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jess1031 11-02-2011 08:47 PM

completely discouraged
Hello! My name is jess and im a 27 year old female suffering from daily doses of dizziness. Its becoming increasingly hard to live a normal life. People around you don't believe that you even have an issue. Nothing seems to help the constant uncomfortable feeling that you're going to pass out at any given moment. I feel like im almost in a fog and can not think straight. I sometimes find myself questioning what I was thinking about as lately I can't concentrate whatsoever. My every waking moment is spent trying to figure out why I am so dizzy. I also sometimes feel a pressure or heaviness in my head accompanied by headaches occasionally. I could really use some input if anyone else is going thru similar symptoms. Im also very tired usually no matter how much sleep I get a night. The dizziness has also left me in a state of near depression because I am completely worried that I will never get to the bottom of what's wrong and it will be too late for me :( please help!

wellyoulookfine 11-03-2011 02:45 AM

Re: completely discouraged
Hi Jess, really sorry to hear you're feeling this way. You dont say how long you have been dizzy but i get the feeling its relatively recent because you sound as if you're spiralling into panic and depression. I want to say a few things to you.
1) Dont worry when you read about other people on this forum that you are always going to feel this way - most people who suffer dizziness are diagnosed and treated successfully and never feel the need to look on forums, or at least rely on them for too long.
2) Its easy to fall into the trap of constantly thinking about the dizziness (understandable as it affects your life every minute) and constantly checking yourself to see how you're feeling. This cycle can really affect you psychologically and we've ALL been there. While you're trying to get to the bottom of your symptoms, also concentrate on finding ways to tackle the anxiety and depression that comes with it because they will make your symptoms worse, it really is a vicious circle.
3) We've all been disheartened by wrong diagnosis, unsuccessful treatment, lack of understanding (consultants, specialists, friends, family, etc). Its really easy for them to underestimate our problem because its not obvious and really difficult to describe. I would recommend you visit a site i found it really helpful (not just for labyrinthitis sufferers, i dont have labyrinthitis) and actually sent links to my family and it helped them understand.
4)When visiting a consultant/doctor/specialist try to make it clear to them that you will NOT agree to just "live with it" and that you plan to pursue it until you get an answer. My GPs in particular are happy to throw some pills at you and hope that you go away (fair enough, they're busy, but its your life thats on hold!!)
5)Keep trying to do the things you enjoy. Not only will that make you feel like you're still involved with your life but also helps you keep your identity. Try not to avoid doing everything that makes your symptoms worse as you will only end up conditioning yourself into avoiding everything, however, be strong when telling other people that you dont want to take part in something that you are REALLY uncomfortable with. Even if you have to tell
people whom you think dont believe your problem, you have be come across as being very sure of yourself and your problem.

I dont mean to sound like i'm lecturing you, but i wish someone had pointed out those simple things when i first starting feeling this way. I spent years feeling ashamed, feeling like a fraud, worrying about what everyone thought, and put my life on hold for years.

Also, look in cognitive behavioural therapy, its really useful for the anxiety/depression. I didnt go to a therapist (couldnt afford it because i couldnt earn money), i simply bought a book about it really makes sense and helps put things into perspective. eg. how to deal with panicing when feeling dizzy, how to deal with people judging you etc.

Good luck xxx

jess1031 11-03-2011 09:32 AM

Re: completely discouraged
Thank you so much for your words of encouragement! Im trying to hold onto hope that soon I will find what's wrong and can be on the road to recovery. Its actually a long story and I should've given all the details from the beginning. November 9th of this year will be one year since I was involved in a very bad car accident. A lady t-boned be on the driverside door after running a red light doing about 60 mph. My car was totaled but was fortunate in that I only walked away with a concussion and mild neck strain. I did have to undergo physical therapy for a few months which seemed to help dizziness and headaches that were occcuring directly after the accident. Back in july around the 4th I was sick with bronchitis. My dr had me on an antibiotic and prednisone for a couple weeks and it did not seem to clear up all the way. So I went back in august and was given a second round of each only to again have the same result. I went back to the dr again in late septemeber and he did a third round of each. By this point im starting to wonder if it is too much prednisone in my system and now ill become immune to these antibiotics and they'll never work again. :/ now ever since july I've had on and off bouts of dizziness. But I just attributed it to a cold and such. But ever since mid septemember I have been continually dizzy on a daily basis and can not get any relief no how! I am so worried that its something that can't be treated or something that if left untreated will cause me great harm. I've never been so scared in my life!

denneyj 11-03-2011 11:19 AM

Re: completely discouraged
We can be discouraged together :( Im sorry this is happening to you. I recently had to drop out of school because of similar issues you discribed. I read this post and it described what I am going through perfectly, maybe it will help you. Im just curous, because It seems like alot of people have injuries or illnesses right before these symptoms started, have you been sick or have any past injuries? for example I have past trauma to my cervical spine. Im curious to hear more about you and try to help you find resources, because Im tired of feeling alone and frusterated too. Hope things start to look up :) -Jill

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