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Nemmis 1948 10-03-2011 07:40 AM

Fuzzy / Light Headedness
Hi -

I am 63yrs of age, and have been experiencing episodes of 'fuzzyheadedness' - like my brain has become unnattached from skull and is floating around a bit - very weird- This has just started happening over - say the last 3 months.
I usually just have to sit still for a while - if happens while moving, hang on to something .
It isn't like classic vertigo, as have that before and not nearly as severe, and not like I am going to faint.
Thought it may have something to do with fact that I wear varifocal lenses vs split lenses in spectacles - offto get optician to check that one out !
As I have been on medication for a while, can't see that that has any implications......and am not particularly anxious at present.... believe me I have known what 'anxious' is !!
The real worry is if this 'sensation' comes over me when driving... a tad scary when I read that thi scould be sympton of onset MS......sometimes web has too much information.
I have read several responses on wbsite - which are very helpful, guess I just wanted to share my experience withothers.

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