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Scout108 10-29-2011 05:11 PM

My story- a happy ending
Hi I saw this while flicking through for an unrelated health condition. I just want to give to hope to anyone going through what I went through. Twenty years ago,after the birth of my first son I became dizzy. I was terrified wondering wha was wrong with me. I was never given a brain scan, and suffered on and off for 3 years. I was put on Serc. I had to change my sleeping position( and have never been able to sleep on my stomach since) and went through months of symptoms then brief remissions. However, it seems that eventually I recovered. I still get dizzy sometimes, especially if tired/ stressed, and occassionally I just wake up dizzy, but it goes away. However, it seems that the 'active' stage of whatever it was has been overcome. My right ear will never be quite the same, but I do believe that my condition was an inflammatory response to stress. I have had similar problems in other parts of my body over the years, which hasnt been great, but I remember how consuming this was because it was impossible to forget about, since every time I moved it was there. Hope is out there! Anna

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