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igotaquestion 09-18-2011 01:51 AM

Dizzy spells/possible epilepsy?
Hello everyone!
For a few years now I have been getting these awful dizzy spells. What happens during them is a major dizzy feeling and a sensation that I'm falling over even when I am not. This feeling seems to have no trigger, it just happens at random times. I am still aware of what is going on while I am going through this, but too dizzy to try to talk, walk or anything else. (ex: This happened one time while I was driving, I was aware that I was driving but I was too dizzy to stop the car of tell the passenger what was going on.)
I talked with my doctor and she said it sounds like epilepsy, but I feel that it is not. It is really hard to explain the feeling of these dizzy spell, but as I read more about epilepsy, the less it seems to fit the description.
I have been asked if it feels like vertigo, but I do not know what vertigo feels like.
Please help me! I'm desperate.

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