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twentynine 06-22-2011 07:51 AM

Constant Lightheadedness/Nausea/Fatigue
Hello........29 year old Male. No previous Health issues.This is my first post. Basically, 6 weeks ago started feeling light headed. Put up with it for 2 weeks as it was just an annoyance and I could carry on going to work but then on a Sunday evening I became extremely dizzy, anxious, Nauseas and felt terrible. After that I felt hot/cold weak and tired. I Didnt make it to work the next day. I then had these spells once a day for 3 days but noticed symptoms subsided lying down but still decided to go to the doctors on the Wednesday. Blood pressure was fine but was told Nasal passage was inflamed and I was given a nasal spray. Used it for a couple of days. No improvement with the constant lightheadedness but the dizzy spells had stopped although it turns out it was noting to do with the spray. After putting up with the lightheadedness and now nausea for a few more days I went back to the doctor who gave me antihistamines after giving me another once over. By this time I had had one more, what I call dizzy spell as mentioned earlier but still the constant light headedness was there although lying down still seemed to make me feel better. After a few more days I went back to the doctor and she said my throat and Nasal passage were looking Red and put my symptoms down to Labrynthitis/Sinusitis and pescribed me betahistine dihydrochloride which I took but felt sick :-( I then went back a few days later and my doctor said there is no more she can do for me apart from me having blood tests and referring me for a CT scan. Since then I have been taking the betahistine 3 times daily but I still have the lightheadedness and Waves of nausea/Fatigue/Weakness and a general unwell foggy feeling. I am due my blood results this Friday 24th June 2011 but was wondering if anybody has had an experience like this as Im not convinced the doctor has diagnosed me properly or am I just jumping the gun and it will pass. (It has been 6 weeks now:mad:) and im still not in work. If anybody could get back to me with some previous experience or any advice you think I could use I would be very gratefull. Thanks..........................;)

szTampaBay 09-06-2011 12:25 PM

Re: Constant Lightheadedness/Nausea/Fatigue
Hello There,
I started with the same symptoms that you are experiencing, on one of my many spell episodes I was taken to the ER due to a head concussion, so I undergo several neurological test, clearing them all negative, the neurologist, decided he had to rule out my brain and he felt it was time for me to see a cardiologist. So I did and after numerous test the only one that came out with a positive result was the Tilt Table Test, as to based on those results I was diagnosed at first with Nerocardiogenic Syncope, but thanks to newer researches done by doctors, the latest test that was performed by a specialist of the brain, the new term for this illness is Neurally Mediated Hypotension, also known as (NMH)

this is an illness that we will deal with it for the rest of our lives. Be strong about it, you are not alone with it, and the main focus is to Never, Ever loose faith for a cure :angel:

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