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    Anyone else with BPV?


    Haven't posted in a very long time, first time on this board ( as far as I can remember )

    Early in May I had a routine Dr. appointment, I felt a little hyper as always but nothing out of the ordinary...I always get hyper when I go to the Dr.
    Went up in the elevator as usual but this time when I got to the top...only the 2nd floor, so it wasn't a long ride... I was really dizzy, felt like I'd been on a weekend bender.

    When I got into see the Dr. I told him what happened and he looked in my nose asked me if I was stuffed up ( which I was ) and told me I had a sinus infection and that was causing the dizziness.

    Right after I left that Dr. I had a chiropractor appointment, once I got cracked the dizziness went away, so I chalked it up to my bad back, neck and shoulders and never got the prescription that my PCP gave me was for Doxycycline.

    The dizziness stayed away for a little over 1 month, then at the end of June first part of July it came back full force...went back and got cracked again since neck, back and shoulders were killed me again, but this time the dizziness didn't really go away, it kept coming back off and on.

    I finally decided that I should get the Doxycycline filled, I took about 3 of those and I don't know if they really helped the dizziness or not because they gave me such horrible heartburn I couldn't stand it, called my Dr. and he told me to stop taking them and called me in Cipro, but warned me that they'd probably do the same thing ( they did ).

    Went back to my PCP July 9th I believe it was and he sent me to an ENT, I described to the ENT when I got dizzy and what seemd to bring it on.
    He told me he was almost certain that I had BPV and he did this maneuver with me...moving my head from one side to the other while laying on my back.
    I got so dizzy that and pardon my language but I thought I was going to barf all over the Dr. shoes.
    He told me that my eyes were basically spinning around in my head when I moved my head in certain positions.

    I felt better almost as soon as he was done, but then two days later the dizziness came back.
    I'm doing the maneuver at home, but I must not be doing it right or something because it doens't seem to be helping at all.
    I did it this afternoon and when I sat up I thought I was going to pass out I was so dizzy.
    I laid down for a few minutes and it went away, put the second I sat up it started all over again, laid back down and this time it went away.
    A couple of house later I was dizzy again.
    Typing this is making me dizzy.

    So after that LONG post I have a couple of questions for anyone who may be able to offer advice.
    I have terrible sinus and ear pressure almost all the time...on the rare occasion when the sinus pressure lets up I don't feel so dizzy.
    It basicaly feels like my whole head is going to blow off because of the pressure.

    I'm sure the maneuver is throwing my neck, back and shoulders out of place because they're killing me again.

    I'm going to call the ENT the first thing in the morning, but does anyone think that it's a combination of the BPV, sinuses and my back, neck and shoulders or can the BPV cause all of this, or are my sinuses causing it all.

    Anyone do the maneuvers and not get releif?
    I'm at my wits end here, I afraid to even leave the house in case I get dizzy and fall over on the street or something

    Thanks to anyone who answers this post.

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    Re: Anyone else with BPV?

    First of all, you are talking about BPPV. Be careful not to call it BPV because thats a different type of disorder found in children.

    It definitely sounds like you have BPPV, the eye movements are diagnostic of BPPV. The direction of the eye movements (nystagmus) can tell the doctor exactly where the dislodged crystals are in your inner ear. It is possible that you have had a recurrence, this is very common. The treatment maneuver (probably the Epley) works for almost every case of BPPV, but it sometimes takes a few tries.

    The head pressure is probably caused by something else. Is it possible that you are tensing your neck to prevent movement/dizziness?

    Good luck with your treatment. Please come back if you have any trouble again. We may have some more advice for you.

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    Re: Anyone else with BPV?


    Thanks for your response.
    I called it BPV because that's what the Dr. told me it was even the paper he gave me with the maneuvers on it calls it that...I don't know, guess it really doesn't matter much

    I'm not sure what the maneuver is called, all I know is that it hurts my neck, back and shoulders something awful....I have arthritis in my neck and back so maybe that's why.

    He said it was in my left ear so he made me turn my head to the left lay down on my back on a table with my head hanging over the edge ( pain in neck and upper back was horrible ) plus I got dizzy.
    Then he made me turn my head to the right, then roll to the right without getting up onto my stomach and then sit up.
    Then he told me it should be was for 2 days and then came back.
    I've done the maneuvers at home but really think all I'm doing is hurting my neck and back.

    I went to the Chiropractor yesterday and felt fine yesterday, had one dizzy spell this morning when I bent my head down to pick up the cats dish to wash it, that's what makes me wonder if maybe it's really my neck...I'm so confused

    I do the manuvers and I hurt my neck, I go to the Chiropractor and I feel better...UGH!!!!!!!!

    As far as the head and ear pressure, if I use a saline spray in my nose it goes away, so that makes me think maybe it's my allergies/sinuses?
    I haven't had head or neck pressure since I went to the Chiropractor yesterday.

    I feel like a crazy person, first I think it's one thing and then I think it's another!

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