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AMTxo1989 09-19-2011 01:30 PM

Dizziness with faint feeling??
For the past 7 days now, I have had non stop Dizzy/Veritgo feeling.
The dizziness is during the's not the kind of dizzy when you are spun around in a chair but almost like when you first get off of a really fast ride, and those first couple steps you take, thats what kind of dizziness I mean. The Vertigo happens at night when I'm sleeping and i feel like my entire body is floating all over the bed but when i open my eyes its gone. I have already went to the ER, and my chest xray and bloodwork came back normal. I do have high anixety but even when I'am feeling calm and okay, the dizziness is always still there. Others are saying I'am getting a sinus infection I know I'am not.
when the dizziness accurs it feels like Ive been hanging upside down from my feet for a while, like all the blood goes to my head feeling, and I feel a tremendous amount of pressure in my ears and temples, nothing painful, or hurting, only pressure, like my head is being squezzed..anything suggestions or comments?

bindar 09-19-2011 02:42 PM

Re: Dizziness with faint feeling??
Do you have a personal or family history of migraine? Migraine is more than a headache disorder, the symptoms you describe are commonly caused by a variation of migraine. I would consider speaking with a GP or Neurologist about this.

AMTxo1989 09-19-2011 04:10 PM

Re: Dizziness with faint feeling??
I did get mirgraines, i get them once every month or every 2 months, painful and bad enough to be sent to the ER. I did have a mirgraine the day before all the dizziness started, but the mirgraine was gone an entire day before my dizzy symtoms started. When I went to the ER they didn't ask me about having a headache or getting heaaches, so I never really thought about it

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