Imagine that. Most people that have migraines will tell you one of the symptoms is vertigo. So, for the grain of salt - you might want to research this option. Good luck!

Chronic Vertigo
Major Depressive Disorder
Peripherial Neuropathy
Vascular/Veinous malformation behind right eye
Restless Leg Syndrome
Neurological disorders

Old 01-07-2012, 06:52 AM   #23
Ohio Yeti
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Ohio Yeti HB User
Re: VERTIGO...Please Help. :(

Hey Zoe26 ...

I know your post is a couple years old, but I was wondering how you were doing. i had the same vertigo spells as you, almost exactly!


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